How to Create a Quality Dating Profile on Plenty of Fish

Great conversations start with great dating profiles, and you have the opportunity on Plenty of Fish to create a well rounded depiction of who you are and what you like to do. With a lengthier profile view on POF vs. other apps, singles gain a much better understanding of what you’re all about, rather than just your height and name.

Don’t Hold Back: Why Total Honesty Will Strengthen Your Relationships, Romantic or Otherwise

Honesty is an interesting trait. When asked what we look for in a partner or friend, the vast majority of people will place honesty pretty high on their list. Most of us crave honesty in intimate relationships, yet often we find ourselves withholding the truth from our loved ones in order to ‘spare their feelings.’ These white lies are usually seen as fairly innocent, but when they start to become your default mode of communication, and you’re not expressing how you truly feel, your relationships can start to suffer. Not convinced? Here are three reasons why getting rid of those little white lies will actually end up strengthening your relationships.

6 Tips to Follow When Travelling with a Partner for the First Time

Everybody loves traveling, and there is no better vacation than with your partner. Traveling together can only strengthen your relationship, but if it’s your first time together on a long-distance trip, you need to be prepared. You both might be nervous before your first trip, but if your relationship is based on mutual trust and compromise, you shouldn’t worry about something going wrong. Nevertheless, here are some great tips for your first travel together, so you can both enjoy to the fullest.

Picking the Perfect Date Outfit Isn’t Always Easy, For Men Out There Looking for Love Later in Life, Here are Our Best Style Tips!

Knowing exactly how to dress for a first date can be tricky. Christopher Legard, Managing Director at quality menswear-makers Joesph Turner, offers his advice for dating style past the age of 50.

How Your Credit Scores Can Affect Your Love Life, and How To Improve Them

There is no denying that credit scores are important in this day and age. Your credit score and reports can affect a multitude of things, including the interest rate on a mortgage, the approval of loans, and even being considered for a job.