Why Fall is the Perfect Time To Prioritize Your Dating Life

Tis the season of Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and Chai teas; Fall has officially arrived. Summer was filled with late nights, and BBQs with friends and family, but now as the seasons change and the cooler nights roll in, September and October present a perfect time of year to slow down the pace and refocus your priorities on yourself, and your dating life.

The Perfect Season to ‘Fall’ in Love

It’s the season of Pumpkin-Spice Lattes, flourishing fall foliage, cool, crisp autumn air, but most of all, fall is the season of love. The temperatures may have cooled off but it’s time for the romance to heat up. Here are five reasons why autumn is the perfect time to date, and maybe even fall in love.

Plenty of Cozy Date Ideas


When you really take a moment to think about it, there are SO many fun things to do in the fall. Sure, you may need to be a little more creative, but that gives you a chance to try something new!

Go to your local Oktoberfest, snuggle up on a hayride, enjoy some pumpkin beer, go apple picking and make your own hot cider, or carve pumpkins. Just because the weather is a little cooler, doesn’t mean you should hide indoors. Need some inspiration? Here are 20 fun fall date ideas.

Playing Dress Up

After college, we don’t have as many opportunities to dress up for themed parties. So when Halloween comes around, we need to take advantage of this time for some festive fun! Couples costumes are a great way to celebrate the season with your new or longtime beau. Brad and Angelina may not be high on the list this year (too soon?), but there are lots of ideas for fun couples costumes!

Don’t feel comfortable going the couples costume route with your new guy or girl? Challenge each other to come up with the funniest or most creative costume. If you’re more on the edgy side, you can go with politically incorrect ideas. This year’s front runners include Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Just make sure you know your audience, if you plan to wear one of these to a Halloween party.

Scary Movie Marathons


Grab some Halloween-themed snacks, candles, warm blanket, and cuddle up for a scary movie marathon. There’s nothing like snuggling up next to your love to watch some classic Halloween movies. If you’re easily spooked, it’s the perfect excuse to get a little closer.

Haunted Houses


What better way to bond than being chased by ghosts and chainsaw-wielding mad men? Haunted houses are the ultimate, thrill-inducing, heart-pumping date night. Hang onto your significant other and hold on tight!

Before the Holiday Rush


We all know the holidays can be stressful. Making travel plans, finding gifts for loved ones, and attending family gatherings. As a result, people are naturally looking for love during this time of year. When you’re dating in the fall, you have a companion for all those awkward family gatherings (if you’re ready for this step) and a plus one to your office holiday party.

Don’t hide from the cool weather, get out there and have some fun; you never know who or what is waiting for you!

What are your favorite fall activities?

How To Meet Single Guys When It’s Cold Outside

It’s always tempting to stay in during the fall and winter months, especially when the temperature drops below zero and all you want is for spring to arrive. Trust me, I’ve been there. You’re already in sweats and curling up on the couch with Netflix and a glass of wine is sounding better by the minute; the downside is, you’re not going to meet Mr. Right at home on your couch. So you have two options: you can either embrace the cold weather and do a fun winter activity like skiing or ice skating or ignore the cold and do something fun inside!

Ice skating

Ice skating is a great way to embrace the cold winter months. If you really hate the cold. look for indoor ice skating. Have your friends invite some of their friends, preferably single ones, and see what happens. If you’re all having fun, grab drinks or appetizers after!


Go skiing or snowboarding with a group of friends and get everyone to bring along some single friends. Chat with them on the way up the hill and show off your skills on the way down!


Bowling with a group of your friends can be really fun; give it a chance! Trendy bowling alleys are popping up all over, find one that looks fun and get a group together. Meeting groups of singles guys is really easy when you’re bowling in the lane next to them. Make a comment on his form or bond over how horrible your bowling skills are.


Especially after the New Year begins, the gym is overflowing with single and fit guys. Try taking a group fitness class; it’s a good way to get to know more people at your gym on a smaller scale.


Check out microbreweries, there are always a ton of single guys there and it’s a fun way to explore new neighborhoods and taste new beverages!

Sporting event

Go to a basketball or hockey game. Even if you don’t meet any single guys, it’s always a ton of fun to go to a game with your friends.

Bar or Restaurant with a fireplace

Cozy restaurants and bars are always more popular in the winter. Order a hot toddy and make eye contact with local patrons who are also trying to warm up.

Winter events

Keep up to date on winter events like your local winter carnival. There are always fun things going on in your city. Check out Facebook events or your local Meetup site and see what your friends are doing.

Staying inside and socially hibernating during the winter may seem like alternative to braving the cold, but make the most of it and get out and have some fun! Stop asking yourself where the single men are; they’re out enjoying life and you should be too!