Money Saving Tips For Every Bride & Groom

Almost every girl from the youngest age dreams about her wedding day, and let’s be honest it’s all about the dress, the decorations, the venue, the rings, the bouquet… She grows up and those dreams turn into a pinterest board (usually private, we’re not about to scare future hubby away). But then you find your significant other get engaged and in two seconds you turn the board from private to public and start turning your pins into a reality. You begin making a list starting from the most important (the dress obviously) to the smallest details like table numbers. The expenses start to add up quickly, and this is the moment when your lifelong dream could come to a halt as you never imagined how expensive your wedding could be and to make it happen you’ll need to double or triple your budget.

STOP panicking right now and take a look at my money saving tips for every bride and groom!

The Cake 

I could advise you to DIY the cake, but that’s only an option if you happen to be a great baker or have one in your family.  Instead you can save a lot of money if you order one small but gorgeously decorated cake for the cake cutting ceremony and have a sheet cake in the kitchen of the venue to serve the guests. This will save your bank account without the sacrifice of having a beautiful cake.

The Bachelor / Bachelorette Party 

Bachelorette parties can cost a lot as well and let’s not forget about thank you presents for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. But what if I say you can combine both and save some cash. All you need is some creativity!

Let’s say you and your besties love hitting a yoga class together; why not choose some amazing yoga wear for your girls and drive to the park and enjoy your bachelorette party practicing yoga and bonding with your bridesmaids. Firstly, you’ll need that yoga practice to stop panicking and stay calm and secondly, a strong bond between you and your bridesmaids will make your wedding day much less stressful.

The same can be done for groomsmen. Get them football tickets or just arrange a game watching night at your place with a great food spread and bevies so they can relax as well. Yes, the groom and his men can panic before the wedding as well.

Cut The Full Course Meal

Don’t serve sit down food! Just don’t! Food bars and buffets can save you ton of money. Also remember that good food does not mean expensive food. You can have very tasty food bars, for example a taco bar is simply delicious, colorful and will cost very little.

DIY that Decor

Let’s talk about those beautiful breathtaking wedding decorations such as centerpieces, table numbers and so on. While going through your pins find the DIY instruction of your favorite ones. You can find all the supplies you’ll need at a local craft store and you can have your bridesmaids and family help you out with accommodating everything very easily.

Budget hint: try to choose flowers that are in season, so they’ll be much cheaper.

Beautify Yourself 

Any bride aims to look her best on her wedding day. But a makeup artist and hair stylist can be pricey. Doing your own hair and makeup should not be a problem nowadays. Surf around the web and find your most desired hair and makeup looks, hop to YouTube and start watching tutorials on that look, then try it out. Practice the look several times so you’ll be able to do it effortlessly on your big day.

Budget hint: if you don’t have the proper makeup and don’t want to spend fortune on a product you will use for one day, visit your local Sephora and ask for a sample (especially for foundations and concealers) . They give you quite enough product to try on couple of times.

Just Married

There is definitely no need to splurge when it comes it renting a car. It can cost a lot and also you are going to deal with the stress of the car being there in time, and the driver to be a good one. Just use your own car or switch cars with one of your friends or relatives, if you think it’ll look better for the wedding and just decorate it.

Re-evalute Your Guestlist

Make the decision to have a small wedding with only your closest of your friends and family. Invite people who you genuinely feel will be in your life forever. Remember everyone at your wedding will be captured in all your wedding photos.

Budget hint: You can cut plus ones from attendance 

Honeymoon House

Now when you have planned your wedding for so many days, months…years , it’s time to have some fun as newlyweds, but traveling can break the bank. There are things you can do in order to have an amazing start to your marriage with spending a little less. The most money saving tip for traveling is to ditch hotels and rent a house. This is also amazing as you’ll have no one there to disturb you. Find something you like through a website like Airbnb , book it and just pack all the things you’ll need while traveling. Bon Voyage!

At the end just remember that your wedding is a day of celebrating your love towards each other, and that shouldn’t have to come with a huge check.

Do you have any wedding day money saving tips?! We want to know – comment below!

Wedding 101: Tips and Tricks for the Big Day

A couple’s wedding day is one of the most exciting days in their life together. It is a celebration of their love, their way.  From underwater scuba diving weddings to a traditional church ceremony to a backyard barbecue, a couple’s wedding is a testament to who they are as people—and as a couple.

No matter the kind of wedding it is, there are aspects to the day that every bride and groom will face. To avoid the stress and last minute worries; follow my checklist and mark off these milestones on the way to the big day.

During the week of the wedding…

[  ] Confirm transportation  If you are renting a limo or car, always call the rental company to confirm your reservation: including date, time, car model, and pickup location.

[  ] Solidify appointments – Whether you are going to a salon to get your hair and makeup done or having a stylist come to you, it’s important that you confirm your appointments. Avoid a mini-crisis by ensuring that you and the salon/stylist have the correct time and date for the appointment.

[  ] Write your vows – Now is the time! A lot of things can happen in the months leading up to a wedding, so waiting to write your vows the week of is ideal. This way you can add in special moments, vacations, or funny stories that happened during your engagement period without worrying about going back and re-writing.

[  ] Make an emergency kit – Include everything from extra bobby pins, hairspray, stain remover and pain relievers, should any malfunction or headache try to ruin your big day. Make sure you’ve printed out double copies of important documents as well as important phone numbers!

[  ] Make all payments  Instead of waiting for the day of to finish paying your photographer, caterer, or venue, submit final payments the week of the wedding. That way you can focus on getting ready and being present in the moment, instead of worrying about paying everyone for their services.

On your wedding day…

[  ] Rehearse your vows – You’ll likely have been rehearsing throughout the week, but take one final look at your vows—especially if you are not going to be reading them directly from a card.

[  ] Bring wedding bands – It seems obvious but don’t forget the rings! Your wedding bands are a significant part of the ceremony, signifying your commitment as you exchange rings. Whether or not you have a ring bearer, provide the rings to the Best Man for safekeeping. As soon as the Best Man has on his tuxedo, place the rings (in a ring box) inside his tuxedo jacket. That way you know the rings are safe and secure.

[  ] Follow your itinerary – Have a timeline of your appointments, photography sessions, ceremony, and reception. Include the Who, What, Where, and When: Who needs to be at What location (Where) and When? Provide this itinerary to your wedding party, at your rehearsal dinner or the night before.

[  ] Bring cash  There are a lot of servers, caterers, bartenders, decorators, and more who assist in making your wedding a special one. Having extra cash on hand means you can provide a tip to someone who showcased excellent care, someone who went above and beyond to make your day great.

[  ] Bring the wedding emergency kit – Reference above! It won’t be of too much help if it’s forgotten!