5 Tips For a Fresh New Year and New Outlook on Love

Starting a new year always reminds me of what it was like back in school. We had new books; pristine blank pages that were waiting to be written on. It’s an exciting time of the year and the perfect time to put a jolt of positive perspective into your love life.

It’s also the ideal time to be clear on what you want to achieve and if finding a fulfilling relationship is one of those goals, then it’s important to set up a strategy to encourage that.

Here are 5 practical tips to help you make this year a new year of love:

Choose your focus

Before you do anything, decide what it is that you want. Then choose to focus on what makes your wish a reality. Whatever we invest our time, energy, thoughts, actions, finances and emotions into, is what will grow. What are you truly looking out to accomplish and tackle in 2018?

Create opportunities

Love won’t just fall into our lap without us doing anything to make it happen. You have to create opportunities and be proactive in manifesting the things you want. This isn’t about being desperate but instead realizing that we have to apply effort to get results. You can meet people through a variety of different means: dating apps, classes, workshops, events, meet up groups, you name it!

Stay educated

If you keep doing what you have always done in the past and are not yielding results, you may want to look for more guidance and educate yourself on what is needed to build a healthy and happy relationship., Know your strengths and outsource your weaknesses.

Set the standards

It’s important to set the standard right from the start. Make sure your boundaries reflect your true worth, not your fears or past breakup headaches. The tone in which you set at the beginning of any relationship whether romantic or not, is what will really determine who is worth investing your time in or not.

Have fun along the way

Things don’t always go to plan, but that’s OK. The moment we take ourselves too seriously is the moment we take the potential out of finding joy in the journey. Learn to laugh at the dates that didn’t go right and grow from each and every opportunity.

Your 2018 can be the best year yet, but that is up to not only what you do but also how you react to what it throws at you. Like anything in life, we have to ask ourselves how bad do we want it? Enough to do what is required and also enough to wait patiently for it.


Love Lessons Learned From Broad City’s Fourth Season

As we all sit in mourning because the recent season of one of the most brilliant comedic programs – Broad City – has come to an end, it’s imperative to reflect on the lessons learned alongside the protagonists, Abbi and Ilana. The fourth season of Broad City, which aired in September on Comedy Central, took the regular comedic tone of the show and turned it on its head; more character growth, further topical discussion, and of course, life lessons. Each season, viewers garner a deeper insight into Abbi and Ilana’s relationship. This season, within the heavy supply of empowering material, Abbi and Ilana (the creators, not the characters) were sure to throw in some low key lessons of love as well – enthusiastically leading us to explore them.

Ep. 02: Twaining Day

Lesson: Don’t force something that isn’t there.

Man, I feel like Abbi and Trey’s secret turned not-so-secret relationship just started. Though Trey was smitten with Abbi, the two didn’t share the same level of infatuation. Abbi confused lust for romantic longing, inevitably creating an awkward situation between her and the Garden State superfan. Their re-run relationship was bound to fail. You can’t force feelings.

Ep. 03: Just the Tips

Lesson: There is never a need to rush into anything.

After being accused of “not being a relationship person,” Abbi’s insecurities lead her to mentally jump into a relationship that isn’t there. After seeing Mike for a mere 6 days, Abbi convinces herself that she is not only in a long term relationship, but is now a relationship guru. In this episode we learn that you never need to rush into anything romantically. Also, giving relationship advice when you’re fresh into one can sometimes be pretty dang creepy.

Ep. 04: Mushrooms

Lesson: Respect your body’s process.

When Ilana is faced with her ideal situation – being approached by an open minded couple for a threesome, of course – her body doesn’t respond the way she wants it to; she can’t figure out why her body isn’t quite as excited about the experience as her mind is. After some trials (and tribulations), Ilana and the couple come to realize that it’s not going to work. This is just another subtle reminder to trust your body; it knows what’s up, sometimes before your mind does.

Ep. 06: Witches

Lesson: Celebrate your sexuality.

There is something affecting Ilana which is preventing her from performing sexually, the way she is used to. After a visit with a sex therapist it is revealed that the source of her sexual angst lays in the results of the American presidential election. Sexuality shouldn’t be a realm of negativity; never let anything big or small stand in the way of your sexual pleasure!

