Survey: Women Share Their Perception on Dating and Gender Roles Today

International Women’s Day is today and we’re going to share with you some interesting survey results we conducted just last week which shine a light on the perception women have on dating and gender roles today!

Aligning with the theme of this year’s IWD – #BetterforBalance, the Plenty of Fish survey results revealed that women are very open to gender-balanced dating; in fact, nearly 70 percent of women say that they are open to being a relationship with someone who makes less money than they do.

Here are some other fast facts that were pulled from the survey of over 1,400 women.

1) Women are open to dating younger men: Seventy-two percent of women are open to dating someone who is younger, shutting down the idea that only men can date younger.

6% of women were open to dating someone 10+ years younger, 20% of women were open to dating someone 5-9 years younger and 56% of women were open to dating someone 1-4 years younger.

2) Women are attracted to ambition, not your wallet: Almost 60 percent of women are not open to being in a relationship with someone who is less ambitious than they are. To show drive and passion towards your career, or your hobbies is a really positive trait as well as motivating to a partner who shares similar levels of ambition. When asked if they would date someone who made less money, 70 percent of women said yes, with 56% of these women saying “It really doesn’t matter to me at all,” when asked how much less.

*POF research team also dug into data and found that women who identified themselves on their Plenty of Fish dating profile as “ambitious” or “very ambitious” receive a 40 percent increase in messages showing a strong percentage of men are also supporting the need for gender balance.

3) Women value your emotional side: No one wants to date a robot. Women appreciate someone who can show their emotional side. In fact, more than half (55.4%) of women are open to dating someone who is more emotional than they are. 49% of women also said they are open to dating someone who spends more time getting ready than they do, so if you have a lengthy morning routine before work – embrace it!

4) How women feel about family and education : Nearly 90 percent of women are willing to date someone who already has children and 89 percent are open to dating someone who is divorced. When it comes to education, seventy percent of women said they were willing to date someone who is less educated than themselves.

We would love to hear your thoughts on these survey results by commenting on the post below! Today we celebrate women everywhere and wish you a Happy International Women’s Day!


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