13 Fun Things You Can Do Solo this Spring to Spark Joy in Your Life!

Remember that episode of Friends where Rachel struggles with the idea of taking herself out for dinner? Why was she so uncomfortable being alone?

The idea of taking yourself on a date is not such an eccentric concept afterall. Think of it as “treating yourself” instead. You get to explore what is around you, based on the kinds of interests you have and at your own time and pace. There are so many things to enjoy solo!

Be Yourself and the Rest Will Follow: Julie and Darren’s POF Love Story

Sometimes love takes time. You can be ready for a serious commitment, open yourself up to online dating, put all the necessary effort in, and still find yourself without the connection you crave. After a period of frustration such as this, it can become easy to give up. Julie and Darren didn’t, and after they both decided to give love another chance in the new year, they found each other.

I had joined a few dating sites, over the years. Dated off and on with no connection. I went off before the holidays then decided to try POF January 1st. On January 4th, Darren picked me and the rest is history. – Julie

Obscure Interests Unite: Plenty of Fish Data Reveals if You Have These Interests Listed on Your Profile, You’re More Likely to Leave POF in a Relationship!

So you’re creating your Plenty of Fish account and you’ve arrived at the stage where you can enter your hobbies and interests. What interests should you include? How specific should they be? Will certain interests make you more desirable? These are all valid questions, and the answers are two-fold.

How to Stay Positive and Keep Going After Failed Attempts at Finding a Partner

Searching for love can seem like an endless task. When it begins to feel like an exhausting, grueling mission we tend to lose our zest for it, don’t we? How many times do we have to pick up after a failed attempt at a relationship? Could this person be the one? You’ve paid your dues; it must be, right?

Rejection 101: How to Break Up With Someone Like a Grown-up

Rejection – nobody wants to be on either side of it. Everyone knows it’s a horrible feeling to be rejected, but what people don’t talk about is how hard it is to be the one doing the rejecting. Having to break up with someone is all kinds of awkward, and because of this people have a tendency to take the easy way out (read: ghosting), but it’s not a cool way to end a relationship, no matter how casual or serious. Need help rejecting someone like a grown-up? Read on!

Drop the Checklist: Dating Without Expectations, Here’s How To Nail It!

You know the saying: expectation leads to disappointment? I’m certain your elders warned you not to expect anything from anyone because you’d get let-down. We may not have quite understood that logic when we first heard it but as we grew, our experiences led us to comprehending the reason why. Older and wiser, we know better than to build up our expectations, so why is it so hard to eradicate them from our dating lives or relationships?