Seven Unique Wedding Gifts for Every Happy Couple

Wedding gifts usually come down to a few typical presents every couple either registers for or expects to get, and everyone is getting tired of it (yes, the couple included). If the couple getting married hasn’t registered and you have the opportunity to be creative in choosing the gift, here are some ideas that are definitely everything but boring!

Mr. and Mrs. coffee mugs

Coffee-obsessed couples will love having their own, personalized coffee mug to enjoy and this is your opportunity to give it to them. Every morning with their first sip, they’ll not only have a matching mug set to enjoy the wonderful smell and taste of coffee together but they’ll be happy to remember you. Cute!

Traveling kit

Couples that love to travel together will love getting something they’ll be able to use on their traveling adventures; be their favorite guest by putting together a traveling wedding basket made of the most useful Go Travel gadgets like a money belt, hidden holster wallet, flight socks, cable and lock, etc. Think “him & her” gadgets for a 100% success score.

A cooking gadget

Couples who enjoy cooking (together) will appreciate getting an awesome kitchen gadget like an elegant pot set, a juicer, a posh cutlery set, etc. Make your friends happy with a personalized gift of this type and you may be invited for dinner more often than you’d anticipated.

A wine box

Dedicate a wine box to your wine-loving friends for their wedding day by picking two or three of your or your friends’ favorite wines and boxing them up. This elegant wine container is a perfect gift for the couple who will be encouraged to toast to their love drinking your super delicious wedding wine.

A gramophone

Music-obsessed couples with an appreciation of a quality tune and a retro feel will love getting a vintage gramophone or a collection of their favorite artist’s records. Start the search at vintage stores and high-end garage sales, then move onto Amazon and eBay.

A custom made cheese board

If the bride and the groom love cheese and you know they often organize some wine and cheese tasting parties, then this is the perfect gift for them. Find the shape of the board you like the most and print or carve their names into it. You can even add a poem or a doodle that fits their personalities.

Personalized Bedding

Give the happy couple a set of personalized sheets with their name embellished on the covers and pillowcases. Wish them an always-cozy bedtime, a careless sleep and a passion we all dream of. Make sure you opt for high-quality fabrics.

Hopefully, the list above helped your creative juices flow. Choose a personalized gift, one worthy of your friends’ interests and joy. Good luck!

A Valentine’s Day to Remember – The Best Gifts for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you used up all your gift ideas for Christmas, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! While a cute card and flowers can go a long way, we want to give you some out-of-the-box ideas to consider. From inexpensive, sentimental gifts to pricier items to surprise your sweetie, here are 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your significant other.

Beer or Wine Subscription Club

If your beau is a wine or beer lover, give them the gift that keeps on giving. Sign them up for the Beer of the Month Club. With different membership options starting at $27.95, they will get a hand-selected monthly shipment of microbrews from around the world.

If your significant other is a wine connoisseur, gift them a subscription to the Tasting Room for $40. Once they sign up, they’ll fill out a survey about their preferences/taste and receive a new bottle from around the world each month. No matter their beverage of choice, discover new spirts and brews and share a glass of wine or a cold one with your one and only; cheers!

Specialty Candy Gift Sets

While you can’t go wrong with the old faithful of Valentine’s Day gifts, think outside the box (of chocolates) and shop for specialty candy gift sets from Sugarfina. From vodka-infused candies to decorative gift boxes and mix-and-match DIY candy options, you can find a gift for your significant other that will tickle their taste buds and touch their heart.

Fitness Tracker

If your beau made a resolution to step up their fitness game in 2018, this is the perfect gift to help them keep track of their milestones. With so many different models, you can find a fitness tracker that fits their style. Why not get one for both of you so you can work on your fitness together? Find one on the Fitbit website or check for deals on Amazon.

Engraved Jewelry

Want to score some points this Valentine’s Day, check out these personalized engraved necklaces. Pick your anniversary, first date or any other significant milestone and inscribe it on a pendant for your love to wear. They’ll have a special keepsake to remind them how much you love them, and you’ll have a reminder so you’ll never forget the important dates!

Spa Day For Two

We can’t think of anything better than sharing a relaxing day at the spa with your beau. Start off with a duo sauna or steam with cucumber and lemon water in hand followed by the ultimate full body massage. Find a spa near you and book this well in advance to secure your day of serenity.

