The Best Cities for Relationships in Florida


With over 3.3 million singles logging onto PlentyOfFish every day, we’ve got some great insight into what people are looking for in a relationship – and where they’re wanting one.

Our research team recently culled through a significant amount of data to  identify the best US cities, counties, and states where people have the best chance of finding themselves in a successful relationship. Aside from analyzing  how far they’re willing to travel for love, we delved into who was the pickiest when it came to relationships, who was willing to compromise, who wanted children, and where these people could be found. The sample size was more than 5 million singles across the US.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at some of the best cities for relationships in Florida. Among the trends we discovered in the Sunshine State:

Single women in Florida rank among the top in the country when it comes to strong intent for a relationship. They’re willing to work hard and compromise more for a relationship than women in other parts of the country.

Cities where women are working the hardest to find a relationship:

Boca Raton (#1 in the US)
Deerfield Beach (#4 in the US)
Coral Springs (#6 in the US)
Boyton (#9 in the US)
Pompano Beach – (#11 in the US)
Tamarac (#12 in the US)
Fort Lauderdale (#13 in the US)
Davie (#14 in the US)
Plantation (#15 in the US)
Sarasota (#16 in the US)
Margate (#17 in the US)
Pembroke Pines (#18 in the US)
North Miami Beach
South Miami
Oakland Park
West Palm Beach (Palm Beach)

Cities where men are trying the hardest to find a relationship:

Palm Beach Gardens (#30 in the US)
Cape Coral (#35 in the US)
Port St. Lucie
St. Augustine

When it comes to families, Floridians are very family oriented. Cities throughout Florida rank among the top US Cities where single men want to have children.

Florida cities where single men and women want to have children now:

North Miami Beach (#14 in the US)
Lauderdale Lakes (#16 in the US)
Hialeah (#20 in the US)
Men who want Children
Miami Shores (#1 in the US)
Opa Locka (#3 in the US)
North Miami (#4 in the US)
Miramar (#9 in the US)
Lauderhill (#19 in the US)
Lauderdale Lakes
Miami Lakes
North Miami Beach
Hialeah Gardens
Pine Hills
Pembroke Park
West Miami

For singles who don’t want to date someone been married previously, there are many cities throughout Florida that have a large pool of never-been-married singles:


Lauderdale Lakes (#21 in the US)
Orlando (#23 in the US)
Hialeah (#26 in the US)
North Miami Beach (#29 in the US)
Oakland Park (#32 in the US)
Alafaya (#33 in the US)
Tampa (#34 in the US)


Miami Shores (#8 in the US)
North Miami (#15 in the US)
Fisher Island (#18 in the US)
Opa Locka (#26 in the US)

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