A PlentyOfFish Proposal!

It’s an incredible moment when you find that sweetheart you want to spend forever with! We get it; online dating can be daunting and completely out of your comfort zone. If you are currently a member on POF, congrats for taking the leap and just know we’re cheering you on. And because we’re all about celebrating love, today we’re celebrating the success story of Junior and Kristina.

How they met:

Junior and Kristina first became members on PlentyOfFish over three years ago.  Kristina remembers seeing Junior’s profile, messaging him and the rest is history. A few messages back and forth turned into texting and eventually they decided to meet.

Junior recalls sitting on the park bench, glancing up every time someone walked by him until that moment he saw Kristina walking towards him on the boardwalk. Life stood still, and in that moment he knew he was going to fall madly in love with her.

And he did just that!

How he asked:

Junior wanted Kristina to feel special and loved all day and didn’t want to feel stressed or nervous about creating that perfect moment. That’s where we came in! Junior contacted us, Sweetheart Events team for his marriage proposal!

Element of Surprise – Junior knew he wanted to completely surprise and wow Kristina but knew he needed help in the planning and execution of it all. In the past, Junior had planned many incredible birthday celebrations and date nights but this time he wanted to make that lasting impression! While scouring the area for that perfect location we stumbled upon this private corner of the seawall with a beautiful view of False Creek and Vancouver’s Cambie Street Bridge.

First Date Location – Knowing that Junior and Kristina first met in the area and spent hours walking and talking along that seawall on their first date, we knew it would be a perfect spot to pop the question.


Personal Touch –We wanted to add personal touches from their relationship, and knew that we wanted to include some of their early messages.  Although we were unable to retrieve the exact messages, Junior shared his favorite memories and feelings from those early days.

The day was filled with brunch, a spa visit and then dinner at the restaurant where they shared one of their first anniversaries. Kristina thought she was just going to dinner but when Junior decided to make a small detour to their plans, she grabbed his hand and went with it…


A path lined with candlelight, wooden signs and sentimental details led them through a timeline of their love story ending with a white linen drape tied back and accented below with gold lanterns and more candles. It was the surprise that Junior was hoping for. He got down on one knee, asked those four little words and Kristina smiled and nodded her head.juniorkristina_proposal_2016-10

They were engaged!

At dinner, Kristina was surprised once again with flowers and two love letters, one from Junior and one from his daughter, a beautiful keepsake to complete the night. Kristina loved the wooden calligraphy signs so much that the couple has since incorporated them into their home and will use them in their wedding.

Congratulations Junior + Kristina!



Personalizing Your POF Marriage Proposal

You remember it like it was yesterday. You signed up for PlentyOfFish, while glancing over your shoulder to see if anyone was watching. You chose your best profile pic, created your dating profile write-up and began the endless messages of hey and what’s up? You were officially online dating. Nowadays it is the number one way my couples meet their better half and the stories that come along with it are some of my faves.

Fast forward to catching that sweetheart’s attention; the first messages back and forth; meeting up over coffee or drinks and then eventually never leaving each other’s side. Congratulations, you are a success story and I’m doing a happy dance, over here, to celebrate with you. But now what?!  You’re ready to pop the question but have no idea on where to begin. Don’t worry; I’ve got your back!

Unlike most men, women dream of this moment their entire lives: how will it happen, where will it happen and what will I wear? When it comes to the proposal, this once in a lifetime moment is when you need to make those details count.

I am here to share tips with you for personalizing your POF love story into your marriage proposal

Your POF username & profile: You thought long and hard for this catchy username so let’s continue with it! We love incorporating POF profile usernames on Starbucks coffee cups, champagne glasses or even creating fun hash tags for the proposal. Print out your POF profiles (if you still can access them) and frame them with a timeline of your first message, first meet up and date you cancelled your POF account and then include the proposal date below.

Your POF messages: Highly recommend if you are reading this and haven’t saved your early messages. Go do that now! Messages get deleted after 30 days and cannot be retrieved. If you do have the chance to save them, you can have a lot of fun with them. You can incorporate them into your décor by having a calligrapher write your meaningful first messages on canvas creating a love story timeline effect filled with your POF messages, texts, favourite moments together and photos. We always recommend accenting calligraphy pieces with candles, lanterns and greenery/florals to help create a romantic setting. Bonus points if you answer these questions too in a love letter to share with your sweetheart after she says yes:

Your first impression of your partner and what drew you to message them or reply

Your feelings after meeting them for the first time

When you first knew you loved them

When you first knew they were the one

Your First Meeting Location: Remember those first few messages, where you both were trying to decide on the perfect place for that first awkward meeting. You put a lot of effort into picking the perfect location, which now holds such a special meaning for both of you. Why don’t you take a walk down memory lane and remember those first interactions on the dating site where it all began. We love the idea of incorporating that special place into your proposal either by making those dinner reservations or having a celebratory “we’re engaged” drink at the bar where you first laid eyes on each other.

Your Proposal Announcement: You’re sweetheart has just said YES and you can’t wait to share the news with the world. Let’s get creative with it! We love wooden signs with hand painted calligraphy signs saying JUST SAID YES, I’M HOOKED or I CAUGHT THE BEST FISH IN THE SEA. Go above and beyond and record a personal video addressed to your sweetheart having you read out your first messages and sharing your favourite moments. This can always be incorporated into your Save the Date, Engagement Video or even have it played at your Wedding. POF has some great t-shirts for popping the question too!

Hire a Proposal Planner: You knew I was going to slip that in somewhere! Finding that person that truly understands your story and someone that you trust is so important. I personally have a POF success story and can’t wait to hear yours! Together we’ll make sure no detail goes unnoticed and that you have an incredible photographer there to capture all of the magic.



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