Wait, Why Was My Picture Deleted on POF?

One of the most commonly asked questions we get here at POF from our users is “Where did my profile photo go” or “Why was my photo deleted?” We understand that it can be frustrating to have your photo taken down, especially if you’re not sure why, so I am here today to answer this age-old FAQ with some advice from the inside.

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Next time you notice your profile is down a photo or two, take a look at the following list of reasons why it may have been removed.


Trust me. Nobody wants to get catfished (lured into a relationship by someone who has a fake profile, images, avatar). POF exists to help singles connect and foster relationships. Our top priority is keeping our users safe and happy on our site, so if we find that you’re portraying yourself falsely, the photos depicting such will be taken off your profile.

Pro tip: We know you’re most likely not a cartoon character or dog, so your profile shouldn’t try to tell us otherwise


We understand everyone has their own style, and you want to attract people who ‘get’ you, but they also have to be able to see what you look like! If there are photos on your profile that only show part of your face (i.e. just your eye, just your lips, or only half your face) or your face is covered by your phone or your hat, you can expect them to be short-lived on your POF account.

Pro tip: Believe me, people want to see your whole face!


As mentioned in a previous blog post, if your sporting a ‘basement photo,’ an ‘I can’t see you’ photo, a ‘you wear your sunglasses at night’ photo or an ‘old school webcam photo,’ users are going to have a really hard time deciphering what you really look like. Your photos should be well lit, high quality, close enough to see your face, and show you as you and not you as the character you dressed up as for Halloween last year.

Pro tip: Our cell phones come with some good quality cameras, so there’s really no excuse for poor quality photographs


We get it, you certainly want to put your best photos forward but remember they should also be honest. It can be really uncomfortable for you and your date when you’re meeting for the first time and you don’t look anything like you do online. Posting photos that are heavily edited or too filtered aren’t showing the real you, and if the image is too distorted, it will be taken down.

Pro tip: In addition to making sure your photos are an accurate representation of who you are, ask yourself if they are sending the right message to other users. Posting pictures of yourself with wads of cash, showing off expensive items, or cutting out your ex from a photo in an obvious way is probably not going to attract the right kind of attention.


I think this one speaks for itself, but in case it isn’t clear here’s a little rhyme for you:

If you’re nude in your photo, it’s a POF profile no-no!

Yes, this goes for bare torsos as well.

Pro tip: Replace that shirtless selfie with a head-shot showing off your pearly whites!


Again, though it seems self-explanatory, some users need a reminder of what isn’t cool to be posting on your profile. If your photo depicts violent or graphic imagery or it’s distasteful or offensive, it’s going to be taken down.

Pro tip: If you’re questioning whether your photo is offensive, don’t post it.

POF is all about creating genuine connections, so we want your profile to help reflect the best, (and most honest) version of yourself!

Click here to learn more about our image guidelines and how to get the right type of attention with your profile photo.

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