7 Misconceptions About Women And Dating

Dating in your late twenties to early thirties as a female can prove to be somewhat of a challenge based on what a lot of men think you may or may not want at this age. Oftentimes, men will seek women 3-4 years younger because they don’t want to feel pressure to “settle down.” Well fellas, I am providing you with a list of the most common thought misconceptions about women and dating!

She wants you to play it cool

Being attentive is extremely attractive to a woman. She wants to know whether you’re interested or not, so make this apparent through your actions. Being ice cold, telling her you’re busy for the next week and failing to initiate conversation, will give her the impression you simply are not interested. Congrats, you just lost her. Playing it cool because you’re afraid of looking desperate is the worst thing you can do. If you’re eager to hang out, pick up the phone and give her a call! None of this back and forward texting every few hours bullsh*t.

She is obsessing over you

Sorry to break the news but chances are she has another date lined up for the week and you, sir, are not the only one in the picture. Just because you had one fantastic date, doesn’t mean she’s refreshing her social accounts to see if you’ve added her as a friend. In fact, this is kind of creepy and I suggest holding off on the Facebook friend request for awhile. Dating is fun and women like to see what options are out there!

She always expects you to pay 

Having a first date paid for is a nice gesture but a woman likes to treat her man as well. If you start to pay for everything, this may make her extremely uncomfortable. If she says, let me get the bill this time, let her do it! 

She prefers to cuddle over sex 

Ludicrous! I’m sure most women would agree that sex is among the top three things that comes to mind most during the day…next to food. Women enjoy sex and much prefer a steamy romp over a fully clothed spooning session. As Olivia Newton John would say…let’s get physical!

She wants a relationship

Just because she’s putting herself out there, doesn’t automatically mean she’s looking for anything serious. Like I stated above, women enjoy sex just as much as you do, so she may just be interested in a fun summer fling. And if you’re unsure, just ask. Women have a pretty good idea as to what they want, and will let you know, if you take the time to ask.

She wants you to be an alpha male 

Women want a guy who’s comfortable showing vulnerability. Women aren’t afraid of your emotions, so let her in and show your softer side. The only way you’ll get to know one another is connecting through conversation that goes deeper than surface level banter. Trust me, no woman wants to sit across from Mr. Roboto. 

She wants marriage and babies NOW 

She may never want to get married, true story guys. Also, not all women have baby fever! In fact, many women in their mid – late twenties are focused on their career and cringe at the thought of having a little one. Relax guys, and if you’re really worried about where her head is at, engage in a conversation about your future.