Stocking Stuffers for Your Sweetie

So we’ve uncovered the top gift ideas for your Boo with the Ultimate Gift Guide For Bae, but some of you are still left with one last to-do – STOCKING STUFFERS! Don’t worry, you’re in luck, because stocking stuffers are my forte.


All these items are fairly inexpensive but still thoughtful – You will be amazed with what you can get for $15 and under:

Manitea Infuser  – Not only is this little guy the cutest tea infuser ever made, it’s silicone material makes for an easy clean!

Silly Socks – Themed socks for the bacon lover, mustache grower, beer drinker and much more.

7 Year Pen – For the busy worker bee who isn’t taking too much time off this holiday. Now they can write an average of 5.5 feet per day – score!

ColourPop Cosmetics – Your one stop shop for wallet friendly lipsticks. Not sure what colour to get guys? Take a peak in your gf’s makeup bag!

Cute Pocket Mirror – The perfect accessory for every woman on the go.

New Year, New Notebook  – Everyone wants a fresh start to the New Year and it starts with a recycled paper, screen print notebook, does it not?

Apothecary Travel Set – Travel in style with these elegantly designed bottles, jars, and labels.

Slipper Socks – Not quite slippers and not quite socks, but what are they!? Slipper Socks! This hybrid will make for the coziest of Xmas mornings.

Muddler and Mixing Spoon – Mojitos coming right up!

Custom Apron – Bon Appetit

Starbucks Gift Card – We all need to stay warm this winter with a cup of joe.

Scratch and Wins – You never know, it could be your lucky day.

Netflix Membership – Now you can finally chill.

Bath Bomb – Sizzle in the bath with your sweetheart on Xmas Eve.

Personalized Nutella  – Not just any jar of Nutella, for your partner’s sweet tooth, but one with their name on it. Awe, now that’s love.

Massage Candle – Yes that’s right – the warm wax blend is just a few degrees above body temperature so you can pour it on the skin immediately and enjoy.

Beard Oil – The grooming essential for all mustached men.

Vintage Candies – Fun Dip, Baby Bottle Pops, Tart n Tinys, Push Pop, you name it; there’s nothing like taking a trip down memory lane.

Novelty Ice Tray – Whether you’re a cat lover or whiskey connoisseur there is a novelty ice tray made just for you.

Simple Jewelry – Jewelry doesn’t always have to break the bank.

“What I Love About You” Book – You buy the book and fill in the blanks with all the things you love about your Boo. Adorable!


Ultimate Gift Guide For Bae

Oh the weather outside is frightful…but shopping for Bae is worse. December is meant to be a joyous month filled with the three ‘F’s –  feasting, festivities and fun! The last thing we want you to worry about, is tackling the dreadful shopping list tucked away in your jacket pocket.

To make it a December to remember for you and your Boo, I have put together this ultimate gift guide. The list below is meant to assist you in crossing off those last items on the list and perhaps inspire your very own winning gift idea!

Gift Guide For:

The Outdoors-man/Outdoors-woman –  If your SO loves the great outdoors, you’re in complete gift-buying heaven. You have a broad scope of items; including, new camping equipment, outdoor wearables, and hiking books! And don’t forget stocking stuffers – a whistle, pocket knife and headlamp.

The Music Snob – Record players, turntables and vinyls have made a HUGE comeback this year! Get lost in nostalgia with these gift ideas for every music junkie.

  • Record player – Now very aesthetically pleasing to the eye! 
  • Vintage vinyl – Get your hands on The Beatles White Album 
  • Speakers – Boost up your sound quality with Bose

The Fitness King and Queen – The latest active wear technology is much appreciated by the hardcore gym-goers, early morning runners and spin cycle maniacs.

The Foodie – My personal favorite to buy for. Foodies will beam Christmas morning if they unwrap the latest Kitchen Aid Mixer attachment, Le Creuset Dutch Oven, or chef’s knife.

The Bookworm – Besides buying the latest New York Times Bestseller, take a peak at these modern inventions for every bookworm.

The Animal Lover – If your partner has been making those subtle hints about how he/she would absolutely love a fur baby, then you may need to take the plunge, grow your family, and adopt a kitten, or puppy or both!

  • Adopt puppy or kitten – But seriously, just do it. 
  • Bling for Bowser – Because Bowser can never have too many outfits/collars/bow ties – The shortcut to any pet owners heart. 
  • Pet Picture Frame – A great addition to the home is framing those who live in it! 

The Techy – For every gizmo loving tech geek, this will keep them excited for at least a month, before the next gadget is made available.

The Movie Critic – Does your partner absolutely love going to the movies? Easy!

The Person Who Seems To Have Everything – I understand your pain! This person is always the trickiest one to buy for, because when they want something, they tend to buy it themselves, leaving you racking your brain for inspo. Here’s an idea – give them something they would never think to buy themselves – an experience!

