Hook Ups, Crashers and Boozers – What Really Goes Down At Weddings

Wedding season is in full swing and you have 5 + pending invites to your family member’s, friend’s and co-worker’s weddings, but you’re not entirely sure you want to sit through another huge reminder that you are still single.

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Am I right or am I right! Hold back those tears for another day, because Plenty of Fish has great news for all you single wedding attendees!

In a survey of over 3000 Plenty of Fish users from the U.S. (ages 21-65), 44 percent of singles identified weddings as a great place to hook up! The reason being, (51.8 percent) said because it’s so easy to start a conversation at a wedding.

Not sure how to approach that attractive groomsmen/bridesmaid? Try these easy ice breakers:

‘Hey, I’m Kate – friends of the bride! How do you know the lovely couple?’ 

‘I’m so sorry I forgot your name but I know I’ve met you before through [insert grooms/bridsmaid name]!’ 

‘How funny was that speech by [insert name], it had me cry-laughing. I don’t think we’ve met yet, I’m Kate!’ 

If you’re looking for more than just a one night hook up, it looks like you may be in luck! Plenty of Fish also found that 16 percent of singles that met someone at a wedding, actually went on to have a relationship with the person they met.

Ladies, don’t be afraid to make the first move; apparently 40.7 percent of male survey respondents said they were propositioned by a woman first!

The drinks are flowing, love is in the air, we can’t think of a better spot for singles to mingle!

If you’re wondering what else to expect at your next wedding? Take a look at what else singles reported experiencing while celebrating a union:

  • 44 percent have sat through a cringe-worthy speech
  • 41 percent have had too much to drink
  • 20 percent have hooked up with someone in the wedding party
  • 10 percent have crashed a wedding

There you have it, solid proof that you should strike up conversation with that wedding guest who caught your eye! You never know where it may lead!

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