Tips for Navigating Your Love Life On A Dating App

Love, that ethereal four-letter word.  A word that can invoke lust, dreaminess, and frustration. Most certainly never boring and oftentimes all consuming. We seek it when sometimes we shouldn’t, miss it when it’s gone, and embrace it when we find it.

Wedding 101: Tips and Tricks for the Big Day

A couple’s wedding day is one of the most exciting days in their life together. It is a celebration of their love, their way.  From underwater scuba diving weddings to a traditional church ceremony to a backyard barbecue, a couple’s wedding is a testament to who they are as people—and as a couple.

No matter the kind of wedding it is, there are aspects to the day that every bride and groom will face. To avoid the stress and last minute worries; follow my checklist and mark off these milestones on the way to the big day.

During the week of the wedding…

[  ] Confirm transportation  If you are renting a limo or car, always call the rental company to confirm your reservation: including date, time, car model, and pickup location.

[  ] Solidify appointments – Whether you are going to a salon to get your hair and makeup done or having a stylist come to you, it’s important that you confirm your appointments. Avoid a mini-crisis by ensuring that you and the salon/stylist have the correct time and date for the appointment.

[  ] Write your vows – Now is the time! A lot of things can happen in the months leading up to a wedding, so waiting to write your vows the week of is ideal. This way you can add in special moments, vacations, or funny stories that happened during your engagement period without worrying about going back and re-writing.

[  ] Make an emergency kit – Include everything from extra bobby pins, hairspray, stain remover and pain relievers, should any malfunction or headache try to ruin your big day. Make sure you’ve printed out double copies of important documents as well as important phone numbers!

[  ] Make all payments  Instead of waiting for the day of to finish paying your photographer, caterer, or venue, submit final payments the week of the wedding. That way you can focus on getting ready and being present in the moment, instead of worrying about paying everyone for their services.

On your wedding day…

[  ] Rehearse your vows – You’ll likely have been rehearsing throughout the week, but take one final look at your vows—especially if you are not going to be reading them directly from a card.

[  ] Bring wedding bands – It seems obvious but don’t forget the rings! Your wedding bands are a significant part of the ceremony, signifying your commitment as you exchange rings. Whether or not you have a ring bearer, provide the rings to the Best Man for safekeeping. As soon as the Best Man has on his tuxedo, place the rings (in a ring box) inside his tuxedo jacket. That way you know the rings are safe and secure.

[  ] Follow your itinerary – Have a timeline of your appointments, photography sessions, ceremony, and reception. Include the Who, What, Where, and When: Who needs to be at What location (Where) and When? Provide this itinerary to your wedding party, at your rehearsal dinner or the night before.

[  ] Bring cash  There are a lot of servers, caterers, bartenders, decorators, and more who assist in making your wedding a special one. Having extra cash on hand means you can provide a tip to someone who showcased excellent care, someone who went above and beyond to make your day great.

[  ] Bring the wedding emergency kit – Reference above! It won’t be of too much help if it’s forgotten!


Tips And Tricks for Singles This Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, many singles are still scrambling to score a date and last minute costume inspiration. As a resident dating expert at PlentyOfFish, I have the scoop on the spooktacular tips and tricks that are necessary for all singles before this year’s anticipated fright night!

Horror Movie Marathon


Get into the mood with a horror movie marathon! Fortunately this year, Halloween falls on a Saturday, which means you can actually check this one off your list! Not sure what to watch? The movie Halloween has been produced 10 times, so invite a couple friends and pass around the candy corn! Watch the evolution of Mike Myers starting from 1978 to his final resurrection in 2009.

Creative costumes are a conversation starter!


Don’t settle on the “sexy” cop costume that is guaranteed to make an appearance at least 8 times at the party. This is the perfect opportunity for you to standout! Rather than boosting up the ladies with a push up, try to be original, funny or creative! A costume that doesn’t expose your assets, highlights your confidence and will inevitably spark up conversation. Even if no one knows who you are dressed as, it gives them all the more reason to approach you and ask.

Get out there or don’t…


Halloween is the one holiday that caters to all ages! If you are looking to hit the town, you are in for a treat! Almost every club or pub will have live music, dj or dress up contest. Pub crawls are the best option for singles because the opportunity to meet a much larger pool of people is possible. If the first bar doesn’t deliver, move onto the next! “Halloween is a great excuse for a night out or to host a party of your own!” states our very own PlentyOfFish user. For the quieter type, there is no harm in staying in and handing out candy to trick or treaters, because you may just open your door to a hot “single” mom or dad that you can playfully flirt with.

Say hello to the man/woman behind the mask


Don’t be turned off by those hiding behind a mask or bulky costume. A little mystery can be intriguing! Take the time to approach these people. This is a great way to get to know someone’s personality before anything else. Once you’ve broken the ice, the mask may come off and reveal a pleasant surprise.

Don’t drink the whole punch bowl


If you are looking to make a great first impression with a group of fellow singles, it is very important that you pace yourself when it comes to the witches brew! I recommend starting the evening off with a beer, cider or glass of wine. Try choosing a drink with a lower alcohol percentage and stick to it for through the course of the evening. Everyone is different in terms of how much they can consume before the tipping point, so make sure you know your own tolerance before saying yes to the hard bar. If someone offers to buy you drinks, which in many cases they will, make sure you keep track of what you are consuming and stick to the same alcohol you started the evening with. This will eliminate poor judgement and a nasty hangover the following morning.