Pajama Set

Whether you buy a full set, a robe or some matching onesies, PJ’s are a great gift to help your significant other feel warm and cozy. Go with the classic hearts or red and pink theme, or find a funny matching pair you can wear together. Everyone has a daily morning routine whether it be shaving, moisturizing or putting on makeup, a great add on to the warm and fuzzies gift could be a Harry’s grooming set or Sephora gift set.

The Latest Gadgets

Good communication is essential to any relationship and a new phone or tablet can help you keep in touch with your loved ones. Reliable tech is especially important in a long-distance relationship. Whether you exchange frequent text messages or prefer FaceTime, make sure you can keep in touch. If you don’t want to shell out the cash after the holidays, but still want to surprise your sweetie, check out great deals on Gazelle certified refurbished devices. Score a like-new smartphone or tablet for less and still have cash left over for a Valentine’s Day date.

DIY Sentimental Scrapbook

You probably have lots of cute pics of the two of you on Facebook or Instagram, but how many actual prints do you have? Grab some of your favorite shots and put them together in a photo album or scrapbook. This is an inexpensive gift and the perfect idea for the craft or DIY enthusiast. Your guy or girl will love looking back at all the memories you’ve shared.

Yours and Mine Glasses

Whether you have trouble remembering whose cup is whose or you just want some nice looking glasses for a cocktail or nightcap, check out this cute Yours and Mine set. You can toast to your love and keep your drinks to yourself.

Romantic Getaway

If you really want to pull out the big guns, plan a romantic getaway for the two of you. You can go somewhere exotic, or stay close to home and go camping and unplug for an intimate weekend away. If you’re worried about costs, check for deals on Travelzoo and Groupon, or plan a staycation or a romantic picnic. You can ditch the dinner crowd and enjoy the time with just the two of you.

If you start planning now, you can make this Valentine’s Day one your guy or girl will never forget. No matter where you are in your relationship, you can find a gift that will make your significant other feel special. Whether it’s a new relationship or you’ve been together for years, enjoy Valentine’s Day with your special someone.

10 Fun Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Couples

Whether it’s a new relationship or you’ve been together for years, holiday shopping can be stressful. Unlike the big-ticket items that go under the tree, you can have a little more fun with less-expensive gifts for your beau’s stocking. In this gift guide, I’ve put together some of my favorite items for under $25. So as you hang your stockings by the chimney with care, here are 10 stocking stuffers for when love is in the air.

Couples Mugs & Holiday Mugs

Heat up the cold winter nights with hot chocolate or your favorite beverage of choice. Go the romantic route and get cute couples cups or give your girlfriend or boyfriend a festive holiday mug.

Wireless Earbuds

Help your girl or guy rock out to their favorite holiday music or workout playlist with a new pair of wireless earbuds. For under $25, these Bluetooth earbuds are perfect for the office, travel or the gym.

Funny Face Coasters

 These Funny Face Coasters do so much more than prevent rings on your coffee table. Slip them on your nose to change your appearance; we guarantee they’ll be a hit for a night in or a holiday party!

Texting Gloves

 With these touch-screen gloves, your sweetie’s hands will stay warm and he or she can still use their mobile device. Whether they want to post the perfect selfie or send a holiday snap, these texting gloves will make your boyfriend or girlfriend feel #blessed.

Bubble Bath or Body Wash

 Make sure your girl or guy feels fresh, clean and pampered this holiday season. This Everyone 3-in-1 Soap smells delicious and can be used as a shampoo, body wash or bubble bath; perfect for a little TLC.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are the best stocking stuffer for the girl or guy who has everything. Grab an iTunes gift card, a gift card to their favorite store or restaurant, or a Visa or American Express card they can use wherever they want.

Custom Phone Cases

 Have a favorite pic of the two of you? Grab the best photos from Facebook or Instagram and turn them into a personalized phone case. 

Date Night Activity Vouchers

Do you have a special activity you love to do together? Whether it’s movie night, ice skating or a wine and paint outing, grab a few date-night deals and surprise your sweetie with a night out on the town.


From gourmet chocolate to holiday favorites like candy canes and chocolate snowmen, candy is the go-to stocking stuffer for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Festive Socks

Socks were the gift you were never excited about as a kid, but most adults appreciate a cute, comfy pair. No matter what your S.O. is into, find a pair to strike their fancy and keep their feet warm and toasty.

