A Valentine’s Day to Remember – The Best Gifts for Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you used up all your gift ideas for Christmas, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! While a cute card and flowers can go a long way, we want to give you some out-of-the-box ideas to consider. From inexpensive, sentimental gifts to pricier items to surprise your sweetie, here are 10 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your significant other.

Kerby & Simon’s Plenty of Fish Love Story

Today we are excited to share a heartwarming success story we received just last week from two former Plenty of Fish members, Kerby and Simon. Simon had given up on finding love due to his experience in a past relationship, but it wasn’t long before Kerby changed his entire outlook on love and on life.

Love Lessons Learned From Broad City’s Fourth Season

As we all sit in mourning because the recent season of one of the most brilliant comedic programs – Broad City – has come to an end, it’s imperative to reflect on the lessons learned alongside the protagonists, Abbi and Ilana. The fourth season of Broad City, which aired in September on Comedy Central, took the regular comedic tone of the show and turned it on its head; more character growth, further topical discussion, and of course, life lessons. Each season, viewers garner a deeper insight into Abbi and Ilana’s relationship. This season, within the heavy supply of empowering material, Abbi and Ilana (the creators, not the characters) were sure to throw in some low key lessons of love as well – enthusiastically leading us to explore them.

Love Lessons From Master of None Season 2

[Spoiler warning: This post is literally a giant spoiler.]

The highly-anticipated second season of Aziz Ansari’s hit series Master of None has officially graced Netflix (by now hopefully you have binge-watched), and it’s everything you hoped it would be. Full of tender, highly relatable moments, while exploring some of life’s more complex issues head-on, with no shortage of laughs along the way.

Humor aside, we couldn’t help but notice some of the subtle (and not so subtle) love lessons that have been woven into this season, so we’ve got a cheat sheet for you! See below for the best Love Lessons from Master of None Season 2!

Episode 1 “The Thief”

Lesson: Be Open Minded

Image result for Master of None The Thief

Season 2 opens with Dev in Italy, making new friends and working on his culinary skills (and eating lots of delicious looking pasta). After making himself a reservation at a highly coveted local restaurant for his birthday, he encounters a lovely British woman whose reservation was accidentally botched.

Instead of shrugging it off and going on his merry way, he actually reaches out to the stranger and offers up a seat at his solo table. The two end up sharing a meal and thoroughly enjoying eachother’s company, serving as a great reminder to open ourselves up to new experiences and people (and food) whenever possible, because a great connection can come from the most unexpected circumstances!

Episode 2 “Le Nozzle”

Lesson: Think Before You Speak

Image result for Master of None Le NOzzle

In a particularly cringe worthy scene in Episode 2, Dev and Arnold attend the wedding of Arnold’s ex partner of 11-years, and things go downhill fast. After meeting and disapproving of the groom (he’s a “small version” of Arnold),  Arnold comes a bit unhinged and starts to let everyone know how slighted he feels, in earshot of everyone at the wedding.

Everything gets smoothed over in the end when he realizes they are completely different people and were never meant to end up together, but some damage has already been done to their special day. And with that, a lesson: Think Before You Speak. Or another, Lay Off The Prosecco At Weddings, or even, Probably Don’t Attend Your Exes Wedding?

Episode 4 “First Date”

Lesson: Enjoy The Process

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This entire episode provides an eerily accurate glimpse into the world of modern dating, showing Dev meeting women through an app and embarking on multiple dates with multiple women, often in the same restaurant, bar, and rooftop patio. The process is incredibly unromantic for everyone involved, and each moment is filled with formulaic interview-like questions and conversation. I was exhausted just watching.

The lesson here is that dating should be fun, albeit a bit ridiculous feeling at times. Somehow, when we reach the age when everyone seems to be settling down around us, leaving us behind, dating becomes nothing more than a miserable means to an end, a numbers game.

Episode 7 “Door #3”

Lesson: Be True To Yourself

Image result for Master of None Door #3 gif

In Episode 7, Dev declines a lucrative multi season extension on his hosting gig for Clash of the Cupcakes, a job that doesn’t excite him, but pays the bills. After he breaks the news, he takes the opportunity to pitch another show idea that incorporates two things he’s passionate about, food and travel. The idea is a hit!

Obviously, this is a gamble that happened to pay off big time for Dev, but the underlying message is true in love, and in life’s bigger picture! If you’re stuck in a place you’re not happy with, in your job or in a relationship, often times the only way to create real change is to shake things up and take matters into your own hands!

Episode: 9 “Amarsi Un Po”

Lesson: Don’t Ignore Red Flags

Image result for Master of None Amarsi un po gif

What starts off as a friendship between Francesca and Dev in Italy transforms into something more when she comes to NYC to visit. Sparks fly, and Francesca, stuck in the trappings of an unfulfilling engagement with her long-term man, embarks on an emotional affair of sorts with Dev, exploring the city, attending fancy parties with John Legend on the piano, and dancing in the twist.

Needless to say, there are some causes for concern here. Francesca is still in a relationship, she’s using Dev as an escape, and everyone seems kind of fine with it? Until Francesca eventually leaves Pino and ends up in Dev’s bed. Will these two force themselves into making this relationship happen? Either way, it doesn’t seem like a great foot to get started on .

What are your most memorable love lessons from Season 2? Let us know below!

5 Ways to Know You Are Absolutely Positively in Love

Love. So often we use the word but not nearly as often do we reflect on what it really means. While the definition of love is as diverse and complicated as the people who experience it, here are five of the ways to know you are absolutely, positively in love!

You can be 100 % yourself

The beginning of a relationship is a truly exciting time, consumed with wonderful, intoxicating, almost too good to be true feelings over another person. This is the honeymoon phase where each of you can see no wrong in each other and always put your best foot forward For some, this means going to great lengths; perhaps even sleeping in full glam makeup or strictly wearing only your least comfortable, yet most attractive outfits. Sweatpants are, for the time being, banished to the darkest corner in your closet…Not that I or any woman has ever done that…

The longer the relationship lasts; however, the more your authentic self emerges, which is especially true when living with someone. True love is letting your guard down, surrendering trust in each other, and accepting one another for who you really are behind closed doors.

You share in each other’s happiness

A win for them is a win for you! If your partner got a promotion at work or are beaming after their dance class and you’re truly happy for them, it’s evident, a large part of your happiness resides in them being content.The thought of a life without them has your stomach in knots and it simply it does not make sense. If seeing your partner happy invokes joy within your heart, that is a definite sign that cupid has paid you a visit.

You always want the best for them, even when they drive you crazy

Even the most seemingly perfect couples, rest assured, have their combative moments. But when you truly love someone, annoyance and even anger are overridden by the fact that, at the end of the day you care for this person and will work it out because it’s worth it. It’s not your intention to hurt one another, because in doing so, it takes an immediate affect on you as well.

You’re best friends

Yes, it may sound cliché but is there any truer sign of love than a deep and meaningful friendship? Being able to laugh and feel utter joy in each other’s company, whether it’s simply staying up late talking or going on adventures around the world, is all made better knowing that you’d never want to do it with anyone else, but your best friend.

Time tells all

In the end, time reveals to us whether something is meaningful or fleeting. It’s can be difficult sometimes early on into a relationship to identify whether it’s true love or infatuation. A healthy, long lasting relationship requires patience, understanding, and compromise. In time, if you can still easily accept your significant other, including all of their faults, then you can safely bet that you’ve found that elusive, wonderful, all encompassing, true and everlasting love.

If all of the above applies to you, you’re a lucky one! Never let your partner forget what they mean to you because we are never promised tomorrow, so make sure to show that you love them today.