Kerby & Simon’s Plenty of Fish Love Story

Today we are excited to share a heartwarming success story we received just last week from two former Plenty of Fish members, Kerby and Simon. Simon had given up on finding love due to his experience in a past relationship, but it wasn’t long before Kerby changed his entire outlook on love and on life.

Simon: Kerby messaged me first.

I had given up on love and even promised myself I’d never get married again. I found myself messaging people on Plenty of Fish just looking for friends and casual companionship. I did have “looking for a relationship” on my profile, but in reality I wasn’t looking particularity hard.

I started casually reading profiles after work in the evenings and if I saw a profile I liked I’d just hit the favorite button. One night in May 2015, I happened upon Kerby’s profile.

She was single, pretty, geeky and self reliant. Her profile was detailed and not filled with #s or “if you are X then don’t bother.” Her profile was positive. I “liked” her profile, drank a few beers, watched Friends on Netflix and went to bed.

Kerby: What I love most about Simon is his sense of humor. I decided to message him because he had more than one sentence written in his profile.

Simon: The next morning I woke up and checked my email. It’s a bit of a ritual I have. I noticed I had a POF message from Kerby :).

Kerby: My message read: “Hi. I noticed you liked my profile. I checked yours out and you seem nice. Why didn’t you message me?”

Simon: I sheepishly sent back a message with the reply, “Sorry, I didn’t think you’d respond.” To my surprise, we exchanged emails back and forth for a week before deciding to meet. For our date, I made her sushi and we enjoyed each other’s company.

The next day, I got a notice from my job (I’m in the Canadian military) that I was being sent away for 3 MONTHS, a 16 hour drive from home and Kerby.

During the 3 month course, Kerby and I spoke on the phone nearly every night. When we didn’t talk, we texted. We learned so much about each other through conversation.

Kerby: It was so important for us to communicate every day during the 3 months Simon was away. I had missed him a lot even though we’d hadn’t even known each other for much time.

Simon: We talked about video games, Star Wars, our hopes and dreams. That’s when I knew she was the one. Everything just seemed to line up. Upon realizing she was the one, I decided I couldn’t just wait around, I promised myself I’d ask her out the very next time I saw her.

On the last day of my three month course, I hopped into my car and drove all day and all night to get to Kerby. I got home at 7 am and asked Kerby out as the sun came up. (This was Kerby’s favorite memory)

Kerby has done so much for me since then. She gave me back my confidence, shared my love of Star Trek…she even got me back on stage doing comedy with a group called Geeks Versus Nerds.

I asked Kerby to marry me on September 23, 2017 right before the show at Halifax Comic Con.

She said “Yes!”

Kerby: I’m so excited to get married to Simon and spend the rest of  our lives together.

For the full proposal, you can watch it here:

Making Your Engagement Facebook Official

To say that social media has changed the world would be a colossal understatement. It has changed how we connect with one another, how we learn about current events, and even how we celebrate major milestones in our lives. So when the love of your life finally pops the question, it feels only natural to want to head online and spread the word.

However, engagements and weddings are a very special time – for both the couple and their families. Because of this, there are a few guidelines you should follow to make sure your engagement includes everyone and still gets tons of “likes:”


Take a Moment to Be in the Moment. This is, without question, the most important thing to remember on the day you get engaged.  Make sure you take some time to be really present: remember the setting, what you both were wearing, the way he or she popped the question, and how you felt when you said ‘YES’. After all, it is an important day – the day you’ll share with friends, family, and maybe even kids and grand-kids in retellings over the years.

Tell Family and Close Friends First. I know it may seem convenient to post an engagement selfie and let everyone you know find out about it when they check their feeds. But remember what we said earlier? Engagements are about your families, too. Before you make any announcement on social media, make sure that the most important people in your life (family or even close friends) hear it from you.