Enjoy the holidays with your special someone. Grab one or a few of these items to fill their stocking and spread the holiday cheer!

The Ultimate 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Baby it’s cold outside, which means it’s time for the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping!

Finding the right gifts can be quite tricky depending on what type of person you’re buying for, so I’ve broken down this year’s Holiday Gift Guide into a couple common categories, to give you a head start on gifts for: the techie, gamer, the long term lover, the DIY-er, the foodie, the cocktail enthusiast, the “we just started dating”, and the brainiac.

The Techie & Gamer


Google Home Mini: “Ok Google, make Christmas dinner for me.” Maybe it can’t make your holiday feast, but this gadget can pretty well do everything else, hands-free.

Nintendo Switch: Gamers have been buzzing over Nintendo Switch since its release a year ago. Give the gift of gaming on a plane, a big screen at home or a tablet.

Oculus Rift: In the words of singer, Jamiroquai, “futures….made of….virtual insanity.” Oculus rift is one of the straight up coolest gifts on the market for any techie. Step into another reality with this VR, one of a kind, headset.

The “we just started dating”

To buy or not to buy, I say go the safe route and buy, even something little is a good call!

Gift Card – This is the one time a gift card is acceptable and probably most appreciated. You’ve been on a couple dates, so you have an idea of what makes this person tick, but don’t want to get too specific and/or over the top.

Bottle of Booze: You’ve probably gone for drinks with your new boo, and know what their preferred drink of choice is. Why not treat them to their favorite bottle of whiskey, wine, or growler of beer!

Flowers/Chocolate: These two gifts are the epitome of a nice gesture and both are simple, inexpensive and casual, so if your date doesn’t get you anything they won’t be too embarrassed.

The DIY God/Godess

DIY date night: You may not be the craftiest person yourself, but boy, can your partner make a killer bar of soap. Step into their realm and do some DIY as a couple – here are some ideas to steer you in the right direction; candle making, fresh pasta making, face masks. Your partner will be so thrilled you took an interest in their passion.

Scrapbook: You know he/she has kept every concert stub, pamphlet, wristband and needs a place to put these things! DIY-ers LOVE scrapbooking. Buy a joint scrapbook and add some special mementos to get them started. Even if they decide to rearrange them, it shows you tried and they will love you for it.

Organizer: Just pinterest DIY shelf organizer and boom, buy any one of those shelving units for your crafty beau. They will be elated that you understand their desire to be organized.

The Food Lover

Ultimate dining experience: Perhaps your foodie has a favorite restaurant that you two save for “special occasions” because it is trés chere for a casual date night. Treat your S.O. to a feast they’ll never forget!

Gourmet Spice Rack: I bet you never thought of this one. Although it may not be the sexiest of gifts, it’s definitely spicy and a foodie’s dream gift set. You can find beautiful artisan sets here and here.

Pizza Stone: If they don’t like pizza, I have a hard time believing they are a food lover. Pizza stones are a no mess cooking stone that will amplify your homemade fresh pizza pie! If you want to really impress your date, buy them a stone that can be used on the bbq. Bbq pizza is one way to a food lover’s heart.

The Brainiac

The Hottest Board Game: But which game to buy? For those who are totally lost, start with the Pandemic series of games, or the classic – Settlers Of Catan.

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry: Written by the man himself, Neil Degrasse Tyson, explains the nature of space and time. This also holds the  #9 spot on the New York Times Best Nonfiction Sellers List.

Wicked Smaht T-Shirt: If your S.O. hasn’t seen the film Good Will Hunting yet, I highly suggest you make them watch it before you gift them this t-shirt to avoid them missing the reference and jumping straight to correct the spelling on the t-shirt.

The Long Time Lover

Scavenger Hunt: This is a winning idea that I stole from a friend who seamlessly pulled it off. He ended the scavenger hunt by asking my best friend to marry him NBD *sobs. Now you can do this yourself (engagement optional of course) by creating a whole day scavenger hunt of all your firsts together – first date, first kiss, first “I love yous,” by planting puzzles and clues around the city.

Frame the Vows: I’ll admit, another idea taken from my father which had my whole family in tears one Xmas morning. My parents originally wrote their vows on the back of a hydro bill (real romantic) and after 30 years of marriage, my father found them in the attic one day. Without telling my mother, he had their vows professionally printed on beautiful parchment paper and framed. Sentimental pieces are the perfect way to warm up the heart this holiday season.

