How to Compliment a Woman (Without Mentioning Her Looks)

Here’s the thing. We all love a good compliment from the right person. Heck, we love a good compliment from any person. I’m sure there are people out there in the world that don’t get a small high from being complimented – I have yet to meet them. But, here’s the other thing. So often women are primarily given compliments centered around the way that they look (mind blowing, right?!) Which, if we’re all being honest, can be great; it’s a good thing to take pride in the way that you look and when that is recognized, it feels good – flaunt your stuff!

However, the way we look is predominantly a result of our genetic makeup, and not something the average individual had too much of a hand into creating. There are so many other interesting facets that contribute to the person a woman is. Certain attributes that she has cultivated in all her years of life that make her unique. These are the things worth highlighting when paying a woman a compliment. The list could go on forever, but these few attributes are a great place to start:

Her Sense of Humor

There is something extra special about a woman with a sharp wit. If a woman can make you laugh, let her know. Being a funny person takes intelligence, it’s not easy to be funny. Or, maybe she isn’t the funniest, rather, the kind of person that can take a joke, or is generally jovial – it’s worth acknowledging.

Her Intelligence

There is probably nothing sexier than when a person can acknowledge your brain! Your intelligence is who you are. It’s what you know, what you remember, how analytical, or inquisitive you are and ultimately how well you represent that. When you recognize a woman’s intelligence above her looks, you are truly recognizing her.

Her Creativity

Not everyone is born with a creative mind. Not every person has the capacity to creatively articulate a message or a feeling. Not all creativity takes the form of art. A woman full of ideas leading her to be creative in whatever realm, should be told. And often – why not?

Her Taste

You know what never gets tiring? Hearing you have great taste in music or movies or food or TV shows. These are areas of passion. Being accredited for having excellent taste in a certain domain where you exude a level fervor  will inevitably make a person feel like an expert. And, who doesn’t like feeling like an expert?

How Friendly or Kind She Is

Whether a woman is the life of the party or quietly conversational to everyone she is around, it is worth noting. In our confusing world, it’s refreshing to be around people willing to be kind first. If you find yourself in the company of a woman who is good natured and friendly, let her know.

Her Life Experience

As humans, we’ve all inevitably lived both similar and wildly contrasting lives – all of which are interesting. When hearing about a woman’s life (positive or negative), rather than try to one-up her or even immediately relate to her experience, commend her for the life she has lived.

When It Comes to Conversation, Here’s Why We Don’t Take Our Own Advice

We seem to agree, overall, on what behavior is unacceptable in the context of conversation. The new study from Plenty of Fish reveals the broad agreement that it’s wrong to “ghost” someone you are dating, yet a sizable number of people have done it to someone else. The study also shows that people of all ages think emojis are a terrible way to flirt, but consumer research shows 92% of online consumers use them to communicate.

Even more telling, nearly every question in the Plenty of Fish study that dealt with quality of communication, people said that face-to-face or phone conversations are the ideal. And yet we know from other research that Americans make or answer an average of six phone calls every day, versus spend 26 minutes texting. It’s no surprise that most people think technology has negatively impacted our ability to have meaningful conversations.

Why don’t we do what’s right? Smartphone addiction has become so prevalent in the Western world that there’s a new psychological term for it: nomophobia. It means the fear of being without your cellphone, and most of us have experienced that rush of panic when we realize we’ve left our phone behind or can’t find it.

It’s been centuries since the Greek poet Hesiod wrote “Observe due measure; moderation is best in all things.” There is a time and a place for everything. Yet, this is a lesson mankind has not accepted or learned. Here are tips to practice safe tech:

  1. Stare at your date, not at your phone. Staring at your phone is a big turnoff, yet the average adult checks their phone more than 110 times a day, according to data gathered by Locket, or once every 13 minutes. Show you care, by placing your phone out of site and keeping it there.
  2. Silence your notifications. We know you are busy and important, but your date doesn’t need to be reminded of this. All those pings, vibrations and rings can interfere with the conversation at hand.
  3. Resist the urge to fact check. We all use technology during conversations to quickly check out facts – oh let me “Google that.” Keep the phone away and check later – it’s a great way to continue the post-date conversation.
  4. Lastly, focus on the words your date is saying and the specific points he/she is making. Being able to focus on the small things in a conversation will help you get deeper into the conversation and take your attention away from your phone automatically.

