3 Lessons George Clooney’s Fiancée Taught Us

Ahh, George Clooney. Often flaunted as the world’s most eligible bachelor, this 52 year-old Kentucky born swooner has a long history of dating beautiful women, with most of his relationships fizzing out after two to five years.

Soap opera actresses, yoga teachers, cocktail waitresses, reality stars, models, and even a professional wrestler have all landed on the list of Clooney’s past flames.

Just this year, Clooney was quoted as saying “I keep saying I’ll never get married again or have children but people just don’t want to believe me.” He even stated that he“ won’t marry again,” a stance he has held since 1995!

This was all fine and dandy until George met the beautiful power-house named Amal Alamuddin. International human-rights lawyer? Check. Tri-lingual, Oxford educated babe? Check. Adviser to a special envoy in Syria? Check. It’s almost possible that Amal is out of George Clooney’s league.
Here are three lessons we learned from observing how Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor quickly changed his ways and put a ring on it.

Lesson #1: Independence is the ultimate turn-on.

Amal Alamuddin has impressive credentials, and there is one thing about her that is very clear to see: she is in charge of her own life and makes decisions for herself. She came from a well-educated family who pushed Amal to be the best woman that she could be. The result? A career and a lifestyle that barely leaves enough time to date around. She doesn’t care to be wined and dined at the latest Hollywood restaurant. She knows that her time is valuable and puts it to good use. She sings a different tune from a lot of Clooney’s former lovers.

“Amal hasn’t asked George for one thing,” the source said. “Amal has her own life, career and friends. In the past, the ladies he has dated have requested George’s help in getting acting roles, securing hosting gigs, getting new agents. In fact, Amal has made it clear she intends to not give up her law career.”

“She was engaging in the conversation after the introduction was made, and then did the unthinkable,” a source tells Radar Online. “Amal walked away from the group George was with! He was instantly more intrigued by her. George then inserted himself into another group Amal was talking with. She just wasn’t impressed by the Hollywood actor persona.”
-Radar Online
This woman isn’t following the latest advice from a dating book. She clearly knows what she wants and makes zero room for fluff.

What this means for you: There’s a belief in the dating world that you must “become the right person to find the right person.” If you feel that you are meandering through life, hoping that a special someone will suddenly appear and make your life better…You’re going about it the right way. You should live your life the fullest, and find a career/lifestyle/hobby that makes you feel fulfilled. When your life is on the fast-track to being awesome and you’re starting to think someone else may enjoy the ride too, that’s the best time to create your profile!

Lesson #2: Hard work pays off.

Poor George was often lambasted as a perpetual heart-breaker, leaving a trail of once-hopeful women behind. What was it about these women that seemed to give them an expiry date? It wasn’t beauty, as all of Clooney’s ex’s are evidently alluring and gorgeous. It couldn’t be because George made for a bad partner, as it’s clear his significant others have always been pampered and well-looked after. So what did George see in Amal that he didn’t see in any of his past girlfriends?

Amal has worked a lot harder than American born Clooney. She was born in war-torn Lebanon, she is fluent in three different languages, and she received her education from Oxford University.What do all three of her facts have in common? Hard work! Amal doesn’t seem the type to be waiting for her next big break, or hoping to become engaged in the near future… this woman has enough on her plate! And guess what? Hard work looks sexy.

What this means for you: No, you do not need to be an international human rights lawyer to have a successful relationship, but having a goal or vision that you have worked hard towards not only empowers you as a person, but will help you find common ground with a partner. Even building your own website, traveling to foreign countries on your own, or taking a course in something that interests you are all great ventures to delve into.

Lesson #3: Intelligence is hotter than makeup

At 52-years old, George has had his fair share of bedding beautiful women. What made him decide to give up his playboy ways? He found what he was missing in Amal. As George matures and grows as a human, perhaps these young waitresses weren’t stimulating him intellectually. For Amal to achieve all that she has at only 36 years old, this woman has grit and a big ole’ brain. Amal is a beautiful and classy woman, but her whole life doesn’t depend on how she appears from the outside. She knows there are bigger issues at hand.

What this means for you: Looking great is only half of the equation. Make sure your “smarts” and your “looks” are balanced!

Now use this advice to become the best you that you can become. So busy that you don’t even have time for George Clooney himself.

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