Top 5 Netflix Shows to Bond With Your Partner Over

I think we can all agree that the most difficult part about a relationship isn’t the sacrifices, or anxiety, or cohabitating. It’s deciding what to watch on TV, obviously. Picture it, the idyllic night in, involving all the staples: a cozy blanket, your University hoodie, a glass bottle of wine, a bowl of popcorn with melted butter on top (because YO-freakin’-LO), and your partner in comfy town. The only thing this coveted situation is in need of is something to watch. Familiar classics like Friends or The Office will satiate you for a time but before long one of you will be scrolling through Instagram or asleep before Ross even finds out about Monica and Chandler. This is a slippery slope indeed, a choose your own adventure of sorts.

5 Tips For a Fresh New Year and New Outlook on Love

Starting a new year always reminds me of what it was like back in school. We had new books; pristine blank pages that were waiting to be written on. It’s an exciting time of the year and the perfect time to put a jolt of positive perspective into your love life.

Love Lessons Learned From Broad City’s Fourth Season

As we all sit in mourning because the recent season of one of the most brilliant comedic programs – Broad City – has come to an end, it’s imperative to reflect on the lessons learned alongside the protagonists, Abbi and Ilana. The fourth season of Broad City, which aired in September on Comedy Central, took the regular comedic tone of the show and turned it on its head; more character growth, further topical discussion, and of course, life lessons. Each season, viewers garner a deeper insight into Abbi and Ilana’s relationship. This season, within the heavy supply of empowering material, Abbi and Ilana (the creators, not the characters) were sure to throw in some low key lessons of love as well – enthusiastically leading us to explore them.

The Busiest Day for Online Dating is Almost Here!

If your new year’s resolution is to find love, then listen up!

This Sunday, January 7, 2018, is predicted to be the busiest day of the year for online dating, according to Plenty of Fish data. The best time for users to log into their POF app and start chatting with other singles is at 9pm. Signups are expected to reach 117,139, which means plenty of potential matches at your fingertips!

Ghosts Of Exes Past – 3 Tips To End Your Bad Dating Habits

Between the mistletoe, sappy TV adverts, and Mariah Carey songs, it’s easy to fall under the Christmas romance spell.

Side effects of the Christmas romance spell include: wondering if Dave from the Accounts Departments is actually your one true love, or spending a lot of time at the ice rink waiting to fall into the arms of Prince/Princess charming!

**Spoiler alert: Dave probably isn’t your soul mate, but even if he is, tequila-drunk at the Christmas party isn’t the best time to explore this option.

Sharing The Bed With A New Partner? Here’s How To Cope With The 6 Most Common Sleep Personalities

So you may be single, or you may be new to a relationship, or maybe you’re just someone who snuggles with their friends or roommates. Whatever the case may be, at some point we have all felt the discomforts associated with sharing the bed. Science has proven that sharing the bed with a partner actually provides a range of health benefits including the reduction of stress-related hormones. Sleep is an undoubtedly personal and important aspect of our lives, one in which all of us need and many if not most of us cherish – so let’s make the best of our rest!

When It Comes to Conversation, Here’s Why We Don’t Take Our Own Advice

We seem to agree, overall, on what behavior is unacceptable in the context of conversation. The new study from Plenty of Fish reveals the broad agreement that it’s wrong to “ghost” someone you are dating, yet a sizable number of people have done it to someone else. The study also shows that people of all ages think emojis are a terrible way to flirt, but consumer research shows 92% of online consumers use them to communicate.

Why 90% of Singles Choose Conversation Over Sex

It makes for a striking headline: most people would rather spend the night talking than having sex. That’s the takeaway from a recent study sponsored by dating app Plenty of Fish, and it may surprise you.

But ask yourself this question: what does a relationship mostly consist of, sex or conversation? As I see it, lack of healthy communication is a more common cause of divorce than sexual issues. You will learn more about a person over the course of a 3-hour chat than if you spent that time in bed (unless you were talking the whole time).

Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

Planning a wedding is certainly exciting, but it’s also downright exhausting. Fortunately, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, or rather, sunlight…and perhaps a sandy beach kissed by turquoise blue waters and a hammock built for two, where you and your new husband can melt away all the stress that you endured while planning your dream wedding.

