5 Reasons to Date an Outdoorsy Guy

Whether you live, sleep and breath outdoor living or prefer a more ‘at home’ lifestyle, there are tons of great reasons why dating an outdoorsy man might be the solution to your dwindling motivation towards fixing up yet another bland and predictable date. Sure, there are some things about mountain men that don’t tick all the boxes, but we all know there’s no such thing as the perfect man – right?! So, here’s why outdoorsy guys are the next best thing and setting up some adventurous dates might turn things around for you this year.

Shiny Happy People

Those who spend lots of time doing the things they love tend to be pretty stoked on life. Couple this passion with physical activity and its serotonin boosting effects, and it is no surprise that outdoorsy guys are pretty upbeat, happy and generally fun to be around. And what could make a gal happier than being with a happy guy?

Hot Property

Let’s not pretend looks aren’t important – they are, and whilst most outdoorsy men won’t spend more time in front of the mirror than you, they sure know how to look after their bodies. As their main tool to happiness, they will take great lengths to getting strong and fit for optimal performance in their sport. The results are there to be enjoyed – so embrace them!

Big Softies

To fully enjoy the wilderness in all it’s glory, most outdoorsy guys have a deep and honest respect for their playground and it’s preservation. Their tough exterior is easily broken down by their love of animals and nature, exposing a soft and considerate quality that is irresistible to even the most cynical amongst us.

Easily Pleased

The way to the hearts of wilderness wanderers is a straightforward journey, with great value placed upon the simple things in life. So forget about fast cars and expensive bars, you’ll get more out of your outdoorsy guy over a good mug of coffee with a perfect view. Their passions make them super easy to buy for too, with gear, gadgets, guide books and maps, all being essential to outdoor junkies. Receiving them as a gift will make them (and you) even more precious.

Practically Perfect

…with their hands, and they love to show it. Rigging up some shelter at a rain-drenched BBQ is an irresistible opportunity to prove their practical abilities and score huge man-points whilst they’re at it. But that can-do, problem solving, fix-it attitude (when backed up with actual skills) doesn’t come along every day. So before you go hiring an expensive service to sort out your domestic mishaps, fix up some dates with outdoorsy guys and ask them how skillful they really are with their hands!