10 Date Ideas Inspired By Childhood

Let’s admit it: We’ve all done the dinner and drinks date, quite possibly to the point of exhaustion.  Although dining and wining can be a great way to get to know someone, what ever happened to really getting out and having some good old fashioned fun? These 10 date ideas are sure to put a smile on your face – without putting a strain on your wallet. Better yet, these dates are a great way to share some laughs and reminisce about your childhood.


Dodgeball is a more adventurous option. Dating a daredevil? Someone a little… competitive, perhaps? Nothing drops the defenses like a whirling ball to the face. In all seriousness though, dodgeball is a great way to pick up that old competitive spirit that you may have left behind.

Hot Tip: Unless your planning to hit your favorite dive bar after, bring a change of clothes.


If you were a terrible bowler as a child, don’t worry. The elongation of your limbs that’s happened since will probably help. If all else fails, stick to the 5 pin bowling alleys. Don’t worry too much about your outfit – bowling shoes won’t match anything.

Hot Tip: Bring some extra coins in case the venue has any arcade games to play on the side. Duck Hunter is serious fun on a date.

481896513Art Class

Remember all the cool art projects you brought home as a kid? Even if you weren’t the next Picasso, you sure felt like one! What could be more romantic than exploring your creative side with a date? (Anyone else thinking of the pottery scene in Ghost will see where I’m going.) This is a great option if you are looking to have a classier and more upscale night.

Hot Tip: Search to see if any of your local studios offer a wine + paint nights.

laser tagLaser Tag

If you have any adventurous friends, laser tag makes for a great, more casual double date.  Just avoid pointing your laser into anyone’s eye.

Hot Tip: Plan a stop to your favorite pizza place after! Nostalgia is one hell of a drug.


Clean out the change from under the couch and hit up your nearest arcade.  If your local arcade doesn’t serve liquor, pick a nearby bar where you and your date can stop in for a beer.

Hot Tip:  Arcades are a great activity for breaking the ice, but don’t plan on staying more than an hour.


This winter activity is only the greatest thing you’ll ever do when it’s snowing outside. You’re never too old to go tobogganing!  Tobogganing is great because it isn’t too physically exerting – and it’s sure to bring on a ton of laughs. Plus, who wouldn’t want to snuggle up close with a cup of hot cocoa after?

Hot Tip: Adult Hot Cocoa, anyone?

103584898Tandem Biking

*Not suitable for trails/treacherous terrain*

If you live in a city with great patio weather, this ride is a must-do on a sunny day. A Sunday ride along the beach with a stop for brunch? Sold.

Hot Tip: Pack your own picnic basket and pit-stop at your local park.

scavenger-huntScavenger Hunt

Finding a scavenger hunt within your city might take a little more researching on your part, but this date is sure way to explore your own city. Better yet? Your teamwork could be rewarded with a prize!

Hot Tip: If you have trouble finding a scavenger hunt in your own city, try inventing your own!

476469709Metal Detecting

There is no guarantee that you will find any long lost treasures, but metal detecting is a really neat way to explore some places you might not normally go. We love the idea of using it on the beach – but you could also take it to some more remote places and see what could be hiding underneath the sand!

Hot Tip: This is a very dog-friendly date idea.

453935449Water Park

Hot Tip: This can be combined with tandem biking. Look how fancy we’re getting!

Hopefully these 10 ideas have inspired you to date a little differently. Make sure to share your most embarrassing stories as a kid — it makes for a special kind of bond.

If you have any other date ideas that are inspired by your childhood, please feel free to share in the comments!

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