Online Daters Are About To Break The Internet

Fueled by the weight of new resolutions and prying family questions around the dinner table, singles will flock to online dating sites on Sunday, January 3rd 2016.

Just as we’ve come to accept other seasonal traditions as inevitable, PlentyOfFish can now predict the exact time every year (down to the hour in fact), when single people everywhere collectively decide they’ve had enough – this year will be the year for them to find love.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the date doesn’t fluctuate much every year. The holidays have a way of constantly reminding single people of their relationship status with an unrelenting stream of love-based messaging. First you notice every other commercial seems to be for De Beers, then the mistletoe shows up at the Christmas parties, and when enough people have asked you about your New Year’s Eve kiss come January 1st… your online dating profile is basically halfway filled out.

It’s the perfect holiday cocktail for love (perhaps with a dash of exasperation), and it comes to a head on January 3rd, specifically at 3pm PST, the moment you’re quickly coming down from the last spiked eggnog of the season. Signups to PlentyOfFish will jump by a whopping 24% over 24 hours.

And it’s not just a one-day affair, either. The winter days are short and cold, social lives usually aren’t at an all-time high, and even solo Netflix marathons start to seem less fulfilling – so the signups continue. Historically, peak period in online dating starts the day after Christmas, and runs straight through after Valentine’s day, resulting in a permanent increase in signups of over 20%.

Further, these impressive numbers are set to pay off for hopeful singles. More signups mean more traffic, resulting in more conversations being started and eventually more matches being made. Users who sign up in the first week of January find their partner an average of two weeks faster than those who sign up later, an average of 10 weeks compared to an average of 12 weeks throughout the rest of the year.

So there you have it, time is on your side when it comes to online dating this winter. And with over 2 million singles predicted to sign up to PlentyOfFish in January alone, you’ll be in good company.

PlentyOfPersonality Study

A cross-section of the interests, hobbies and pastimes of singles across America

Helping shed light on the pursuits of singles across America, the PlenyOfPersonality Study has identified the top interests, hobbies and pastimes of singles in 11 major markets across the country, providing a better understanding of singles and their “types”.

Using an interest-based algorithm developed by PlentyOfFish’s Senior Data Scientist, the study examined over 10 million heterosexual singles over the age of 21 years old. To compile the data, the Research Team computed top interests appearing on users profiles into 20 personality archetypes, ranking each interest from high to low based on the frequency they appeared. The 20 archetypes of PlentyOfPersonality are each comprised of a unique subset of interests and hobbies specific to the group.

Personality Archetypes + Top Corresponding Interests

Artist – art, write, draw, paint, poetry, design, fashion

Bar Game Buff – play, bowl, movie, pool, shoot

Cultured Urbanite – travel, wine, dine, concert, explore, museum

Curious George – people, laugh, learn, interest, meet, smile, adventure, joke

Eternal Optimist – love, life, enjoy, open, happiness

Family First – family, friend, time, hang, kid

Fast and Furious – fast, classic, tattoo, ring, auto

Happy-Go Lucky – people, laugh, learn, interest, meet, smile, adventure

Health Buff  – yoga, cook, lift, healthy, exercise

Intellectual – history, nature, science, politics, culture, world

Live Event Fan – concert, comedy, show, festival

Mainly Mainstream – movie, sport, music, relax, cook, work

Pinteresters – dance, shop, craft, cook, puzzle

Romantic – beach, walk, cuddle, drive, quiet

Salt of the Earth  – work, friend, sports, family, music

Social Butterfly – sport, active, travel, event, music

Sports Fanatic  football, basketball, baseball, hockey, UFC

Weekend Warrior – fun, drink, money, party, lol, chill, date

Well-Rounded – exercise, theatre, read, movies, foodie, vacation

Outdoor Adventurer  – mountain, scuba, climb, boat, swim

The following provides a breakdown of the top single silos across the country:


Single women in Beantown epitomize the city’s scholastic pedigree with most falling into the Cultured Urbanite and Pinterester categories, while men are more aligned with the Boston’s historic roots, identifying as Weekend Warriors.




Finding love in the Windy City may be easier said than done with the majority of men spending their time partying and watching sports, while single women prefer the finer things in life – however one thing Chicago singles can agree on is good food.



No longer defined by recession, the percentage of Eternal Optimists is highest in Detroit, with nearly a quarter of singles landing in this category. The majority of Detroiters, however like to
blow off steam outside of 9-5 and are best categorized as Weekend Warriors.



With craft giant Michael’s headquartered in Texas, it’s no surprise that the great number of women Pinteresters are found in Huston. However, when the ladies are getting their craft on, men in this city are focused on socializing, with the greatest number considered Weekend Warriors.




