The Ultimate Dating Dictionary: Terms You’ve Pretended to Know But Had No Idea What They Meant Until Now!

New dating terms seems to pop up on the daily, and it can be quite confusing to keep up with the latest rising trends. How many times have you politely nodded your head pretending to understand your friend when they’ve said something like this:

How to Break Through Your Mid-Relationship Slump in 7 Easy Steps

As much as we’d like them to be, our relationships are never perfect. We all thrive in the honeymoon phase, experiencing that head-over-heels puppy dog love we see in movies, but it eventually comes to an end and we get into the real stuff. If you’ve been with your partner for a year or more, you’ve probably surpassed your honeymoon time and have settled into your routine as a couple. Routines are great, but sometimes your routine becomes too, well… routine, and you’re left feeling bored or wondering why you don’t feel the spark you once felt in your relationship. This, my friends, is the age-old relationship slump, and it happens to the best of us.

3 Potential Reasons You May Not Be Getting A Second Date

We have all probably gone out on a first date that turned out to be the first and the last, despite our expectations. It’s a lousy situation and can leave you feeling disappointed, especially if the other person decided to ghost you.

Don’t Hold Back: Why Total Honesty Will Strengthen Your Relationships, Romantic or Otherwise

Honesty is an interesting trait. When asked what we look for in a partner or friend, the vast majority of people will place honesty pretty high on their list. Most of us crave honesty in intimate relationships, yet often we find ourselves withholding the truth from our loved ones in order to ‘spare their feelings.’ These white lies are usually seen as fairly innocent, but when they start to become your default mode of communication, and you’re not expressing how you truly feel, your relationships can start to suffer. Not convinced? Here are three reasons why getting rid of those little white lies will actually end up strengthening your relationships.

6 Tips to Follow When Travelling with a Partner for the First Time

Everybody loves traveling, and there is no better vacation than with your partner. Traveling together can only strengthen your relationship, but if it’s your first time together on a long-distance trip, you need to be prepared. You both might be nervous before your first trip, but if your relationship is based on mutual trust and compromise, you shouldn’t worry about something going wrong. Nevertheless, here are some great tips for your first travel together, so you can both enjoy to the fullest.

Should I Get Back With My Ex? 5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Reuniting With An Old Flame

Should I get back with my ex? If this is a question currently looming in your mind, you’ve come to the right place to gain some clarity. There are a few questions you should probably ask yourself before heading straight into a relationship, that has already ended once (or maybe even twice) before.