PlentyOfFish Couple Proves Love > Distance This Valentine’s Day

Despite it being 2016, and having every shred of common sense tell you it shouldn’t matter, chances are, if you are in a long distance relationship and happen to be spending Valentine’s Day weekend apart, you might feel a tinge of sadness.

And you’re not alone either — millions of couples in long-distance relationships will be separated for February 14th. That’s a lot of conflicting feelings surrounding the day of love.

After learning about one PlentyOfFish couple’s long-distance relationship (Kristen hails from New Jersey and Johnny from Pennsylvania), PlentyOfFish decided to bridge the gap by flying them both into Vancouver, British Columbia for an all-expenses paid romantic Valentine’s Day getaway. What followed was a very sweet reunion, and a reminder that love is truly greater than distance.

But what about the millions of other long-distance couples who may be spending Valentine’s Day apart this year? The Dating Experts at PlentyOfFish have you covered there too. Below are four simple tips to keep you feeling close to your partner this Valentine’s Day, even if there are miles stretching in between:

Call Your Love First Thing: There’s nothing quite like hearing the voice of your Valentine first thing in the morning to get your day started on the right foot. Even if you can’t be together physically, you’d be surprised at how effective a few kind words over Skype or the phone can be.

Send A Letter – Or Email! Trust us when we say that everyone loves receiving a little written reminder that they matter. The days of the love letter aren’t over, so even if you can’t mail a letter in time, compose an email highlighting everything you love about your person, or even recap a special shared memory.

Plan A Reunion – So you can’t spend Valentine’s Day together…but you can definitely plan for the next time your paths will cross. This will both keep your spirits up, and give you something to look forward to. Blue skies ahead!

Try Not To Stress – Most importantly, whatever you do, don’t put too much pressure on yourselves. Valentine’s Day is just one day out of the year, and letting your partner know you care about them on the 364 other days is just as important. That’s the most romantic thing of all.

We’re celebrating those who go the extra mile this February 14th. Happy Valentine’s Day from PlentyOfFish

A Long-Distance Love Story

Every Day, PlentyOfFish receives love stories from couples who’ve found love on the site, and all of them are unique. To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, we’re posting stories written by these couples in their own words. Here is Krystal’s long- distance love story:

I had been on PlentyOfFish for a month or so and had talked to several guys, but never actually progressed to the meeting stage. I had even started talking to a guy in Vegas and he was supposed to come up and meet me…but I was stood up! I was pretty crushed, vowed to delete my profile and give it up.

Then a day or so later, I did a 180 and decided I’d start browsing all people PlentyOfFish recommended for me, message all of them and then see what happened.
Strangely, The first profile I came across intrigued me. This guy seemed to like nerdy things like me! And he wrote enough in his profile to give me a feel for who he was (and he used proper grammar!), so I thought, this must be too good to be true! Where is he from? My heart sank – Vegas. Still stinging from the last Vegas possibility, I decided it best to just pass him up and move on.

Lo and behold, 5 minutes later, he messaged me!! We talked a little on  PlentyOfFish before switching to texts. This was on a Sunday.
I had Thursday off from work and had planned to go to the Vegas Renaissance Faire that weekend after work on Saturday. I jokingly told him to come up (about a 2 hour drive) and visit me Thursday. He agreed!

We hit it off immediately, and hung out together Thursday to Saturday then met up again Saturday night at the Renaissance Faire. I was getting good vibes, but then he left the faire early claiming to be tired but that he would meet me back at the faire Sunday morning. After not hearing from him again, I started to feel very discouraged.

Eventually, the faire was about to close and I was getting ready to leave… and my phone vibrates! Apparently his phone died and he wanted to know where we were so he could pick me up. He then officially asked me and we’ve been together ever since.


It’s been a great year, but it hasn’t been without it’s struggles. Our schedules haven’t always lined up. He works graveyards, our days off never lined up when I was working and going to school, so for the majority of our relationship we only got to see each other for a few hours for a couple of days a week.

I will say that a big reason our relationship has lasted as long as it has is because he has been very understanding of my inflexible schedule and he will drive up every weekend (except for the few exceptions when I would have the weekend to go down there) to see me for however long we had together that particular weekend.

We’ve had some wonderful trips together, Scandia in Ontario, CA for Valentines Day, Disneyland (my favorite) for our anniversary in Oct, a cruise to Catalina Island and Ensenada for Christmas.

It’s been wonderful, hard, but we make it work because we want to make it work!



Instagram Etiquette & Your Love Life

Chances are, before you even brushed your teeth this morning, you popped onto Instagram to see what you missed overnight. It’s 2016, and what a time to be alive when it’s completely necessary to acknowledge that an app (completely irrelevant as recently as 4 years ago), may now influence your love life!

Even if you’ve never used Instagram before, social media has effectively changed how we interact, date and fall in love. Sooner or later, you’ll be asking yourself too “like” or not to “like?”, so here is exactly what you need to know before you slide into someone’s DM’s.