  • Weekend Trip – Maybe its the next town over, a quick road trip or even a flight away.
  • Couples Spa Day – There is nothing better than being pampered!
  • Staycation – Book a local hotel for an overnight stay.

Happy Holidays!

Reunited on POF after 42 Years Apart

Nothing makes us happier at PlentyOfFish than hearing from our couples whom found one another via our site. John and Grace’s story struck a nerve, after they told us it all began when they shared their first kiss together as teenagers.

Warning – Grab a box of Kleenex for this one.

Grace: In 2015, after 27 years of marriage, I found myself divorced.

Thankfully I had a younger sister who had a place for me to live. I found a job, worked long hours and gained my independence back. Most of my friends were married, so I decided why not give online dating

My Favorite Things About Being Single

To all you ladies and gents feeling completely disheartened by your single status and wondering ‘why Mr/Ms. Right hasn’t come along yet’, let’s reflect on the best things about being single right now.

1. You don’t have to cook for anyone…like ever

If you want to order Pho, make soft boiled eggs, or have crackers for dinner, you can! Dinner is as informal as you’d like it to be, because the only stomach you need to feed is your own. I personally am no chef, which pairs nicely with my single status and perhaps yours as well.

2. The bed is all yours

My cat is the size of a small man, so this doesn’t apply to me; but for the rest of you, without fur babies, the whole bed is ‘your side’. How great is that!

3. You always have leftovers

#1 problem for couples: You’re just about to fill up Tupperware with the most delicious braised honey garlic chicken thighs, only to find your SO has devoured all the leftovers. I am DEVASTATED for you! When you’re single, this is never a problem. The cauldron of chili, you’re living off for the week, is still in the fridge when you get home. You didn’t even have to put a note with your name on it. Score!

4. The mess is your mess

I’ve been lucky in that I’ve dated really tidy men; however, I know some people haven’t been as fortunate. The beauty of being single and living on your own, is that the mess is only yours and if dishes are in the sink, they can stay there till the morning.

5. No shavings or makeup in the bathroom

The bathroom is finally yours! Single men, you can leave your shavings in the sink (If you do eventually want to date again, I advise you work on this) and single ladies, experience the freedom of spreading your makeup all over the vanity.

6. Toilet seat is always down

If you are female, I know you’ve felt the absolute horror of falling too far into the toilet, after your boyfriend left the seat up. Now you can rest easy, because that seat ain’t going anywhere but down. Single men, this point doesn’t really apply to you 😉 …as you were. 

7. Spend as you wish

You can treat yourself now and not feel bad about it because the money you make, is all yours! “That’s a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers…and yes I will buy them.” 

8. Alone time is actually great

If I want to lay in bed on Saturday till 1pm looking at #foodismylife on Instagram or creep Gigi Hadid for an hour, I can do it with no one asking why (true story). Maybe some call this a waste of time, but when you’re single, you can do whatever you want


Enjoy it while you still can!



Movember is Sexy, According to Single Women!

Men, around the world, are changing the face of men’s health this month by letting their facial hair run wild while raising awareness about the devastating effects of various cancers taking the lives of their fathers, sons and brothers. This annual event is called Movember!

Still wondering whether or not you should partake in this charitable act by growing a ‘stache’? It turns out, single women will think you’re sexier for it!

PlentyOfFish recently conducted a survey, and according to single heterosexual women 21+  from the US; 64% think charitable giving is very sexy!

If a man is participating in “Movember” (growing his mustache during the month of November, for charity) does it make him more attractive? 


20% of women also think a mustache makes a man more attractive. All the more reason to start growing your epic ‘Tom Selleck’ bristles. But seriously, can we take a moment and stare in awe at Tom’s mustache!


When we asked women what they like most about a mustache; a whopping 34% admitted ‘it makes him look more mature’ 26% said ‘it’s sexy’ and 22% said ‘its masculine’.


So there you have it; throw away your razor, purchase your beard oils and let that 5 o’clock shadow transform into the lumberjack beard you’ve always dreamed of.

To learn more about Movember and how you can donate to this charitable organization, check out the links below.


Do you think mustached men are sexy!?

The Hottest Halloween Costumes For Singles

If you’re wondering what costume will score you a date this Halloween, we have all the answers for you!

PlentyOfFish recently surveyed over 500 single users over the age of 21 in the United States, to uncover the top male and female costumes considered the most attractive by the opposite sex.

Here is what we found:

Batman is the sexiest costume according to single women!

It’s no surprise that a lot of men are dressing as The Joker (28%), but listen up guys; when we asked single ladies ‘what male costume is most attractive’ a whopping 26% of females chose Batman, beating out The Joker, who only received 14%.

