What Not To Wear On A Date!


Famous last words of anyone heading out the door before a date!

Dates are already stressful enough – Deciding where to go, what to say and inevitably, what to wear! Today I am here to help you, by explaining what you should NOT wear on a first date!

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Crocs – Exhibit A, says it all. This foot wear is far too casual and it looks like you’re about to trim the hedges or water the plants.

Exhibit A.


Socks with Sandals – How this ever became a ‘thing,’ I will never know. Anything is better than this – if you’re wearing socks, simply pull them off and Velcro those bad boys up. Or, here’s a good one, keep the sandals in the closet and put on shoes. Problem solved. 

Exhibit B.


Stained Anything – This look tells me you just ate a Sloppy Joe and used your shirt as a napkin. Stop double dipping into your dirty hamper and put on that crisp laundered outfit you remembered to wash the night before your date! But seriously – this rule should apply to your every day routine. 

Exhibit C.


Shants and Sheeves – For those of you new to these two terms, they may be my favorite words of all time. 

Shants are short-pants, but not any old short pant. Shants are pants that hang just a touch shorter than they should. They are pant’s awkward cousin. Exhibit D, is a person who needs to read this article and a perfect example of someone rocking socks with sandals and a good ol’ pair of shants. How to know when you’re wearing shants? Take a seat and if the pants linger above your calves, they are SHANTS.

Exhibit D.


Now you may have guessed what Sheeves are based on the definition of Shants.

Sheeves (a word, I believe, I made up) are short-sleeves that fall in that no man’s land between your wrist and elbow. A sweater or shirt, that is clearly too small for you, will inevitably come with a pair of sheeves.  

Exhibit E.


Uncomfortable Heels – Okay, I always feel my best in a great pair of heels but let’s get serious. The last thing you want to do after saying goodbye to your date is trot away looking like Bambi. Comfortable heels do exist ladies! 

Exhibit F.

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Too much cologne or perfume – THE WORST – Everyone knows a date that smells good, is a date to remember; but, when perfume or cologne is applied like lotion, it’s toxic!

Exhibit G.


Gym Gear – Even though you look totally cute in your new gym ensemble, this outfit does not cut it on a first date! Arriving in your sports tank and shorts will immediately suggest you’ve come straight from your sweaty work out. Talk about a smelly first impression. This shows you didn’t take even a little bit of time or effort to look presentable. 

Exhibit H.


See Through Anything – Leave a little something up to the imagination! If you do plan on wearing anything sheer on a date, I suggest a solid tank or bando to go underneath. Save that super sexy number for a girls night out.

Exhibit I.


There you have it; my top 7 What Not To Wears on your first date. Now do yourself a favor and burn those crocs.