The Worst Advice To Give A Single Person

When it comes to relationships, just about everyone believes they are the expert at giving quality advice. In the same breath, many will give the disclaimer “I’m no expert on relationships but…” and will proceed to give solicited or unsolicited advice. The disclaimer is always added to protect them in the future, should their advice fail when all is said and done.

When giving someone dating advice, it is most important to consider their moral values. Below is a list of my TOP 3 worst kinds of advice to give any single person.

Unsolicited Advice

Being single isn’t some sort of disease that a person needs to get rid of, it is perfectly fine to be single! As a single/unattached individual, there is plenty of room for correction and adjustment in the world of dating, and sometimes your own experience is the greatest teacher. Allowing someone to spread their wings and make their own mistakes will naturally lead them to seek the counsel of individuals they know, value and trust. When someone asks you for advice it is a key sign they are willing to receive it!

Non-Principle Based Advice

No matter who you are, where you’re from or what your sexual preference is, a relationship can only work (long-term) if it is based on a core set of morals, values and principles. Advice that is solely based on bias emotion and a poor set of values, will only yield short-term results and land someone in hot water. By administering principle-based advice, the success of one’s relationship can be measured by the results that come from its foundation.

Biased Advice

There isn’t a single person on the planet that can walk in someone else’s shoes, even if they tried. Often times, advice is given out based on how the self proclaimed “expert” feels personally about the situation. The adviser can not strictly be thinking about themselves when attempting to give adivce. Advice that is given based on personal preference and not based on principle can tip the scales unfavorably and cause undesirable results.

To ensure you are giving the best possible advice to someone who is single, just remember the 3 worst types of advice you can give and try your best to

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