5 Men You’ll Meet This Summer (If You Put Your Phone Away)

Summer is upon us, and single ladies can’t help but notice all the cute men out and about. The problem is, since we’re always looking down at our phones, there are a ton of eligible bachelors that we don’t take notice of – and miss out on meeting. Since women are naturally more confident during the summer months (perhaps it’s that glowing tan you’re rocking so beautifully) it seems like a great time of the year to put your phone away and be brave enough to talk to someone new instead! Here are 5 men you’ll meet this summer if you put your phone away:

  1. The Man behind you in line for a Frappuccino

The chances are high that there will be lots of cute men in line at Starbucks this summer. However, if you’re instagramming your popsicle-orange manicure while you’re bored in line, instead of being aware of your surroundings, you’ll miss out on certain cues: Him checking you out, smiling at you – all the while you’re oblivious because you’re on your phone. I know it’s not that common anymore to do this, but tuck your phone into your pocket and ask him if he knows if the caramel frap is any good. Keep a lookout for men in lines at other places too, like gelato or grocery store line ups.

  1. The Man sitting next to you on Public Transit

Whether we’re busy texting or listening to music on our phones, chances are we’re not noticing the charming man in a suit sitting next to us on the train, on his way home from work – just like you. Pretend your phone doesn’t exist and you might feel encouraged to pass the time chatting with him, instead of your friend from spin class. Try an easy opening line like “hey I like your suit, where’s it from? I want to get one for my brother.” Think of it this way: did you not just ‘like’ a stranger’s wakeboarding photo on Instagram? Why can’t you ‘like’ this guy’s suit?

  1. The Man in the Elevator

One would think that the elevator would already be a phone-free zone, but in reality, people in elevators still have their eyes glued to their phones. They’re usually pre-writing a text that they will send as soon as they’re out of the elevator and have service. This is not necessary! Why not just look up instead, and be friendly to whoever is sharing that elevator with you? Especially if it’s that cute guy from the 21st floor – and you both happen to be heading out to the beach.

  1. The Man in the Waiting Room or Lobby

We are often waiting for someone, or something. A friend in their apartment lobby, or the waiting room at our Chiropractor’s office. You may have a habit of surfing the web or texting on your phone while you’re waiting, all the while a single man was waiting too, and he was hoping you’d look up from your phone – just long enough for him to smile at you.

  1. The Bartender

Have you ever had a drink at the bar by yourself, because you were early to meet your friend at a restaurant? Was the bartender cute? Perhaps you did not notice, because you were on your phone texting the whole time – and telling your friend to hurry up. Bartenders love to chat with their patrons, especially cute patrons like you. The question is – will you chat with him, or with the contacts in your phone?

Erica Gordon

Posted by Erica Gordon

Erica is the Executive Assistant at POF, and as a single twenty-something woman working in the online dating industry, she has a lot of experience when it comes to dating. After earning her Psychology degree, she landed her challenging and dynamic role within the POF family in early 2012. When she's not hard at work or sharing her passion for writing, Erica be found laughing it up at a comedy show, walking around in kits with her friends, or hiking one of BC's beautiful trails.

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