9 Ways To Help Put The Spark Back In Your Relationship

When you first begin dating someone, everything is new and exciting, and you really enjoy each other. Over time, even though your feelings may be even stronger, the newness and excitement seems to disappear, and relationships seem more like work than fun and romantic. A relationship is like anything else you do in life. In order for it to be a success, you need to work at it. Today we are going to take a look at 10 ways that you can put that spark back into your relationship.

5 Ways to Know You Are Absolutely Positively in Love

Love. So often we use the word but not nearly as often do we reflect on what it really means. While the definition of love is as diverse and complicated as the people who experience it, here are five of the ways to know you are absolutely, positively in love!

You can be 100 % yourself

The beginning of a relationship is a truly exciting time, consumed with wonderful, intoxicating, almost too good to be true feelings over another person. This is the honeymoon phase where each of you can see no wrong in each other and always put your best foot forward For some, this means going to great lengths; perhaps even sleeping in full glam makeup or strictly wearing only your least comfortable, yet most attractive outfits. Sweatpants are, for the time being, banished to the darkest corner in your closet…Not that I or any woman has ever done that…

The longer the relationship lasts; however, the more your authentic self emerges, which is especially true when living with someone. True love is letting your guard down, surrendering trust in each other, and accepting one another for who you really are behind closed doors.

You share in each other’s happiness

A win for them is a win for you! If your partner got a promotion at work or are beaming after their dance class and you’re truly happy for them, it’s evident, a large part of your happiness resides in them being content.The thought of a life without them has your stomach in knots and it simply it does not make sense. If seeing your partner happy invokes joy within your heart, that is a definite sign that cupid has paid you a visit.

You always want the best for them, even when they drive you crazy

Even the most seemingly perfect couples, rest assured, have their combative moments. But when you truly love someone, annoyance and even anger are overridden by the fact that, at the end of the day you care for this person and will work it out because it’s worth it. It’s not your intention to hurt one another, because in doing so, it takes an immediate affect on you as well.

You’re best friends

Yes, it may sound cliché but is there any truer sign of love than a deep and meaningful friendship? Being able to laugh and feel utter joy in each other’s company, whether it’s simply staying up late talking or going on adventures around the world, is all made better knowing that you’d never want to do it with anyone else, but your best friend.

Time tells all

In the end, time reveals to us whether something is meaningful or fleeting. It’s can be difficult sometimes early on into a relationship to identify whether it’s true love or infatuation. A healthy, long lasting relationship requires patience, understanding, and compromise. In time, if you can still easily accept your significant other, including all of their faults, then you can safely bet that you’ve found that elusive, wonderful, all encompassing, true and everlasting love.

If all of the above applies to you, you’re a lucky one! Never let your partner forget what they mean to you because we are never promised tomorrow, so make sure to show that you love them today.