Getting Out When You’re Snowed In – Date Ideas For The Winter Weather

When the weather is nice, it’s easy to come up with fun date ideas. From picnics in the park to a long walk or even a baseball game under the stars, the possibilities seem endless. Taking a romantic stroll is a bit less appealing when the weather is below freezing, but that doesn’t mean you have to shut yourself indoors until spring comes. This winter, don’t let a little snow stop you from meeting people and exploring your city.

Here are some date night ideas that won’t leave you out in the cold.

  1. Catch a game. It may be too chilly for an outdoor stadium, but you can cheer on your favorite team in the comfort of a heated arena all year round. Hockey and basketball are both winter sports, and NHL and NBA games are exciting, fastpaced and a great way to spend a chilly evening. You’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other and learn all about your date’s favorite concession stand treats.
  2. Visit a museum. Be a tourist in your own hometown and spend a couple of hours wandering through a museum with your date. Learn about history, art and science together, while also discovering shared interests. Exhibits are always changing, so don’t be afraid to check out a museum again if you haven’t been in a while.
  3. Warm up with some tunes. When the temperatures dip, head out to see some live music. Whether it’s a basement jazz club or a concert hall with thousands of seats, music is a great way to get out and experience something new with a date. Pair the concert with a drink or dessert afterward to reflect on the show and have some uninterrupted conversation.
  4. Embrace the cold. Is your date the adventurous sort, unafraid of a challenge? Bundle up and get outside no matter the temperatures. Challenge each other to a snowman-making contest, and ask a stranger to vote on the best one. Loser buys the first round of hot chocolates afterward. If you’re going to a venue or event in the city, check to see if you can take public transportation to and from your destination. It’s affordable and easy, and a great alternative to driving in wintry weather.

This winter, enjoy all the activities the colder weather has to offer. Amazing performances, cozy coffee shops and cultural attractions are the perfect setting for a successful date. Get creative and remember that meeting people, having fun and making memories are not solely summertime sports.

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8 Spooktacular Halloween Inspired Dates

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to put your date night plans to action. If you want something more than trick or treating or traditional costume parties, then scroll on for eight next-level spooktacular date-night ideas.

Watch a Scary Movie at the Drive-inImage result for scary movie drive in gif

Watching a scary movie, while sitting in front of your TV is one thing, but watching a scary movie at a drive-in theatre with popcorn in hand, takes the thrill to another level and a great excuse to cuddle up even closer to your beau.

Amusement Park / Fright NightImage result for amusement park gif

If you’re taking your crush on a first date and want to break the ice, an amusement park on Halloween can be a lot of fun and very interactive. If your date isn’t the type to enjoy many rides, no sweat, there is plenty here that will keep you two entertained. Try the fun arcade games, and grab some mini donuts and cotton candy to appease your sweet tooth! And since amusement parks let the monsters out on Halloween, be sure to keep your date close for “protection” purposes.

Head out to a Pumpkin PatchImage result for Pumpkin patch gif

Carving pumpkins is one of the many classic Halloween to-dos, why not take your date to your local farm where you know they have a pumpkin patch. You can ride the wagon to the pumpkin patch and pick out a winning pair of jack o’lanterns. To extend on this date, you can take the pumpkins back to your place and have your very own carving competition.

Dress Up Party for TwoImage result for dress up gif

Use Halloween as an excuse to spice up your love life by buying a cheeky his/her costume.  Don’t forget to buy a masquerade mask to make the outfit look more enticing. You can decide whether to head to a bar to show them off, or have a night in with a bottle of red.

Decorate Your Place TogetherImage result for halloween gif

Who doesn’t love Halloween decor! This date night is easy and fun for the both of you. Put on some scary movies in the background and get to hanging those cobwebs. You can make a night of it and take turns handing out candy to the trick or treaters.

Escape RoomsImage result for Escape room gif

It is a concept that has become massively popular over the last few years. Escape room experiences are real-life games where people need to figure out a set of puzzles, clues, and riddles to find their way out of the room before time runs out. You and your date will surely enjoy putting your heads together and racing against time to escape from the room.

Visit a Haunted HouseImage result for haunted house gif

If your date enjoys a bit of adventure, then you both can go and visit the scariest mansion in the state. There are many houses and mansions which are decorated for Halloween, specifically and you can find information about them on with a quick Google search. Make sure to double check with your partner just how much scary they can handle and plan accordingly.