The top three hottest costumes for men: 

  • Batman 26%
  • Netflix and Chill 16% 
  • Jon Snow from Game Of Thrones 14% 

We strongly suggest all single men steer clear of The Donald Costume and dress up as ANYTHING ELSE. Even the fictional anime character, Pikachu, was considered hotter than Trump! See for yourself below.

What costume would you be most attracted to at a Halloween party (Female Response):


Wonder Woman will capture the hearts of single men!

Most of you are on the right track, with 38% of single women dressing as the super hero. Well ladies, you will be happy to find out this costume is also considered the hottest by 33% of single men, beating out the popular member of Suicide Squad – Harley Quinn.

Top female costumes men will get googly eyes over: 

  • Wonder Woman – 34% 
  • Harley Quinn – 30% 
  • Netflix and Chill – 11% 

We highly recommend saving your best Hillary Clinton impersonation for another time, as only 1% of males are attracted to this presidential costume.

What costume would you be most attracted to at a Halloween party (Male Response):



Now we want to ask you! What will you dress up as for Halloween?!

What Not To Wear On A Date!


Famous last words of anyone heading out the door before a date!

Dates are already stressful enough – Deciding where to go, what to say and inevitably, what to wear! Today I am here to help you, by explaining what you should NOT wear on a first date!

Image result for but what will i wear gif


Crocs – Exhibit A, says it all. This foot wear is far too casual and it looks like you’re about to trim the hedges or water the plants.

Exhibit A.


Socks with Sandals – How this ever became a ‘thing,’ I will never know. Anything is better than this – if you’re wearing socks, simply pull them off and Velcro those bad boys up. Or, here’s a good one, keep the sandals in the closet and put on shoes. Problem solved. 

Exhibit B.


Stained Anything – This look tells me you just ate a Sloppy Joe and used your shirt as a napkin. Stop double dipping into your dirty hamper and put on that crisp laundered outfit you remembered to wash the night before your date! But seriously – this rule should apply to your every day routine. 

Exhibit C.


Shants and Sheeves – For those of you new to these two terms, they may be my favorite words of all time. 

Shants are short-pants, but not any old short pant. Shants are pants that hang just a touch shorter than they should. They are pant’s awkward cousin. Exhibit D, is a person who needs to read this article and a perfect example of someone rocking socks with sandals and a good ol’ pair of shants. How to know when you’re wearing shants? Take a seat and if the pants linger above your calves, they are SHANTS.

Exhibit D.


Now you may have guessed what Sheeves are based on the definition of Shants.

Sheeves (a word, I believe, I made up) are short-sleeves that fall in that no man’s land between your wrist and elbow. A sweater or shirt, that is clearly too small for you, will inevitably come with a pair of sheeves.  

Exhibit E.


Uncomfortable Heels – Okay, I always feel my best in a great pair of heels but let’s get serious. The last thing you want to do after saying goodbye to your date is trot away looking like Bambi. Comfortable heels do exist ladies! 

Exhibit F.

Image result for a girl who can't walk in heels gif

Too much cologne or perfume – THE WORST – Everyone knows a date that smells good, is a date to remember; but, when perfume or cologne is applied like lotion, it’s toxic!

Exhibit G.


Gym Gear – Even though you look totally cute in your new gym ensemble, this outfit does not cut it on a first date! Arriving in your sports tank and shorts will immediately suggest you’ve come straight from your sweaty work out. Talk about a smelly first impression. This shows you didn’t take even a little bit of time or effort to look presentable. 

Exhibit H.


See Through Anything – Leave a little something up to the imagination! If you do plan on wearing anything sheer on a date, I suggest a solid tank or bando to go underneath. Save that super sexy number for a girls night out.

Exhibit I.


There you have it; my top 7 What Not To Wears on your first date. Now do yourself a favor and burn those crocs.

Top 10 ‘Cougar Towns’ in America Revealed

‘Cougar’ a term used to describe an older woman who is primarily attracted to significantly younger men.

To pinpoint where in the states ‘cougars’ are on the prowl, the research team at PlentyOfFish, examined messaging behaviour between older women and significantly younger men on the site, which resulted in a top 10 list of “Cougar Towns” in America.

The state of Texas, widely assumed to be a top spot for southern gentlemen and cowboys, is evidently also an epicenter for older women seeking younger men, with 5 of the top 10 cities on the list hailing from The Lone Star State!

  1. San Antonio – Texas
  2. Houston – Texas
  3. Las Vegas – Nevada
  4. Phoenix – Arizona
  5. Atlanta – Georgia
  6. Jacksonville – Florida
  7. Dallas – Texas
  8. Fort Worth – Texas
  9. Los Angeles – California
  10. El Paso – Texas

To provide some insight into the research, PlentyOfFish, surveyed 500 single women between the ages of 40-60 to gain their thoughts on dating younger men.

