May the Fourth Be With You #StarWarsDay

Single Star Wars


fans unite!



The latest data from Plenty of Fish reveals some very promising news regarding the love life of single Star Wars fans! 

Plenty of Fish analyzed 13 million profiles of Plenty of Fish users in the United States, and found that users who list “Star Wars” as an interest on their profile are 61 % more likely to leave the site in a relationship than non-fans. That’s right, love strikes back for Star Wars fans far and wide. 

But where do you meet fellow Star Wars fans just like yourself? Don’t worry, Plenty of Fish  has the answer. Research shows the list below are the top 10 cities where Star Wars lovers can find each other, and talk droids, compare light sabers and discuss Episode 8 theories. 

  1. Los Angeles
  2. San Antonio
  3. San Diego
  4. Las Vegas
  5. Orlando
  6. Houston
  7. Phoenix
  8. Jacksonville
  9. Colorado Springs
  10. Chicago

Star Wars fans are also 26% more likely to be looking for a serious relationship than non-fans. If you were ever shy about your level of fandom, now is your time to shine and use it as a conversation starter on your next date.

May the fourth be with you!