It’s easier to identify what others are doing wrong than it is to correct our own bad habits. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we mostly agree on what’s appropriate and what isn’t. So, we know that we need to make our plans using our cell phone and then meet in person and put the phone away. The path forward is clear, even if it’s not all that easy to follow.

7 Tips for Creating a Stand Out Dating Profile Picture

If you are using a dating app, you obviously want to get noticed by the right people. The first thing anyone is going to notice about you is your profile photo, so you want to make sure that yours is one that is going to actually get noticed, and by the people who you really want to notice it. Creating a great dating profile photo involves a lot more than simply snapping a quick photo on your phone and posting it, or recycling an older photo. You need something that is new and that gives the best first impression. With that in mind, here are seven tips for creating an awesome online dating profile photo.

  1. Flash a Smile – You are trying to attract someone, and you aren’t going to do that if you are looking serious in your profile photo. Flash those pearly whites, and show a bit of your flirtatious side. People are going to be more attracted to you when you look happy. Don’t use your professional profile photo, as this is just too serious when you are trying to attract a new love interest.
  2. Use Color – Black and white photos look cool, but when you are trying to attract someone, it is best to use full color in your profile photos. If you love to wear bright colors, this is your time to shine, and show off your personality in your photo. Make the colors pop, and your profile photo is really going to stand out and get noticed. If you prefer neutral colors, make sure that you choose a colorful background.
  3. Upgrade Your iPhone – You are likely using your iPhone to take your profile photo. If you have an older phone, it may not have the greatest camera, so it may be time to upgrade to a new iPhone. Sell iPhone, and upgrade to a newer model that has a better camera with more features so you can create a really great profile photo that is going to get noticed.
  4. Show Your Personality – Don’t just give them a head and shoulders photo. Use a photo that shows them who you really are. For instance, if you are a musician, use a photo that shows you playing an instrument. If you play a sport, use a photo with you in action. Remember, you can have more than one photo on your profile, so use a variety to show the many facets of your personality.
  5. Focus on You – Some people use profile photos that focus on something other than themselves. We are not sure why anyone would want to do this, seeing as how they are trying to attract a new romantic partner. Make sure that your profile photo focuses on you, and that there aren’t a lot of other things in the photo to distract potential dates from what they should be focused on, you.
  6. Use Various Shots – A potential love interest is going to want to see more than just your face. Your profile should include a variety of photos, including medium and full-body shots. That way, they get to see all of you, and there are not going to be any surprises when they meet you in person for the first time.
  7. Don’t Use Group Shots – You are supposed to be the main focus in your profile photos, so why would you want to use a shot that has other people in it? Don’t use group photos, and don’t use a photo that you have simply Photoshopped other people out of. Take a new photo of yourself without anyone else in the shot.

Out of the Box Halloween Costumes, For Couples

It’s upon us, the most stressful time of the year. Since November 1st of last year – if you’re an adult human who enjoys happiness – you’ve undoubtedly been dreaming of October 31st of the following year, where you and your partner will don the perfect  Halloween costume.

Whatever the plan may be for the evening, your main concern is to look fresh. But, like every year since realizing this special night is an epic opportunity for you and your SO to (a) look sexy and/or cool (b) scare the pants off your peers (and passersby) or (c) show off your mutually wicked sense of humour, Halloween has blindsided you. You’d think we’d see it coming, but every year appears to be the same deal – it’s mid-October and you’re left dumbfounded in yet another Minnie and Mickey Mouse couple set.

Sure you can show up to a Halloween party in something popular (read: basic) albeit current. I’m talking: Daenerys and Jon Snow or Belle and the Beast, maybe Wonder Woman and her dudely sidekick (what was his name? Steve?). Maybe you’ll go the cute and easy route; Jughead and Betty or Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in La La Land. Hey, it’s Halloween, why not attempt making your couple’s costume sexy by dressing up as Baywatch lifeguards – turns out (thanks to Zac Efron and Zac Efron’s abs) in 2017, that’s topical again!