From BFF to Bae – Turning the Friend Zone into a Touchdown

The reason I asked you here is – I have something to say to you. I didn’t realize it until last night, but the truth is, I realize that I don’t just ‘like‘ you. I actually ‘like-you, like-you‘.

Arnold’s confession to Lila in the park on Hey Arnold, echoed through my mind as I came to the realization that I didn’t just ‘like‘ my childhood best friend – I actually ‘liked-him, liked-him‘.

If you’ve found yourself in a similarly awkward situation, don’t fret. Here’s a roadmap for navigating the path from best friend to boyfriend.

-Assess the Situation-

Before making any decisions, you’ll need to pin-point exactly when you started having feelings for your bff.

Did he do something special that tugged at your heart-strings? Did he support you when you were going through a tough time? Did your feelings simply blossom over the years?

Understanding what it was that made you fall, will help you figure out how to move forward.

In my case, I realized that romantic feelings for my bff came to fruition after sophomore year of college. Before then, I’d always known that he was perfect boyfriend material, I just didn’t see him in ‘that way‘. But when he came home from college that year, he was taller, slimmer, and a lot cuter than before. I eventually became attracted to him, and not just his personality. So, what’s a girl to do now?

-Develop a Plan of Action-

Once you know what has triggered your temporary insanity, it’s time to develop a plan. As with all plans, there’s offense and defense.

If you or your best friend are already in relationships with other people, then you should be playing defense. Your job here is to wait for an opening. Don’t ruin your friend’s relationship, or yours, by revealing your feelings right away. Let your other relationships take their natural course. If you think that you may be losing interest in your current flame, take time to re-evaluate your situation – it may be time for you to move on from them.

Meanwhile, continue to support your friend without being disrespectful to them or their partner, and without over-stepping your boundaries. Karma is real, and you don’t want to start off a new relationship with one of the most important people in your life, plagued by bad juju.

If you’ve only recently discovered your romantic feelings, then you should also be playing defense. Don’t rush to spill the beans if it’s too soon. This is an important decision, and it could potentially go great, or not-so-great. So, make sure that your feelings are real, and not just fleeting. This may mean waiting days, weeks, even months if necessary, until you’re sure. It took me a year of failed dates and denial until I could definitively admit to myself that I had real feelings for my best friend, and that I wanted to explore them.

When your mind is made up and each of you are emotionally available, it’s time to switch to offense.

-Implement the Offensive Plan-

The plan for offense is simple – figure out what to say, and when to say it.

This is a delicate situation; it’ll be stressful, you’ll be anxious, and there will be pressure. To alleviate some of the tension, express yourself in the simplest way possible, and in a comfortable environment.

Remember that above all, this is your friend, and you’ll want to maintain your friendship regardless of what happens. Planning a grand gesture that could potentially backfire, may damage the chances of your friendship returning to where it was before. So be cool, be confident, wait until you have their full attention, and let them know how you feel.

Here’s how I approached this situation: Senior year of college during fall break, I met up with my bff for dinner – nothing out of the ordinary. We talked and had a great time, and on the way home, I told him that I ‘liked-him, liked-him‘. Nervously, I awaited his response.

-Take a Deep Breath, Then Exhale-

Once you’ve revealed your deepest, darkest secret – relax. Regardless of what happens, it’s not the end of the world. Don’t pressure him for an answer right away. This is news to him, and he may need time to process it.

If he doesn’t feel the same way you do, at least you got it off your chest. You took a risk and put yourself out there. You’ll feel like a weight was lifted, and things will still work out the way that they’re meant to.

If he does feel the same way, then prepare for some changes.

-Embrace the Change-

After the initial shock of my reveal, my best friend admitted that he liked me too, and we decided to give dating a shot.

Despite being good friends, it was a big adjustment. You learn a new side of someone when you start dating them, regardless of how well you knew them before.

Like any other couple, you’ll argue and disagree. The good thing is, you’ll have a solid friendship to fall back on as you overcome these common challenges.

If you weren’t previously affectionate, you’ll have to gradually let your relationship become more intimate. It may take some time, but remember that you two have natural chemistry from being friends. Let your romantic relationship evolve organically; don’t force anything, just go with the flow.

Things will change, but sometimes, change is good.

Six years ago, I took a risk with dating my best friend, and things changed. Six years later, we’re happily married and having a blast together.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance on love. If you’re willing to take a risk, you may find a touchdown waiting for you beyond the friend zone.