Fall is Coming – 5 Reasons to Start a Running Routine With Your S.O.

Exercise has countless benefits, not just for your own health and happiness, but also for your romantic relationships. Yes, cardio exercises are great for the obvious: heart-health, reducing obesity, decreasing stress, etc. What about improving the stability and satisfaction of your relationship? Establishing a running routine with your S.O. might sound like torture–even for seasoned runners–but it can enhance your relationship and ultimately lead to a happier you.

Here are 5 reasons you should start:

Share a Fitness Goal

Its no secret being in a relationship requires teamwork and effort from each individual on a daily basis. Similarly, setting a running goal requires hard work, dedication and effort to achieve it. Having your S.O. work toward a running goal with you brings you closer together and can boost the quality of your romantic relationship along the way. In fact, Psychology Today explains couples that participate in exciting physical challenges, report feeling more satisfied with their relationship and more in love with their partner.

Pro Tip: Start with a specific running goal in mind, such as completing your first 5k together or running a 10-minute mile. Instead of just saying you’ll run 2-3 times per week together, have an actual milestone so you can get serious about it and establish a routine.

Weight Loss Together

If you and your S.O. are looking for a reason to start running, weight loss is always an added benefit. In fact, 35 percent of people polled started a running routine to lose weight, according to Fit2Run. It’s easier to stay motivated for weight loss when someone is making that commitment alongside you and is invested in your progress. In addition, when you surround yourself with people who do things that you do—eat well, exercise—there’s a very good chance you are going to follow suit, hence why you should do it together. Encourage one another and hold each other accountable.

Pro Tip: It’s common for you and your S.O. to prefer different times of the day to workout. What’s important is that you compromise your schedules to find the time as commitment is key to weight loss. Try trading off—3 days a week you run before work and 2 days after work. Or fit in weekend runs when you can.

Increase in Energy

Do you ever feel like when you come home from work all you and your S.O. have the energy to do is lay around? Exercising, especially in the form of running and cardio, can give you a significant increase in energy. A running routine will give you and your S.O. the boost in energy you both need to be more productive throughout the day and make time for other fun activities to enjoy. Schedule your runs for the week and try your best to stick to them—after a week or two you’ll notice a change in your energy levels.

Pro Tip: Give yourselves a break every now and then. If there’s one thing running teaches you about life, it’s that everyday brings it’s own challenges. It’s okay if you can’t go as fast as you did yesterday and it’s okay to skip a day when you’re just not feeling it. The important thing is that you keep going, together.  

Release Negativity

Running can be a great way for both you and your S.O. to release your anger in a healthy way. It’s easy when frustrated to take your emotions out on the people who mean the most, typically your loved ones. Next time you’re feeling really annoyed with that coworker or stressed about your family and want to take it out on your S.O., suggest lacing up your running shoes and hitting the pavement together. Afterward you’ll guaranteed feel a positive release and significantly less stressed.

Pro Tip: Sometimes it’s better if you don’t try to carry on conversations on your runs when you’re feeling anxious or frustrated. Pop in your ear buds and encourage your S.O. to follow suit—as long as you’re running stride-by-stride, you’re still working together to get to the finish line.

Give Your Relationship a New Dimension

It’s easy to get caught up in the typical day-to-day routine you and your significant other establish and forget how critical quality time together is for your relationship. A running routine can add a whole new dimension to your relationship you might not even know existed. Taking time to concentrate on your health and well-being is very important and if you make a pledge to do it together, it can be very rewarding.

Pro Tip: Try running together first thing in the morning a few days a week—before the notifications, the never-ending to-do list and checking work emails. It will allow the both of you to truly prioritize your alone time together, to clear your minds and just to enjoy each other.

Anxiety Before A Date? Release It With These Tips!

Do you ever get that feeling that anxiety is everywhere? You’re not wrong; studies have shown that struggles with anxiety and depression have been steadily rising in the United States since the Great Depression. No one is exactly sure how this trend got started, or why it’s continued for over 80 years, but we have discovered many ways to help ease anxiety when it rears its ugly head.

Some people use aromatherapy, some meditate, and others spend time coloring. But today, we’re going to talk about a way to relieve anxiety and flood your brain with endorphins: exercise. Not only is exercise great for your physical and mental health, it can often be a great social activity – or even a great date. If you’re nervous about going out with someone you really like, then a nice, active date can be just the thing you need to release that stress and have a great time.

Explore Nature on A Hike

Walking in the woods is a great date activity for folks who love the great outdoors. It’s cheap (sometimes free), the scenery is great, and gives you and your date plenty of time to talk and get to know each other. It’s also great for relieving stress! In fact, a simple, 20-minute walk in the woods can lower stress hormones and anxiety levels. So take a little time to enjoy the fresh air and beauty of nature. You and your date will be at ease and having fun before you know it!


Go For A Run

I know, running doesn’t seem very sexy. You’re sweaty and breathing hard, your heart is pounding… well, actually, nevermind. The point is that running is a great way to relieve anxiety (runner’s high is real, you know), and the health benefits of a good old fashioned jog are out of this world. See if your date is interested in taking in a run and catching coffee or a smoothie afterward. You’ll both feel happier after.


Get Some Peace of Mind with Yoga

Yoga has been lauded as a great exercise for ebbing the flow of anxiety and stress. Along with stretching and strengthening the muscles, yoga focuses on deep breathing, which can help settle the mind. So if you’re waiting for your date and your mind is going a mile a minute, take a beat and relax with a few gentle yoga poses. You won’t believe how much calmer you feel!

Also, if you’re really feeling adventurous, and you’re comfortable with your date (probably not a first-date idea), you could take a class together or try out some two-person poses. Who knows – things might heat up.


Reconnect With Your Inner Child

Do you ever remember being stressed out as a kid (I hope not)? No, those were the happy, carefree days, when everything was fun and easy. So why not take your date back to those good old days? Try playing a fun game you loved as a kid, like capture the flag or freeze tag, and soon enough you’ll both be loosened up and full of endorphins. Or if you’re looking for something more gravity defying, get on a trampoline and see if you can still do backflips like you used to!


The next time you’re feeling anxious, sad, or overwhelmed by everyday life, don’t worry – just get on your workout clothes and try some of these exercises. Trust us, it will be nearly impossible to not have fun.