The only city in the study home to Romantics, 12% of single women in Jacksonville are enamoured by long walks on the beach and cuddling, which may make things tricky when finding a match, since most men in the city have more macho tendencies.



Maintaining their position as the entertainment capital of the world, singles in LA love to party, have fun and make money – with most singles classified as Weekend Warriors. Also known as the land of the aspiring artist, a large percentage of singles fall into the Artist archetype, while close to year-round sunshine brings out the Eternal Optimist in a significant number. Both singlemen and women in LA share a passion for enjoying life and having a good time.



NYC singles may be a little sunnier than their all-black-wearing, sunglasses on, head down stereotype suggests. The majority are split between Eternal Optimists and Weekend Warriors. A larger percentage of single women compared to single men may however carry the brooding artist persona – with 18% and 15% identifying as Pinteresters and Artists respectively.



Singles in Phoenix are going on some very positive dates given Eternal Optimist ranks in the top
three Singles Silo for both men and women


San Fran

Unlike their Southern California counterparts, singles in San Francisco bond over Monet and Mozart rather than Moet and EDM with most identified as Artists and Intellectuals. 14% of both single men and women also consider yoga and lifting among their top interests.

San Francisco


With great coffee, attractions, and activity, the most common archetype among singles in Seattle are Artists, Intellectuals, and Curious George. Additionally, single men and women here compliment each other well, since guys have an added streak of Outdoor Adventure, while single
ladies are more concerned with their health.



It’s not surprising that dates in Washington, DC are knowledgeable affairs with 13% of both men and women in town being Intellectuals.

Washington DC



Study: Single Mothers Find Partners Faster

With Mothers Day coming up this Sunday (May 10 – mark your calendars!), we wanted to learn more about some special women that are worth celebrating every day of the year: single moms!

We surveyed our database of single mothers on PlentyOfFish – a whopping 44% of our female users – for more information on their approach to love, how they use online dating, and what they’re looking for in their perfect match.

Some interesting facts about PlentyOfFish’s strong, savvy, and successful single mothers:

1. Eyes on the prize. Single moms are signing up in search of results – and getting them. 43% of survey respondents said they started dating online after hearing success stories. And, according to PlentyOfFish’s study, single moms find a partner 10% faster than the average user. Mothers Day graph1

2. Kids come first. It comes as no surprise that kids are these moms’ top priority. In fact, 63% of moms said they’d consider their child’s disapproval of a potential partner as a major red flag. Mothers Day graph3

3. Motherhood = full time job. Being a mom is no easy task. Between kids, work, and having a social life, single moms have their hands full. As such, single mothers report using online dating whenever they can spare a second of their precious time – whether that’s first thing in the morning, during the day while their children are at work, or once they put their kids to bed.Mothers Day graph2

4. Ms. Independent. Despite being focused on their kids, single moms should not be mistaken for weaklings. The top two most common misconceptions about single moms as reported by our respondents: 1. She’s just looking for a father figure for her kids 2. She’s a damsel in distress who needs to be saved.Mothers Day graph4

5. Birds of a feather. Like many online daters, single mothers are looking for partners they can relate to. Accordingly, they are 3.4 times more likely to date a single father than childless women are. In contrast, single moms are half as likely to date childless men as women with no children are.

6. Howdy, partner. In their love lives, single moms value partnership above all. Over 56% of those surveyed listed ‘partnership’ as what they were looking for in a match. ‘Romance’ and ‘fun’ came in second and third place respectively, with ‘financial support’ ranking the lowest.Mothers Day graph5

Do you have #PlentyOfLove4Mom? We’re holding a contest dedicated to the all the amazing mothers out there. Show some appreciation for your mom and you could win $500. For all the info:

The Power Of Intuition In Your Love Life

Would it surprise you to know science backs intuition as a source of valuable inner wisdom? A few years ago, I would’ve thought the same. Yet intuition is real—and scientifically confirmed. Seated in the right hemisphere, or half, of the brain, intuition is knowing without factual proof.

In experiments with people who’ve had surgery that keeps their right and left hemispheres from communicating (done to control the spread of electricity that can worsen epilepsy), people do curious things. For instance, if the right hemisphere is exposed to the word “sun” and the left half experiences the word “dial,” they’re only conscious of having experienced “dial.” But when asked to draw a picture with their left hand—which is connected to the right hemisphere—they draw a sun. The right half knows. It just can’t directly say so, because it’s non-conscious.

Intuition probably exists to save us; the biggest threat to most people is other people. We are each other’s heaven and hell. Have you ever had the feeling that a nearby stranger would harm you, given the chance? Don’t investigate—leave! The cost of being wrong and leaving is low; the cost of being right and ignoring your gut is potentially disastrous. Intuition is particularly accurate in areas where we have lots of expertise or experience. And I suspect it also works best in scenarios that would have been vital to our ancestors’ survival and reproduction—like mate selection. Our intuition can tell us we’re with the Wrong partner. It might not be an emergency; still, the voiceless voice is there.

