The 5 Dates You Should Go On This Fall

Dates can be a little bit of everything – funny, exciting and sometimes disastrous.

The good news is, dating is fun. You live through one or two disastrous dates, so what? You can and will carry on.

If I tried to sum up all dating experiences, this would be an endless list. Let’s focus on the most common ones, shall we?

These are the five types of dates you should give a try this Fall:

The Online Date

You’re totally bored of traditional dating, you’re ready to try something new – Online Dating. Why not! You just need a great profile, some conversation starters and you’re good to go. If you like some of these guys, you can arrange a real date!

Online dating, kind of similar to speed dating, is based on the power of first impressions. In 2007, scientists from University of Edinburgh conducted an interesting study. As it turned out, the decisions people made during speed dating did not correspond to the preferences they previously stated.

We can say the same thing for online dating, right? It’s surprising to see we like men we never thought we’d connect with. Data from the Plenty of Fish study, Conversation Nation, also highlights that 87% of singles found someone more attractive after having a conversation with them.

The Double Date

This may or may not be a blind date for one of the couples. It’s a great way to ease into a date when you have more people around, providing more topics to talk about!

But, remember if you start making all your dates double dates, it will start feeling like you’re dating the other couple too. Double dating is a once in a while social outing. You’re not obligated to invite them whenever and wherever you decide to be together as a couple. Keep it fun and casual!

The Blind Date

Did you know that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen started their romance on a blind date? Yup, a mutual friend played matchmaker!

Someone sets you up with a man they think is perfect for you. Sometimes blind dates turn out perfectly. You meet a wonderful man and it’s a pleasant surprise.

The Unexpected Romantic Date with Your Partner

You’re having a boring night in front of the TV, waiting for your show to start. Maybe you’ll even get a bottle of wine and end the night in the bedroom. You don’t expect something truly unexpected.

Sometimes, however, the day takes an unexpected turn. Maybe your partner books a retreat or just rents bikes for the two of you to go on a cruise. Whatever the case is, unexpected romantic dates with long-term partners are precious! Keep creating these special moments.

The First Date with an Old Friend

In most situations, one of you doesn’t even know you’re on a date. You’ve been friends since forever. He makes you laugh your head off. Now and then, you interrupt the conversation with deep stares into each other’s eyes.

There’s something more to this friendship and you both know it. However, there’s also a certain level of hesitation. What if things don’t work out and you lose your friendship?

This is a tough one. But what if this is the perfect partner you were meant to be with? It could be a romance by the book, so why not take the risk?

You never know what to expect from a date. That’s the beauty about dating. Let’s enjoy the ride!


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