Attend a Harvest FestivalImage result for Oktoberfest gif

Find out about any local harvest festival in your area and attend it with your date. These events usually have fun activities, live music, and delicious, cheap food. You can dance the night away or try your hand at karaoke too.

Top 10 Fall Date Ideas

A lot of people think that Valentine’s Day is the best time for romance, but they don’t think about how romantic the Fall can be. The Fall is actually one of the prettiest seasons of the year, when the trees are rich with colors and you can enjoy scenic drives, walks, etc. in weather that is not too hot or too cold. If it is chilly, you can warm up with a nice cup of hot chocolate or snuggle in front of a fireplace. This is a great time of year for dating, and we have some awesome fall date ideas for you to try.

  1. Create Your Own PSLEveryone loves a good pumpkin spice latte in the fall, and creating your own signature PSL is a great way to connect on a date. Come up with a version of this popular hot drink that is a little bit of both of you.
  2. Light a Fire – If you are looking for an inexpensive and romantic date idea, try lighting a fire. Find a safe and quiet spot (a beach, your back yard, etc.) where you can light a bonfire and snuggle up. Or, you may want to light up your fireplace for the first time this season, and snuggle up together with your custom PSL.
  3. Go to a Corn Maze – Another fun outdoor date is to walk hand in hand through a corn maze. Every time you solve part of the maze, stop to give each other a kiss. Top the day off with a corn-themed meal, such as delicious, hot corn chowder.
  4. Plan a Fall Picnic – There is still plenty of time to enjoy the nice weather and have a picnic, and you don’t have to spend the entire night before in the kitchen preparing for it. Instead, get some take-away from your favorite take-out restaurant, such as Panera, Burger King, Chick-fil-A, etc., pack it up, and take it to a nice picnic spot.
  5. Go to a Harvest Festival – This is a great time of year to hit up local festivals, and try all kinds of delicious foods. There are all kinds of things going on during these festivals, from music to markets to dining and more, and plenty of opportunities for fun dates.
  6. Make Caramel Apples – You don’t always have to leave the house to have a fun date night. For instance, you can stay at home and make candy or caramel apples, caramel popcorn, etc., and then have lots of delicious munchies to have while watching a DVD.
  7. Go to the Zoo – The fall is actually one of the best times of the year to go to the zoo. It is not too hot, and the animals are likely to be active and not just lazing around in the heat or inside their habitats.
  8. Pick Apples – If you live in an area where there are apple orchards, this is the time of year to go apple picking. This is not only a great idea for a date if you are in a relationship, but also a safe and fun first date location where you can enjoy yourself in a public setting in the daylight.
  9. Carve Pumpkins – A fun date doesn’t necessarily have to mean spending a lot of money. You can have a few hours of fun carving and decorating pumpkins right at home. All you need are a couple of pumpkins, some knives and other carving tools, paints, and brushes (and maybe a good bottle of wine), and you have everything you need.
  10. Go on a Hayride – Whether you are by yourselves or with a group, a hayride can be not only a fun adventure, but a very romantic date. You get to snuggle up beneath a blanket, look at the stars, and enjoy each other’s company.

20 Great First Dates That Don’t Require Sitting at a Bar

It’s a familiar trope: A guy or girl walks into a bar, orders a drink and  meets their match. This may help to explain the popular assumption among today’s singles that any first date that’s worth its weight in fun or romance must include drinks at a bar. This isn’t the case!

In reality, there are some very good reasons to choose a venue and activity that doesn’t include alcohol:

Your safety should be an important consideration on a first date with someone you don’t know. In many cases, your date may be a complete stranger—and if not a stranger, then the friend of a friend. Drinking even a moderate amount, can possibly cloud your judgment and lower your inhibitions. You always want to keep a clear mind so you have full control of your experience.

A first date, for all intents and purposes, should be about getting to know the other person. Because alcohol helps people relax, “meeting up for a drink” can be many people’s way of taming the social anxiety of a first date. But most people become much more extroverted when they drink, according to research. In this sense, alcohol can actually inhibit your ability to get to know a new person.

Many people simply don’t drink for health and/or other reasons. Ten percent of Americans say they’re in recovery for substance abuse. Then there are roughly seven in 10 Americans who take a prescription medication and probably can’t drink (or don’t drink very much). For this big dating demographic, meeting up in a bar could introduce potentially more social awkwardness and discomfort.

