8 Tips That Will Help You Write The Perfect Love Letter

Words have power, and a letter can be just the thing to help you either declare your love, or reaffirm it. In an age of emails and texts, a real, heartfelt love letter can mean an awful lot to a loved one. If you’ve never written one before though, have no fear. These 8 tips will help you write the perfect love letter.

Surprise them with the letter

You can certainly give your love letter on their birthday or Valentine’s day, but it won’t be as much of a surprise. If you really want your letter to make an impact, then choose a time when they won’t be expecting it. A true declaration of love is better when your loved one is least expecting it.

Don’t worry about your style

Henry P. Mullins, a writer with Do My Assignment, says: ‘We get a lot of “odd” orders at our service. We’ve had plenty of requests for love letters in our time. My best advice is to not worry about your style, and just write from the heart.’ Focus more on what you have to say, and don’t worry about the flowery language.

Be specific

When writing, think about what it is that you really love about your partner. Why do you love them so much that you wanted to write a letter? Be specific in what you say to them. Include examples of why you love them, too. If you can remind them of fond memories, then all the better.

Check out some examples

If you’re not sure how to start writing your letter, don’t worry. There are plenty of examples out there you can read, to see what others have written. For example, UK Top Writers have some good letters you can use as a template.

Proofread and edit your letter

Before you send your letter, make sure that you proofread and edit it. This sounds odd when you’re talking about something so personal as a love letter, but it’s important all the same. If you don’t, the errors in your writing can make it appear as though you don’t care. Try using proofreading services such as Sociology Assignment Help and Best Australian Writers to help you if you need it.

Try using quotes

If you’re not the kind of person who finds it easy to express how you feel, then it’s more than ok to use quotes. Try using quotes from books and movies that you both love, and you’ll show that you value the connection between you both.

Start with a rough draft

As with anything you write, you don’t need to send your partner the first pass at your letter. Writer Gerard Fallon from Ox Essays says ‘Write at least a couple of drafts before you decide on what you have to say. It’ll help you really define what you want to include, and how you want to say it.’

Don’t worry about length

A good love letter doesn’t have to be a long and meandering declaration of your love. If you are more wordy in nature, then it’s fine to go longer in your letter. If it’s not you though, don’t worry. It’s not the length of the letter that matters, it’s the intent and the meaning behind it.

A love letter is a deeply personal piece of writing, and it can be hard to know where to start. With these tips though, you’ll be able to write one that really explains how you feel. Just remember to put your feelings into the letter, and it will be perfect.

Life Changing Dating Tips For Every College Student

Dating in college can be one of the most exciting, refreshing, most dramatic experiences, anyone ever goes through. Full of ups and downs, it doesn’t matter if you’ve had one relationship or ten, each one is different from the next.

Are you sick and tired of the way things are going in your love life? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. To help you out, allowing you to become comfortable in your dating scene, here are 8 essential tips when it comes to relationships in college that will change the dating game forever.

Maintain Balance

Entering a new relationship for the first time can be such an exciting prospect and it’s easy to want to give it your all. Unfortunately, by doing this, especially in your college years, nine times out of ten, it will all end in tears.

Instead of spending every waking moment with your loved one, physically or through constant, mile long Whatsapp feeds, spend time doing other things you enjoy. Whether it’s spending time alone, with family or with friends, find balance in your life.

Don’t Waste Your Time

If you’re not happy in a relationship, do something about it. As blunt as that sounds, it’s too easy to get caught up in a bad relationship and letting it drag on and on. If there’s something on your mind, talk to him about it. If he doesn’t try and make things better, move on. There are plenty of other guys out there who will treat you like you deserve but you won’t find them by being with someone who makes you feel terrible.

Don’t Be Held Back

If you’re in college, you’re probably studying a subject that you are passionate about. Remember why you’re there and what plans you have for the future. Just because you meet someone amazing and want to spend all your time with them, doesn’t mean you should jeopardise your college career. Chances are your bills are at a minimum, especially when compared to what it will be like in later life! If you want to go and study abroad or want to achieve great grades on your course, don’t let anybody hold you back!

Educational expert, Kelly Gomez, from College Essay Writing Service, advises;

College is the first time in many peoples live where they actually feel like they get a chance to be free and explore the different opportunities that there are in life. Take advantages of these opportunities while you have them as they won’t be around forever! If you feel a real passion for doing or trying something new, go for it and don’t let anyone judge you or hold you back.

Learn To Love Yourself

As the saying goes, you can’t love someone else until you learn to love yourself. College is a time for finding yourself. Your future lays ahead of you and there are so many opportunities coming up, who knows what you’re going to do? The world is your oyster! If you’re in a relationship or thinking it’s about time you want to find that special someone, take a breather to be sure that it’s what you feel comfortable doing. Find your inner confidence and really get to know yourself!

Organize Your Time

The only way a relationship can move forward is by investing time into it. Unfortunately, during your college years, free time is something that is in short supply. With mounting essays and assignments to complete, it’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed with your workloads, leaving you feeling stressed when he’s out having a good time on a Friday night and you’re stuck indoors.

Fortunately, there is a vast network of writing services online that can help you lighten the load, giving you enough time to invest in your relationship to make it work. Sites such as Paper Fellows, UK Coursework Service, Cite It In, Assignment Writing Help and Easy Word Count, can all be used to ensure your work is completed to a professional level and in good time, allowing you to find balance with your work, social and love life.

Long Distance Can Be Difficult

Long distance relationships are never easy as it is, even more so in college. Feelings of paranoia, depression and anxiety all come hand in hand with long distance relationships and can be some of the hardest times you’ll ever go through. Before getting into a long distance relationship with someone, be sure that it’s a commitment you want to go through with, it won’t be easy.

Those Dreaded Drunken Phone Calls

If you’re on and off with someone, seeing them every now and then and just taking it slow and seeing how things go, that’s a great way to enter a relationship in college. The worst thing you can do is get drunk and develop the mindset where that person is at the forefront of your mind. Yes, of course, it’s okay to think about him but nothing screams ‘psycho’ more than waking up to 36 missed calls and endless texts that make no sense.

Never Change

It can be so easy to fall into the trap of wanting to be that special someone for someone else. Even if you think the world of him, he might not be on the same level as you and it’s easy to want to want to be that person. If you try to change yourself by acting differently or talking differently, especially doing things you don’t want to do, it’s only going to make you feel depressed. Be yourself and find someone who loves you for who you are.

Mary Walton writes mostly for college students. She is a professional editor at Academized. Also, she proofreads resumes at Resumention, a service that helps people find new jobs and write flawless CVs. Mary has an educational blog – Simple Grad, read her latest article Essay roo Review there.