20 Ways to Survive a Blue Christmas in Vancouver

If you’re a Vancouverite, you know December in this city looks like something out of the film Blade Runner – a blanket of grey and nonstop down-pours. The weather alone is enough to make anyone feel a little sad and lonely, and it’s only heightened around the holidays, if you’re far from loved ones or fabulously single.

5 Low-Key Ways to Celebrate the Holidays With a New S.O.

A new romance is exciting, fun and wistful—but put it to the test with too many high-pressure holiday events, and it may not feel so carefree anymore. Luckily, there are many ways to celebrate the holidays with someone you’re still getting to know and enjoy the bliss of getting into the spirit with someone by your side.

7 Gift Ideas for Every Stage of A Relationship

The holidays can be the best time of year for some and a very stressful time for others! Today, I want to alleviate some of your stress and share some great gift ideas for every stage of your relationship. I’ve noticed a popular question on the web is, “Do I buy someone a gift when I’ve only been dating them a month or less?”

Here are some of my best answers for you when it comes to gifting with a partner!

How to Dress for a Festive First Date in London

Larah Hunt, from the footwear retailer Charles Clinkard, shares her top tips for nailing your first date dress code this festive season.

We all know dates can be pretty nerve-wracking, particularly if it’s your first time meeting a new person. And, while your mind might be preoccupied thinking of the venue, activities and even how to fill any awkward silences, it’s important to remember that first impressions count. So, whether you’re planning on heading to a posh restaurant to wine and dine your date, or you’re wanting to visit the Christmas markets, you’ll need a stylish outfit to wow your date with this festive season. And here, I’ll be showing you just how to do this.

5 Activities That Will Get You Through a Breakup

Breaking up with someone and being broken up with can be equally devastating. Every day feels like a marathon of emotions – sad, angry, numb, relieved…and repeat. The emotional roller coaster of ending a relationship with your best friend is exhausting and sometimes leaves you in bed or lounging on the couch for days. There are certainly ways to get you back to feeling like yourself and today I’m going to share with you my favorite activities that have always somehow made me feel a little better after heartbreak (and don’t worry, they’re not all physical activities.)

You’re Not Damaged Goods: 4 Reasons Why Your Emotional Baggage Can Help Strengthen Your Relationship

Ah, emotional baggage. Everyone has it, but very few of us want to talk about it. Why? Because we often don’t like discussing things we feel we can’t control. Emotions are erratic, ever-changing, and, let’s be honest, talking about all the trauma of our past is never a fun experience, especially with someone new, but what if it could lead to something great? We’ve been told since we were little that honesty is always the best policy, so here are some reasons to consider taking a chance and opening up to your partner.

1,000 Messages Sent in Just 5 Days – The POF Love Story of Amanda and Chris

“What is the best aspect of working at Plenty of Fish?” A lot of people ask me this, and my number one response is – seeing how our dating app brings people together, who would have never met otherwise. Today, I am going to share with you the story of Amanda and Chris who I received a “tweet” from this past September.

Five Key Secrets to Healing from Heartbreak

Breaking up hurts—for real. The part of the brain that registers the pain of a break-up is the same area that registers physical pain. The more rejected, abandoned or ignored you feel, the more activity you will have in the anterior cingulate part of your brain, which also registers physical distress. Your pain is physiological and it can be excruciating for sure.

But here is the good news:  There are definite proven methods to beat the blues! Use these tips:

Why You Should Never Ignore Friendships When Dating Someone New

The first few months of a new relationship are so exciting; your heart is racing, you’re texting non-stop with your new beau and life doesn’t seem to exist outside of your relationship. It’s so easy to get caught up in the romance, but you should never let plans with your friends slip through the cracks. You do still have a life outside your partner and it’s important to never lose sight of that.