Here’s what we found!

65% of single women ages 40-60 said they have dated a man at least 7 + years younger than themselves.

When asked how much younger? 56% of women dated men 7-10 years younger while 24 % of women dated men 10 – 15 years younger. 

chart_q3_160908But why are these women choosing to date younger men?!

28% of women said the benefits of dating a younger man is ‘that it’s purely physical and fun’ and 24% of women selected ‘other’ which was an open field in the survey. Some replies included ‘better health and appearance’, ‘age is just a number, we connected,’ and ‘a younger man has more energy.’ 


We want to hear from you! Would you or have you dated a man significantly younger than you? Comment below!

I Met My Wife Through ‘Meet Me’ on POF

Every day at PlentyOfFish we have the pleasure of reading stories from couples who found their special someone on our site.

Today we would like to introduce you to Mr. & Mrs. Robins!

Bevis Robins had been on and off PlentyOfFish for a couple of years. He logged on for certain weeks at a time and went on a few dates here and there, but nothing too serious…that was until he click yes to a pretty girl on ‘Meet Me’ from Barnstable, which happened to be 80 miles away from his current location.

Telltale Signs He Isn’t Looking For Commitment

Let’s get down to it. You’ve been dating a guy, let’s call him Mark, for 4-6 months and you’re thinking it has some serious potential. You’ve accepted the fact that your single days may be over and you’re interested in having a committed relationship. You want to call Mark your boyfriend, because something feels different with this one. He’s smart, funny, attractive and overall a great catch. The only thing missing is that you haven’t secured this relationship with Mark yet. 

There is usually a natural progression in a relationship, where the two people involved, are on the same page, but for you and Mark, this isn’t the case. There is nothing you’ve done wrong. It actually turns out, our pal, Mark simply isn’t looking for the same type of commitment.  

Your lust and excitement about Mark, had you missing all the signs.

Here are the telltale indicators, he isn’t looking to commit any time soon.

He doesn’t plan…anything

There is no pre-date planning. Often he will ask you the same day what your evening plans are. He says it would be so great to see you, but then fails to follow up with a day, time and location.

Messages when it’s convenient 

Messages or phone calls are few and far between. Just when you think it has fizzled out, he pops up in your inbox with a cute inside joke or message filled with flattery and exclamation marks – and we all know excessive use of punctuation means he’s totally into you. You’re pulled right back in, forgetting how you felt before because you think messages like this one, a couple times a week, are enough for you. They won’t be in the long run.  

He’s often double booked

How convenient Mark. He always has a plan B, whether it be before or after your date night. The evening often gets interrupted by his incessant need to meet up with the buddies for a drink, rather than calling it a night and heading home together or catching a late night movie or ice cream – things couples do!

You’ve had the “what are we?” talk so many times, you sound like a broken record

Your relationship has always lived in the grey zone of uncertainty, which for people who are looking for commitment, is an extremely tricky place to be in. If you have to ask “what are we?” in the first place, it’s not great and worse, if you’ve asked this question more than once. The lack of clarity in his response should tell you everything. “I don’t know what this is” or “I like where this is at” are both indicators that he hasn’t even thought about the future. 

Alone time is mostly physical and the day date is rare

The time you spend together is fun but it lacks quality or substance. Your physical spark may be lit, but if there is no time spent outside of the bedroom, it’s pretty obvious that you’ve got yourself a “friends with benefits” situation.

His affection is non existent in public

Mark is a cuddler, he loves to pull you in tight, hug and kiss you in private but in public he acts like your awkward brother. Why Mark Why! Sure, maybe Mark claims he isn’t the biggest fan of PDA, but there should still be gestures that confirms his interest in you.

You don’t have one another on social media

Hold the phone! It’s been 6 months of dating and you and Mark still don’t follow each other on Instagram or Facebook??? WHAT! Maybe the two of you haven’t been sucked into the social media frenzy of modern day communication, but if you are both active on social and there have been no “likes”, photo tags or inclusion of your name in status updates, this is HUGE! You aren’t even close to being Facebook official.

You second guess yourself

Now this is the real kicker. Everything Mark is doing, has somehow left you feeling like you’re 100% the problem. The minute you start to second guess who you are or how you should act around him, it’s pretty obvious things aren’t going to work out here. You have to accept the fact that you and Mark are looking for two very different things from one another. 

The fact is, if you were looking for a fun fling, Mark would be perfect. When you know exactly what it is you’re looking for and that something is commitment, it is so important to make sure your partner is looking for the same thing. If you ever find yourself putting check marks next to the list above, re-evaluate your current situation and figure out if it’s worth pursuing or not.