20 Signs You’re Dating The Worst Kind Of Bro

Bro – a name actually chosen by the Bro himself to call his friends – aka other Bros.

Despite being described as an obnoxious party going animal, there are some fantastic bros who don’t fall under this definition. These bros are great!

Today, I am talking about THE BRO among bros and sharing my top 20 signs indicating you’re dating the ultimate bro obsessed bro!

Let’s say bro one more time.

This BRO…

  1. Parties from Wednesday to Sunday, because he claims responsibilities don’t kick in till he has his first child. Not okay Bro!

  2. His most heartfelt gift to you is a jersey of HIS favorite sports team because all future date nights will now be devoted to the two of you watching a sport you don’t even care about 

  3. Claims he isn’t a “bro”

  4. Trusts his male friend’s opinion more than he does yours

  5. Blows you off not once, but twice to fist pump in a circle of bromance

  6. Watches his own Snapchat story repeatedly and laughs hysterically as he mouths his own words, thinking they are pure gold

  7. Is all about the Gym, Tan and Laundry but doesn’t really go to the gym and rarely does laundry

  8. Seldom initiates sex because the sound of his own voice does the trick

  9. Blasts rap music so he can pretend to be a rap god but knows all of two words 

  10. Texts to you are one word answers because he is too busy sending messages to his bros group chat called, “The Boys Club” 

  11. Doesn’t smile in photos because dammmmmmmnnnn, he is just too cool 

  12. The only colour he will wear is neon and the only shirt, a singlet

  13. His claim to fame is drinking 40 beers in one night, not sleeping, then going straight back to the bar on day 2

  14. On day 2, he proceeds to get into a fight with random guy at the bar

  15. Doesn’t end up coming home to you on his Saturday night, but instead, Facetimes you the next morning from his best bros couch – how is that more inviting!?

  16. Can’t decide whether he actually wants a girlfriend or he just wants his mommy

  17. Everything is on his own time and schedule. After all, he wears a watch that looks expensive

  18. Is reading this and doesn’t think it applies to him, because he doesn’t even realize he is this bro

  19. Is confused as to why Top Gun didn’t win an Oscar 

  20. Invites his bros to come on date night, making the assumption that you, too, believe a date should include 5 + people.  Bros are pack animals.Bro cheers