Ep. 08: House-Sitting

Lesson: If a situation feels hazardous, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS.

Abbi reconnects with one of her high school teachers, making her feel a tinge uneasy. The two agree to spend the evening together on a first date of sorts, but along the way red flags are revealed about the teacher which Abbi questions, and ignores. If you feel uneasy, always trust your gut.

Ep. 08: House-Sitting

Lesson: Check in with your SO; treat the relationship as it grows.

Lincoln + Ilana 4ever! Our favourite TV dentist by day, pasta connoisseur by night,  Lincoln and half of BC’s witchy heroine team, Ilana, have finally solidified the bounds of their enigmatic connection. From what we have gathered in the first three seasons of Broad City, Ilana doesn’t have much experience in the realm of serious relationships (aside from her friendship with Abbi). As such, when she is finally able to call Lincoln her “boyfriend” she takes it on and wears it as a badge of honour, embracing it probably too fully. In one night they manage to go from the relationship highs (dressing up, showing each other off), to the getting comfy stage (a farting contest – more or less), to the lows (fear of being too comfortable, lack of sex). It’s great that Ilana is at the ready to recharge the relationship by being creative – even if it is unwarranted. But, Lincoln’s advice is what we’re here for. He reminds her that it’s important to check in with one another and take things step by step, at your own pace. That Lincoln, so wise.

The Busiest Day for Online Dating is Almost Here!

If your new year’s resolution is to find love, then listen up!

This Sunday, January 7, 2018, is predicted to be the busiest day of the year for online dating, according to Plenty of Fish data. The best time for users to log into their POF app and start chatting with other singles is at 9pm. Signups are expected to reach 117,139, which means plenty of potential matches at your fingertips!

Not sure where to begin? Here are my top tips to get you started on the right path:

Take a Deep Breath:, Trust me, it helps ease the pang of anxiety that comes with sending someone a first message, or meeting someone new for the first time. You are in total control of your dating life, so don’t let it overwhelm you. You’ve got this, just take one step at a time.

Download a Dating App: There a bunch of different dating apps out there, you just need to find the right fit for you! Plenty of Fish offers a free membership with an upgraded user option that unlocks additional features, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Make a Dating Profile: It’s not as hard as it sounds, I promise! Here’s a helpful tip straight from the POF research team: Users who take 20 minutes to complete their profile on Plenty of Fish are 80% more likely for men and 55% more likely for women to leave the site in a relationship. How’s that for success!

A great profile starts with highlighting your interests like music, food, activities, and things that are most important to you like your family, pets, and career. Add a couple of great photos and you have yourself quite the winning profile.

Start Talking: “But what do I say to someone I’m interested in?” you ask. We’ve got you covered. The Plenty of Fish team, with help from Conversation Expert, Celeste Headlee, came up with 12 conversation starters that will have you chatting in no time, find them here. 

If you sign up to POF, you can turn to the in-app feature Spark for some ice-breaker inspo. The feature actually let’s you comment any any part of another user’s profile, making conversation easier to initiate!

Set Up a Date: When you’re active on a dating app, most of the time, your end goal is to set up a date with someone you’re interested in. I highly recommend the coffee date for starters. It’s short, sweet, in a public place (safety first), and if you’re not clicking, it’s easier to cut this type of date short vs. a sit down dinner.

Follow Up: If the date goes well, don’t forget to follow up to let that person know you had a great time. A quick text, or message through the app is perfect. Also, try to set up your next date shortly after, so there is no time wasted, or a missed opportunity.

Make 2018 your year and enjoy every moment of it!









Ghosts Of Exes Past – 3 Tips To End Your Bad Dating Habits

Between the mistletoe, sappy TV adverts, and Mariah Carey songs, it’s easy to fall under the Christmas romance spell.

Side effects of the Christmas romance spell include: wondering if Dave from the Accounts Departments is actually your one true love, or spending a lot of time at the ice rink waiting to fall into the arms of Prince/Princess charming!

**Spoiler alert: Dave probably isn’t your soul mate, but even if he is, tequila-drunk at the Christmas party isn’t the best time to explore this option.

If you’re serious about finding romance this Christmas, it’s time to look away from the spell-bounding glitter and twinkling lights, and start reflecting on what habits you may want to change.