Matching PJ Onesies: There’s no better way to scream cutest couple than to have matching pjs on Xmas morning. You and your beau will want to stay in these jammies all day and cuddle! Bonus, you reap the benefits with this gift too.

Cocktail + Wine + Beer Enthusiast

Personal Carry On Cocktail Kit: Fly high with this wonderful little gem of a kit which contains a bar spoon/muddler, cane sugar and small batch bitters along with a linen coaster…because your beau is classy like that. All you need to do is order a mini bottle of bourbon from the lovely flight crew and you have yourself x2 old fashions.

Wine Tasting/Brewery Tour: Set up a beer tour and tasting flight for two! Or if your date is a wine connoisseur of sorts, look into the closest winery tour and book a spot for the both of you. You can even make a weekend trip out of it, as many wineries have B&B’s near by.

Bespoke Barware: Oak aging barrels, copper mugs and stainless steel ice cubes anyone? Every cocktail enthusiast loves to add to their barware. Check out the latest pieces Bespoke has to offer!



Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

Do people really still give gifts for Valentine’s Day? Apparently the answer is yes, and according to 55% of women, tacky jewelry, was the worst gift they’d ever received from their significant other. To avoid another year of necklaces that read “sexy b*tch” in rhinestones; PlentyOfFish has created the ultimate gift guide for you and yours, using survey data from over 20,000 single men and women from the site.

The Top Three Gift Ideas  

The Activity Date – Survey says; 34% of single men and 30% of single women claimed the best gift they’d received from a significant other was a fun outing or activity they did together. Whether it be a sports game, dance lessons, or bungee jumping, plan your Valentine’s day around a fun activity you know your partner will love! For those of you in a long term relationship, take a trip down memory lane and recreate the very first date you and your partner shared.

Gift Ideas – Concert Tickets, Broadway Show, Sports Game, Salsa Lessons, Drive-in movie night  

Romantic Weekend Away – Listen up gentlemen; 28% of women said the best gift they’d ever received was a romantic getaway. Plan a  weekend away where the two of you can spend some quality time together. If this gift is a little out of your price range, book a one night stay-cation at a hotel in your own city and embrace your inner tourist.  

Gift Ideas – Mountain/Lake Resort and Spa,  Boutique hotel in your own city, Old fashion road trip

Cologne for Him – Every woman loves a man who smells amazing! Evidently men agree, with 24% of men claiming the best gift they received from a significant other was cologne. Head to your nearest department store, ladies, and pick out a winning scent for him.

Gift Ideas – Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Eau De Parfum, Brickell Organic Beard Oil, Kiehl’s luxury body products

Additional Gift Ideas For Her and Him 

Turntable & Vintage Vinyls – Whether it’s The Best Of Sinatra, The Bee Gees Live, or Daft Punk’s latest collab, there’s a vinyl that will make any music lover swoon! Turntables made an epic come back over the last couple of years; consider buying your SO their very own. Audio-Technica produces a fantastic product that won’t break the bank.

Craft Brews – No one really understands craft beer more than the millennial generation; because, god forbid they’re caught drinking name brand. Grab a growler of your friend’s absolute favorite craft brew and make a night of it. For those of you looking for a double date idea; hop into your local brewery and ask for a tour.

Cookware from Le Creuset – Romantic dinner for two anyone? Le Creuset is the finest French Cookware and a perfect gift for the ultimate foodie! Take a page out of Julia Child’s cookbook and remember, “The loveliest thing you can cook for someone who’s close to you is about as nice a valentine as you can give.” – Julia Child

Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – Nothing screams romance more than Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones! In all seriousness, if your friend or partner is a techy, you have just made their days of coding a whole lot easier.

Frank & Oak Carry On Cocktail Set – If your partner is a Globetrotter – this Frank & Oak cocktail set will have them buzzing from take-off to landing!

Spa Night at Home – Transform your home into your very own spa; set the mood with relaxing music, cucumber infused cocktails, aromatherapy bath and massage essentials! Wrap each other in housecoats and cheers with a nightcap.

Do you have a stellar gift idea you want to share with us?! Comment below!

♥ Happy Valentine’s Day ♥

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