Best Vacation Ideas for New Couples

Ah, the start of a new romance. It’s a wondrous stage wherein you feel that you’re the first two people to have found love in the history of the world. You’ve taken all the first steps; stayed up too late talking about your childhood, meeting the parents, sex with the lights on. What a time to be alive! This may be well and good, but you’re ready to level up, dammit. You feel comfortable, secure in your newfound relationship bliss that the inevitable next step is to plan a trip.

Unbeknownst to the newly swooned, a vacation can be the best or worst thing for a new couple, it’s all in how you navigate it. You want to avoid testing the relationship, but it will surely be put to the test. You want to get out of your comfort zone, yet desire the effortlessness you feel with one another at home. From the honeymoon stage to falling in love to getting comfortable these tried vacation ideas are here for you.


Suggested for: The Hungry History Buffs

It’s true, Barcelona is as blissful as rumors suggest. A city that oozes charm, Barcelona is the perfect destination for a new couple. The views and the culture will amaze you! Stroll the streets of the Gothic Quarter, taking frequent tapas breaks. Shop with a gelato in hand on Las Ramblas. Revel in the pivotal, grandeur of the architecture. Go full tourist by jumping on a Hop On- Hop Off bus tour to see the city in its entirety. Be sure to take a night walking tour of the city where you will learn about Barcelona’s history, with a few ghost stories sprinkled in for good measure. And, definitely end off an evening by drinking cheap wine accompanied by fantastic live music at the Harlem Jazz Club. If you needed any more convincing, Barcelona is also a city that believes in the siesta, need I say more?


Suggested for: The Adventurous Couple

Remember those early first dates? The time your SO treated you to the best pho in the city? Now it’s time to try the OG. Starting in the south of Vietnam, procure yourself a sturdy motorbike. Travel through the towns of the Mekong Delta eventually making your way to Ho Chi Minh city to take in the rich culture of Vietnam. Pick up new hobbies, like kiteboarding in Mui Ne, snorkeling or scuba diving in Nha Trang. Using a bicycle as transportation, explore the charming town of Hoi An where you can also drink snake wine by night and have clothes made by day. Let yourself get lost in the overwhelming, bustling streets of Hanoi. Put your motorbike to the test as you ride the ever winding roads that make up the Hai Van Pass. All this before completing your journey in the Northern town of Sa Pa, where you can trek in Lord of the Rings-worthy mountains with the opportunity to stay with a welcoming Hmong Tribe family.


Suggested for: The Relaxation Seekers

Three syllables: treat yo-self. The all-inclusive exists for a reason, take advantage! Beaches – like the people – in Cuba are some of the best around. Enjoy Cuban cocktails with a side of clear water and more sun than you know what to do with. But, don’t hesitate to leave your resort. While iconic towns like Havana are worthy of a lengthy visit, Varadero is also a wonderful place to stop by. You can look forward to unexpected live music, handmade artistry, and the coolest car sightings. Bonus: if you catch wind that the Buena Vista Social Club is playing at a city nearby, take it as a sign that that is what you are meant to do that evening.


Suggested for: The Nature Lovers

The second largest country in the world, but the most beautiful. OK, yes, I’m completely biased. One of the (many) amazing things about Canada is the difference in scenery from province to province. Equally beautiful, the West and East Coasts vary in basic culture. If you are looking to see some of the West, the Canadian Rockies are a must. With an expansive opportunity to hike and see wildlife, explore in awe the jaw-dropping natural beauty of Canada on the Icefields Parkway. Banff is home to some of the most electric blue lakes in Canada. If you get your energy from nature, the Canadian Rockies will definitely excite you. A stunning, romantic vacation for the nature loving couple.

Love Lessons from A Plenty of Fish Success Couple

There is no better way to start the month of LOVE than with one of our favorite Plenty of Fish success stories. The story of Alicia and Timothy will not only make you tear up, it will provide you with helpful tips on how to find “the one” online.

Alicia and Timothy emphasize the importance of:

1. Filling out your dating profile wholeheartedly to reflect your hobbies/interests 

2. First impressions and first messages 

3. Patience and honest communication

Timothy: I had seen Alicia’s profile and I couldn’t write her due to her preferred mail settings, so I just prayed she would look at my profile and write me. My prayers were answered. I was shocked she messaged me! I felt bad because I had just started my 2 hour commute back home, so I wasn’t able to reply until I got home.

Alicia: In my settings on my profile I had selected “only upgraded users can message me” because I loved having the freedom to message who I really wanted to. So I had to message Timothy first. I wrote a short message just saying “hello, I love your profile.”

