The Most Scandalous Season Of All! A PlentyOfFish Holiday Survey


The Christmas and holiday season relentlessly preaches togetherness, so as we conjure up warm feelings of  love and happiness, we also crave connection. Whether it be through the spirit giving, religion, or renewing appreciation for our families and partners, it’s the best time of year to spread the love…but what if you’re flying solo?

PlentyOfFish decided to gain some insight into what singles are really up to this holiday season, so we conducted a survey of over 9,000 users between the ages of 20 and 40 across the United States and Canada.

The survey asked controversial and personal questions to singles about their attitude toward sexting, holiday weight concerns, December breakups, and risky affairs at the company party. The findings suggest that while many singles may not act on their impulses, the holidays are putting them in a more promiscuous mood and perhaps sparking some surprisingly spontaneous behavior.

Some of our most revealing questions included:

What do you think about most
With 27% of singles being utterly consumed with thoughts of someone they wish they were dating over the holidays, it only leaves for those 7% who are most concerned about what’s going on back at the office. On another note, singles are just as invested in thoughts of weight gain over the holidays as they are with getting down.
 Who would you most like to hook up with 3
A staggering 40% of singles are looking to reclaim past glory with an old flame this season. Are they pining for their youth? Stability? Or are the holidays bringing on a sense of nostalgia?


Do you feel lonely during the holidays 2

57% of singles are feeling lonely during what is supposed to be the happiest time of the year. With nothing but messages of love and warmth coming from all directions, is the pressure just too much?

Looks like singles this holiday season are more wrapped up in the relationship drama at work than their actual workload! With almost 20% of singles convinced that the best time to confess feelings for a coworker is at the office holiday party after a few drinks, we’re predicting some drama-filled and potentially awkward meetings this season. With 41% maintaining that feelings for a coworker should never be revealed, we’re wondering just how many people are walking around carrying a torch for someone in their office as the season of love progresses!


Would you ever hookup with your boss 3
Enough said. We should mention that while 16% of total respondents said that they would sleep with their boss, men actually answered “Yes” at 30% while women came in at only 10%.


Have you ever slept with an ex 3
26% of singles have slept with ex over the holidays, so maybe the new year approaching doesn’t inspire as many new beginnings as we thought.


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