20 Fun, First-Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Drinks

Fortunately, there are many fun alternatives to drinks at a bar, as is clear from the following 20 first-date ideas that don’t involve alcohol and can still be fun, interesting and/or romantic:

  1. Get drinks—only at your favorite coffee shop.
  2. Take a walk in the park.
  3. Get ice cream.
  4. Hit the arcade.
  5. Attend a local sporting event.
  6. Go golfing or practice some shots at the driving range.
  7. Visit an art gallery or museum.
  8. Catch some live music.
  9. Take a bus or boat tour of the city.
  10. Visit the planetarium.
  11. Take a cooking class.
  12. Go to the fair or an amusement park.
  13. Take a bike ride.
  14. Go bowling.
  15. See a comedy show.
  16. Take your pooch(es) to the dog park.
  17. Attend a food festival.
  18. Take a trip to the farmer’s market or a flea market.
  19. Go kayaking.
  20. See a play or movie together.

These are just some of many first date options that don’t need alcohol in order to be fun, or romantic, or both. Got a suggestion that’s not on this list? Share it with the rest of us!

Guest Post contributed by Beach House Center for Recovery

10 Outdoor Activities for Every Couple

Spending time outdoors is a great way to enjoy life, get a healthy dose of vitamin D, and to breathe in the fresh air. Time outside is proven to have health benefits such as spurring weight loss, increasing brain activity and function, and reducing stress.

With that being said, enjoying outdoor activities is the perfect way to enjoy the company of your spouse, and luckily for you there are endless fun things to do in the great outdoors. Keep reading to learn about all of the outdoor activities that couples should be sure to experience at one point or another.

Going to the beach

Image result for beach couple tumblr

Whether you live near a beach or have to travel to take advantage of one, this is definitely not to be missed. What could be better than the salty air and warm ocean breeze? Search for seashells, dip your toes in the water, and observe wildlife for either a fun adventure or a relaxing day – you decide!

Having a picnic

Image result for picnic couple tumblr

Grab your favorite sandwiches, a checkered blanket, and your sunhats and enjoy a meal outside, even if it is just in your very own backyard! You’ll love to hear the birds chirping as you sit back, relax, and enjoy a delicious meal and a bevie or two.


Related image

Planting and maintaining your own garden – whether it consist of shrubs, flowers, or vegetables – is a fulfilling activity. So why not share in the fun with your significant other? You’ll love the time outside and admiring your garden will be an awesome reward for all of your hard work.

Going for a walk

Image result for couple on a walk tumblr

As simple as it is, going for a walk is a great outdoor activity that is not only fun, but it has a wide range of benefits to it. It helps relieve stress, aids in weight management, boosts your mood, and can even make you more creative. Find a new path to enjoy together!

Enjoying a campfire

Image result for campfire tumblr

What’s more delicious than a freshly toasted marshmallow on a s’more? Making campfire treats and snuggling with your S.O. by the fire, will definitely warm you up. After a busy week, catching up and sharing stories is a great way to make memories!

Star gazing

Image result for Stargazing tumblr

Whether or not there is an astronomical event happening, watching the stars is relaxing and not to mention romantic! It’s an inexpensive date night and is also a good way to get some fresh air. You may even be lucky enough to see a shooting star!

Training a pet

Image result for dogs tumblr

Taking your pet outside to train them is a fun thing for you and your spouse to work through together. While this will certainly take some hard work, patience, and dedication, it’s worth it to ensure that your pet is adequately trained. It’s also the best way to bond with each other and your new pet. Build trust amongst one another and enjoy the sunshine as well as each other’s company!

Going for a hike

Image result for hike couple tumblr

Why not combine quality time together with something that will make you more fit and show you some beautiful sights? A hike proves to be fulfilling and interesting. You can adjust this activity to fit virtually any skill level and it’s up to you whether you want to make it a short voyage or an all day/overnight adventure.

Seeing a drive in movie

Image result for Drive in movie

‘Let’s all go to the lobby’ – This is an old fashioned one, but it’s a great idea for a summer night. Kick back, relax, and chomp on some popcorn from the snack bar, as you watch a fun flick that you both can agree on. Talk about nostalgia!

Going to a fair

Image result for fair couple tumblr

Especially during the summer months, there are seemingly endless outdoor fairs and music festivals going on around us. Take advantage of one and play carnival games, eat fried food, and ride the rides for an authentic experience. You’ll both have a blast and will surely feel like kids again!

There’s nothing better than spending time with those that you love. Doing it outside is just the icing on the cake, as it’s sure to boost your mood and make your time together even more treasured. Head outside to do something fun and make unforgettable memories all summer long!