Steve Kuchka

Fused Diamond Hard Core History nerd. Unapologetic Video Gamer. Voracious reader. Husband and Father who shambles from room to room turning off the lights in rooms with nobody in them. Freelance Policy Wonk. Amateur Musician. Citizen of the World. Destroyer of Household Spiders. One Hell of a Mixologist. Chili Savant. Weekend Warrior Mountain Biker. Facebook Flame-War Fighter. Conspiracy Theory Debunker. Executive Director of Waffles. The Last Man on Earth without a tattoo. Above all, Verbose gasbag and fountain of facts. These are the many hats and insults I've worn in my time. Firm believer that the world is an amazing place in every direction as long as you look at things the right way. Be curious about your world and your place in it!