However, in the off chance that you like your Halloween garb to not only be of the moment, but a conversation piece, I got you.

Pennywise and The BabadookRelated image

The internet has deemed this not-so unlikely, franchise crossing duo hashtag relationship goals. And when the internet speaks, we listen! Horrific and pretty dang cute – right? Maybe?

Taylor Swift and any one of her past selvesRelated image

At the end of August Taylor Swift released her single “Look What You Made Me Do” which sparked a slew of opinions. So, thanks for the costume inspo, Taylor.

Salt Bae and a Salt ShakerImage result for Salt bae

Alternatively, one of you could dress as steak. Whichever you prefer.

Jennifer Lawrence in Mother! and a Rotten Tomatoes ratingImage result for mother!

She might be a Queen, even so, her latest film mother! received impressively low ratings. I mean, shockingly low for J.Law – the feedback was not great.

Rick and MortyImage result for Rick and MOrty

There is no cartoon duo more iconic at the moment, than these two.


Cash Me Outside Girl and Atlantic RecordsImage result for atlantic records

At this point, I’m not sure who’s worse.

Brienne (of Tarth) and TormundImage result for Brienne (of Tarth) and Tormund

The understated dream duo of Game of Thrones (one that deserves its own spin-off series rife with sexual tension). Granted, Brienne is likely still harbouring some longing feelings for Jamie, but Tormund’s blatant pining plus the fact that they are both badasses is reason enough to look to them for costume inspiration.

Happy costume hunting!

8 Spooktacular Halloween Inspired Dates

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to put your date night plans to action. If you want something more than trick or treating or traditional costume parties, then scroll on for eight next-level spooktacular date-night ideas.

Watch a Scary Movie at the Drive-inImage result for scary movie drive in gif

Watching a scary movie, while sitting in front of your TV is one thing, but watching a scary movie at a drive-in theatre with popcorn in hand, takes the thrill to another level and a great excuse to cuddle up even closer to your beau.

Amusement Park / Fright NightImage result for amusement park gif

If you’re taking your crush on a first date and want to break the ice, an amusement park on Halloween can be a lot of fun and very interactive. If your date isn’t the type to enjoy many rides, no sweat, there is plenty here that will keep you two entertained. Try the fun arcade games, and grab some mini donuts and cotton candy to appease your sweet tooth! And since amusement parks let the monsters out on Halloween, be sure to keep your date close for “protection” purposes.

Head out to a Pumpkin PatchImage result for Pumpkin patch gif

Carving pumpkins is one of the many classic Halloween to-dos, why not take your date to your local farm where you know they have a pumpkin patch. You can ride the wagon to the pumpkin patch and pick out a winning pair of jack o’lanterns. To extend on this date, you can take the pumpkins back to your place and have your very own carving competition.

Dress Up Party for TwoImage result for dress up gif

Use Halloween as an excuse to spice up your love life by buying a cheeky his/her costume.  Don’t forget to buy a masquerade mask to make the outfit look more enticing. You can decide whether to head to a bar to show them off, or have a night in with a bottle of red.

Decorate Your Place TogetherImage result for halloween gif

Who doesn’t love Halloween decor! This date night is easy and fun for the both of you. Put on some scary movies in the background and get to hanging those cobwebs. You can make a night of it and take turns handing out candy to the trick or treaters.

Escape RoomsImage result for Escape room gif

It is a concept that has become massively popular over the last few years. Escape room experiences are real-life games where people need to figure out a set of puzzles, clues, and riddles to find their way out of the room before time runs out. You and your date will surely enjoy putting your heads together and racing against time to escape from the room.

Visit a Haunted HouseImage result for haunted house gif

If your date enjoys a bit of adventure, then you both can go and visit the scariest mansion in the state. There are many houses and mansions which are decorated for Halloween, specifically and you can find information about them on with a quick Google search. Make sure to double check with your partner just how much scary they can handle and plan accordingly.

Attend a Harvest FestivalImage result for Oktoberfest gif

Find out about any local harvest festival in your area and attend it with your date. These events usually have fun activities, live music, and delicious, cheap food. You can dance the night away or try your hand at karaoke too.