Keep It Uncomplicated

Do not follow someone on Instagram before you have met in person for a date, or even after a first date. You barely know this person, and you may never even see them again. It’s a delicate situation after the first few dates, so you want to avoid doing anything that may make someone you’re interested feel pressured or awkward. It’s not really any of your business if “that girl smiling beside him with the wine glass” is his sister, or someone else, until you are dating exclusively. So don’t follow yet, don’t ask yet, just creep from afar and do the only thing that makes you seem sane in this situation: bring it up at brunch with your girlfriends and talk it through there.

Conscious Creeping

Hey, everybody creeps, and that’s OK! Checking out someone on Instagram or Facebook before you meet them for a date is standard practice, and it can be interesting to discuss existing connections and mutual friends – an instant conversation starter! However, it’s important to creep consciously, in untraceable ways. Probably don’t log into LinkedIn and read his resume – HE CAN SEE YOU. You will have to start a new life in China before you even get on that date!

Passive Aggression 101

Do not use Instagram as a weapon. Because photos people you follow have recently “liked” are openly visible, Instagram can be used as a tool in fights. Say you’re angry at your girlfriend – why not just go on Instagram and “like” photos of every hot girl you can find? Or better yet, why not start an argument over a photo of a random hot girl that your boyfriend absentmindedly “liked?” …The short answer is because we are all over 18 here. If you have a problem with your partner, bring it up with them directly and talk it out like adults.


At the end of the day, Instagram’s sole purpose is to bring you memes to laugh at and cute dog accounts to follow – or whatever mindless, harmless purpose you decide it has in your life. If Instagram is no longer fun for you, or is causing some major problems in your relationship, it may be time to reconsider your interactions with the app.

Online Daters Are About To Break The Internet

Fueled by the weight of new resolutions and prying family questions around the dinner table, singles will flock to online dating sites on Sunday, January 3rd 2016.

Just as we’ve come to accept other seasonal traditions as inevitable, PlentyOfFish can now predict the exact time every year (down to the hour in fact), when single people everywhere collectively decide they’ve had enough – this year will be the year for them to find love.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the date doesn’t fluctuate much every year. The holidays have a way of constantly reminding single people of their relationship status with an unrelenting stream of love-based messaging. First you notice every other commercial seems to be for De Beers, then the mistletoe shows up at the Christmas parties, and when enough people have asked you about your New Year’s Eve kiss come January 1st… your online dating profile is basically halfway filled out.

It’s the perfect holiday cocktail for love (perhaps with a dash of exasperation), and it comes to a head on January 3rd, specifically at 3pm PST, the moment you’re quickly coming down from the last spiked eggnog of the season. Signups to PlentyOfFish will jump by a whopping 24% over 24 hours.

And it’s not just a one-day affair, either. The winter days are short and cold, social lives usually aren’t at an all-time high, and even solo Netflix marathons start to seem less fulfilling – so the signups continue. Historically, peak period in online dating starts the day after Christmas, and runs straight through after Valentine’s day, resulting in a permanent increase in signups of over 20%.

Further, these impressive numbers are set to pay off for hopeful singles. More signups mean more traffic, resulting in more conversations being started and eventually more matches being made. Users who sign up in the first week of January find their partner an average of two weeks faster than those who sign up later, an average of 10 weeks compared to an average of 12 weeks throughout the rest of the year.

So there you have it, time is on your side when it comes to online dating this winter. And with over 2 million singles predicted to sign up to PlentyOfFish in January alone, you’ll be in good company.

4 Ways Make 2016 Your Year For Love


  1. Get Online in January – January is the busiest month of the year for online dating. On January 3rd alone, PlentyOfFish is forecasting a whopping 24% increase in signups – so so singles are in good company in their quest for love! Further, it looks like the numbers are set to pay off. Users who sign up during the first week of January will find their partner an average of two weeks faster than those who sign up later, taking an average of just 10 weeks compared to an average of 12 weeks throughout the year. So dust off that old online dating profile that’s sitting dormant, or if you haven’t done so already, sign up! It’s the first step to finding love in 2016.
  2. Open Your MindBecause online dating appears to offer endless options in terms of finding someone to date, it can make us hyper selective. It’s great to know what you’re looking for in a partner, but it’s important to avoid busting out the deal breaker card to quickly. Every single day, PlentyOfFish receives notes from couples who claim that they weren’t each other’s “type” or they really had to get out of their comfort zone to consider messaging/responding to the other person – but they’re glad they did! The moral of the story is to consider giving someone the time of day, even if they don’t check every box on your list – it may surprise you too see what comes of it.
  3.  Be Proactive In Your SearchFar too often we see people waiting on the sidelines for the perfect person to message or approach them. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work that way, and you have to go after what (or in this case, who) you want by taking charge of your love life. So if you’re interested in someone online, read their profile, and send them a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind message, highlighting something that stood out to you. If you don’t, someone else surely will!
  4. Update Your ImagesIn 2016, we expect to see an even greater level of social media integration in dating profiles – especially when it comes to images. Basically, the days of the grainy bathroom pic are over. With smartphones boasting relatively high resolution cameras and photo sharing apps like Instagram being widely used, we’re seeing exponentially stronger profile images from users with each passing year. Users with 5 or more images are 8x more likely to get a message – so get snapping! Images that show your face and broadcast your interests and personality are A+ by us!