Ignore the Ghosts of Romances Past

You’re back in your hometown for Christmas and out for a few drinks at your old local. It’s snowing outside. The pub door swings open and in he/she walks: your ex. It all feels a bit magical, right?


It’s a pretty stark truth that not many of us like to hear, but if a relationship didn’t work in the past, it probably won’t work again in the future.

Now I know what you’re thinking – your relationship is different:

 “It just wasn’t the right time or circumstances back then. We can make it work this time.” 

Honestly, you most likely won’t make it work this time either. You’re only going back because it may be comfortable, easy and familiar. And there’s snow.

Remember: You’re the Present

If going on a date feels more like a job interview than having fun, you may need to re-think your approach. Rather than trying spew as many impressive facts about yourself, remember a conversation takes two to tango! Ask questions about them and get to know each other through thoughtful conversation.

You need to remember that you’re the prize that your date would be lucky to win. Know your own self-worth and your natural fabulousness will shine brighter than the star atop your tree.  Get more confidence with some advice from yours truly: dating expert Michael Valmont.

Keep your Drive Towards the Future

It’s easy to become despondent whilst dating, especially at Christmas. Between nosy Aunts at family parties and endless engagements, you might feel under pressure to be in a relationship.

Don’t panic and rush into a relationship with the wrong person.

Think of dating like being stuck in traffic: it feels like you’re not moving. It’s tempting to get off at the next exit and figure out how to get to the destination from there.

Remember that even though it feels like you’re not getting very far, you are headed in the right direction. Don’t settle for the relationship equivalent to a road paved with speed bumps. You know where you want to be. Don’t lose your direction.

Sharing The Bed With A New Partner? Here’s How To Cope With The 6 Most Common Sleep Personalities

So you may be single, or you may be new to a relationship, or maybe you’re just someone who snuggles with their friends or roommates. Whatever the case may be, at some point we have all felt the discomforts associated with sharing the bed. Science has proven that sharing the bed with a partner actually provides a range of health benefits including the reduction of stress-related hormones. Sleep is an undoubtedly personal and important aspect of our lives, one in which all of us need and many if not most of us cherish – so let’s make the best of our rest!

Here are 6 common sleep personalities and simple ways to cope with them:


If you haven’t experienced trying to fall asleep with a snorer in the room (or even the room next door) consider yourself lucky! This discomforting sleep distraction troubles newer couples the most; you can fall asleep first or sleep in a separate room, this works for longer-term relationships. Otherwise, try to train a person to sleep on their side or stomach, this should help to prevent all the noise. You may have to position pillows so the snorer is on their side can’t flip over.

Bed Hog

We’ve all had those quick lapses while falling asleep where we feel like we’re falling and quickly jolt awake. A feeling that is worse than that is actually falling off the bed because you share the mattress with a starfish! A good nudge will fix that issue. If it is a matter of blanket thievery, having extra bedside essentials within reach will do the trick.

Hot Sleeper

Some prefer to sleep with the heat on and others want to blast the AC. Finding this balance is a must. For an optimal sleeping environment the temperature should be between 60 – 67 degrees fahrenheit. Your body temperature decreases as you transition deeper into your sleep. Consider investing in a well-designed mattress (open cell foam) and breathable bedding to sleep cool.

Restless Sleeper

We lead busy lives and our days often exhaust us. Restless sleepers are hard to share the bed with, and the constant rolling and never settling movement makes you restless as well. Consider limiting the distractions in the bedroom – anything that stimulates our minds around bedtime makes it harder to wind-down and should be avoided. Find your unique way to shut down, relax, and destress before hitting the sack – creating a bedtime routine/ritual is a great first step.

Night Owl

There’s a reason it’s harder for us to fall asleep than our generations past. Artificial light (computers, cellphones, tablets ) and good sleep do not pair well and confuses our eyes and minds. If you are dealing with a night owl, set a lights-out-time and limit the use of electronics after dark.


Whether it’s a pup or a partner, snugglers are not for everyone. Snuggling is proven to be healthy for our overall sense of comfort but there’s a fine line between healthy and clingy. Take turns in various positions until you find what works for both (or all) of you!

What kind of sleeper are you?!