Post a Pic of You Both (and That Ring)! Once you’ve celebrated with your future spouse, met with or called all the important people in your lives, and had time to soak in all the love and excitement in the air, you’re ready to make your engagement announcement. Share a loving photo of you and your fiance or a gorgeous ring selfie that shows off your new jewelry – and get ready for all the likes!


Make it All About Your Ring. Your engagement ring may be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, but that doesn’t mean you need to flaunt it too much. Sharing information like the ring’s carat size or cost can come across as…well, tacky. Also, you may open the doors to comparison from your social media friends, and that can lead to dissatisfaction with your own ring, proposal, and even relationship. Best to steer clear of all that.

Share All The Wedding Planning Details.
When you get engaged, it’s natural to let your excitement overflow into productivity. You’re ready for your dream wedding and you want to start planning now! But here’s the reality: the average length of an engagement is 14.5 months, and if you start sharing every detail now, your guests will be burnt out by your special day. Sure, you can share big moments, like the day you pick a date or find your perfect dress, but for the most part keep your plans off the Internet.

Let Social Media Overtake Your Engagement. The 14 months that you spend engaged are a unique time in a person’s life. You spend time planning – for a big party, yes, but also for a lifetime as part of a married couple. It is a special time, filled with love and advice and well-wishes from all kinds of people, both in person and online. It is easy to get swept up in it all, to browse Pinterest and read wedding blogs and thank every cousin that wishes congratulations.

But whatever you do, make sure you take time to unplug and spend a few “IRL” moments just being happy with the love of your life. At the end of your special day, the two of you are what it’s all about.

A PlentyOfFish Proposal!

It’s an incredible moment when you find that sweetheart you want to spend forever with! We get it; online dating can be daunting and completely out of your comfort zone. If you are currently a member on POF, congrats for taking the leap and just know we’re cheering you on. And because we’re all about celebrating love, today we’re celebrating the success story of Junior and Kristina.

How they met:

Junior and Kristina first became members on PlentyOfFish over three years ago.  Kristina remembers seeing Junior’s profile, messaging him and the rest is history. A few messages back and forth turned into texting and eventually they decided to meet.

Junior recalls sitting on the park bench, glancing up every time someone walked by him until that moment he saw Kristina walking towards him on the boardwalk. Life stood still, and in that moment he knew he was going to fall madly in love with her.

And he did just that!

How he asked:

Junior wanted Kristina to feel special and loved all day and didn’t want to feel stressed or nervous about creating that perfect moment. That’s where we came in! Junior contacted us, Sweetheart Events team for his marriage proposal!

Element of Surprise – Junior knew he wanted to completely surprise and wow Kristina but knew he needed help in the planning and execution of it all. In the past, Junior had planned many incredible birthday celebrations and date nights but this time he wanted to make that lasting impression! While scouring the area for that perfect location we stumbled upon this private corner of the seawall with a beautiful view of False Creek and Vancouver’s Cambie Street Bridge.

First Date Location – Knowing that Junior and Kristina first met in the area and spent hours walking and talking along that seawall on their first date, we knew it would be a perfect spot to pop the question.


Personal Touch –We wanted to add personal touches from their relationship, and knew that we wanted to include some of their early messages.  Although we were unable to retrieve the exact messages, Junior shared his favorite memories and feelings from those early days.

The day was filled with brunch, a spa visit and then dinner at the restaurant where they shared one of their first anniversaries. Kristina thought she was just going to dinner but when Junior decided to make a small detour to their plans, she grabbed his hand and went with it…


A path lined with candlelight, wooden signs and sentimental details led them through a timeline of their love story ending with a white linen drape tied back and accented below with gold lanterns and more candles. It was the surprise that Junior was hoping for. He got down on one knee, asked those four little words and Kristina smiled and nodded her head.juniorkristina_proposal_2016-10

They were engaged!

At dinner, Kristina was surprised once again with flowers and two love letters, one from Junior and one from his daughter, a beautiful keepsake to complete the night. Kristina loved the wooden calligraphy signs so much that the couple has since incorporated them into their home and will use them in their wedding.

Congratulations Junior + Kristina!