I’ve had this happen twice. The first time, I was engaged. My intuition gradually escalated its alarm, from anxiety to panic attacks to a dream where the voice became conscious: “You must not marry this man!” I left—and all symptoms of anxiety left too. The second time was less dramatic, but no less important. I had gotten fairly involved with a man who seemed perfect in many ways—except he wasn’t kind. He wasn’t mean, exactly; but he didn’t have warmth or caring in him, and his smiles didn’t reach all the way up to his eyes. I could never make a life with someone like that. My intuition warned me from the first date, and I should have listened then. But it kept piping up, and I got out after a few months.

Why aren’t we better at listening to our intuition? Dr. Brené Brown points out that “most of us are not very good at not knowing.” We aren’t good at following what our intuitive right-brain tells us, because our intuitive right-brain does not offer proof—just hunches. Dr. Brown continues, “What silences our intuitive voice is our need for certainty.”
My intuitive voice wasn’t silenced; but I definitely overrode it, and I did so because I wanted proof. What do you do when you feel unclear about someone? If you’re like me, you ask your friends for their opinion. But your right brain does not care about others’ opinions. It cares about protecting you. Listen.

My intuition usually told me, fairly directly, to leave. Yours might tell you to slow down and learn more about this person. Diane was proposed to by a very wealthy man. Her intuition told her something was wrong—and she honored it. By gathering more information, she learned her would-be fiancé didn’t want to support her or her children; she found that even if she did marry this man, she was still on her own. By listening to her intuitive direction to learn more, she prevented what she later told me would have been certain divorce.

In my experience, Diane was braver than most. I know there were times I actively suppressed my own inner knowing because I was tired of looking. I wanted this to be the Right relationship, whether or not it really was. A lot of people hide from the truth to avoid immediate pain, instead of digging out the truth to prevent eventual pain. I think that’s a big part of what silences intuition in dating: We want this one to be The One, so we keep our eyes half-lidded just when we need them wide-open. Remember that you are still investigating this person until you get married.
A sense of fairness also motivates some folks to hide from their intuitive truth. This was me to a T. Is it okay to condemn someone to being cast out of your life when you have no factual evidence that they’ve done—or will do—anything wrong?

This is a good place to remind you that when we’re dating, we aren’t in a court of law. We don’t have to prove anyone guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt; we don’t have to be absolutely certain, or have any proof whatsoever. Dr. Helen Fisher said it perfectly: “Love isn’t about fairness, it’s about winning.” This is dating—you can leave just because you want to. You can leave just because you need to. You can leave just because your gut tells you to. Fairness does not enter into it, and your commitment should not be marital until you are married.
Don’t guilt-trip yourself to the altar, only to stumble in the biggest decision of your life! Embrace your right brain; find your right partner.

Duana C. Welch, Ph.D., is the author of Love Factually: 10 Proven Steps from I Wish to I Do; this is a partial excerpt, copyrighted by the author. For more information and a free chapter, visit

PlentyOfFish Announces Space Program: Mars For Two

PlentyOfFish is officially announcing the launch of our very own Mars pioneer program today, “Mars for Two.” Teaming up with a private partner specializing in space exploration, PlentyOfFish will be granting singles a chance to find the love of their lives, and establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. The launch date has been set for 2025.

Mars for Two will join the likes of NASA and Mars One, who are currently developing the capabilities needed to send humans to Mars by the mid 2030s and 2027, respectively. So with a notably ambitious launch date projected for 2025, this opportunity won’t be available to all singles on the hunt for love.

After a lengthy application process separate from the site itself, a select group of singles will be connected with one exceptionally compatible prospective partner using the mutual match algorithm behind PlentyOfFish.


Relationships that flourish will continue to advance in the program. Eventually, two couples will be selected for extensive training for what is projected to be the first manned mission to land on Mars.

Upon arrival, these couples will put their relationships to the ultimate test by spending the rest of their lives together living and working on Mars with water, food and oxygen provided by the mission. Research and significant insight into the complexities of human relationships and true compatibility will provide an immeasurable wealth of new knowledge for future research on both Mars and Earth.

Couples are the driving force behind Mars for Two because they can offer each other emotional support and love through such a profound change that will permanently alter their lives. This initiative is also positioned to help with reproduction on Mars with the intention of building a larger permanent community.

“At PlentyOfFish we’re passionate about bringing people together. With 4 million people logging on to the site each day, and over 1 million relationships created each year, we’ve successfully created a lasting legacy here on Earth – so the time has come to quite literally expand our horizons by sending couples to Mars,” explains Founder and CEO Markus Frind.