Your POF Summer Horoscope!

Whether your a skeptic or a believer; have you ever wondered if there was any research to back up horoscope predictions found in the backs of your favorite lifestyle magazines or newspaper?

PlentyOfFish has some answers for you!

Based on data from success couples whom met on the site, the PlentyOfFish research team was able to uncover the truth behind relationship success and compatibility of all the star signs.

Data revealed…

People born between November 22 and December 21 have the highest relationship compatibility with all star signs. To weigh in on the findings and explain why Sagittarius may be the luckiest in love, Astrologer Tracy Allen explains,

“Sagittarius is a sign of exploration. Due to a Sag’s glass-half-full attitude, his or her first response, to a match, would be to assume the best and take a chance. Sagittarians’ hunger for learning, leads them to embrace a broad range of people who are very different from them. Sagittarius may be pleasantly surprised for the next couple of years when it comes to dating.”

Whether Sagittarius is looking for a summer fling or a long term romance, this star sign won’t be short of options. 

Check out your love prediction below and who your best and worst matches are!

Love Among The Stars