I saw he read the message but after about a half hour, I didn’t hear back so I thought he wasn’t interested and it made me a little sad.

Timothy: Since it was so long since Alicia had messaged me, I made sure that I read her message and her profile very carefully. Since it took me so long to even read the message, I made sure to make my first impression count.

I took one subject from each of her sections that stood out to me or that I could relate to. As I kept reading, I saw the woman of my dreams.

A woman that likes to fish but hates to eat seafood, a gamer, and has a beautiful singing voice. Match made in heaven.

Alicia: 30-40 minutes after I had sent my message to Timothy, I received a notification that he wrote me back! My heart skipped a beat.

I opened the message and he had written the longest message I had ever seen! I knew at that very moment he was interested in getting to know me. He took his time to read my whole profile and asked questions. I was in complete shock that he invested that much time in his first message to me.

Our first conversation was about every single thing on my profile and his! We just clicked right away! It was like a key fitting in its own key hole. We haven’t stopped talking from that moment on.

The First Date

Timothy: Our first date; that day started out in a rush and a total wreck, literally. I got into a car accident that morning before work and I had to take the day off. I was not going to it stop me from having the best date I had ever been on. A date filled with talking, bowling, and enjoying our time together resulting in an amazing day.

Alicia: I have full custody of my two kiddos so the person had to be 100% worth it for me to pay for a sitter to go on a date. I knew Timothy was worth it. We didn’t bowl much, we mainly just sat talking for hours on end….everything was so natural and exciting!

I knew they were the one

Timothy: I knew Alicia was the one the first time I read her profile.

Alicia: I knew he was the one for me when he told me to take my time and he would be patient and wait for me to open up. I was in an abusive marriage before so I had very high, large, solid walls up and could never let anyone in. He was the only one who was able to get through my walls to my heart and that, in itself, is a huge thing for me. I was falling in love without trying and it was scary but exciting.

What I Love Most

Timothy: Even until this very day, she still shows me how much she loves me and that she loves me for who I am. I am perfect the way I am, even if we disagree, that is okay. We will work it out and continue to accept each other for the perfect people we are for each other.

Alicia: I love his passionate, loving, caring, and giving heart. I love his optimism and how genuine he is. His loyalty and how he is the most amazing father. I love how he loves my children from my marriage as his own. He knows how to genuinely apologize and not make the same mistakes. We have not had a single argument. We have disagreed but we just talk it out and compromise.

I feel beyond blessed every single day that we crossed paths, thanks to POF!

Kerby & Simon’s Plenty of Fish Love Story

Today we are excited to share a heartwarming success story we received just last week from two former Plenty of Fish members, Kerby and Simon. Simon had given up on finding love due to his experience in a past relationship, but it wasn’t long before Kerby changed his entire outlook on love and on life.

Simon: Kerby messaged me first.

I had given up on love and even promised myself I’d never get married again. I found myself messaging people on Plenty of Fish just looking for friends and casual companionship. I did have “looking for a relationship” on my profile, but in reality I wasn’t looking particularity hard.

I started casually reading profiles after work in the evenings and if I saw a profile I liked I’d just hit the favorite button. One night in May 2015, I happened upon Kerby’s profile.

She was single, pretty, geeky and self reliant. Her profile was detailed and not filled with #s or “if you are X then don’t bother.” Her profile was positive. I “liked” her profile, drank a few beers, watched Friends on Netflix and went to bed.

Kerby: What I love most about Simon is his sense of humor. I decided to message him because he had more than one sentence written in his profile.

Simon: The next morning I woke up and checked my email. It’s a bit of a ritual I have. I noticed I had a POF message from Kerby :).

Kerby: My message read: “Hi. I noticed you liked my profile. I checked yours out and you seem nice. Why didn’t you message me?”

Simon: I sheepishly sent back a message with the reply, “Sorry, I didn’t think you’d respond.” To my surprise, we exchanged emails back and forth for a week before deciding to meet. For our date, I made her sushi and we enjoyed each other’s company.

The next day, I got a notice from my job (I’m in the Canadian military) that I was being sent away for 3 MONTHS, a 16 hour drive from home and Kerby.

During the 3 month course, Kerby and I spoke on the phone nearly every night. When we didn’t talk, we texted. We learned so much about each other through conversation.

Kerby: It was so important for us to communicate every day during the 3 months Simon was away. I had missed him a lot even though we’d hadn’t even known each other for much time.

Simon: We talked about video games, Star Wars, our hopes and dreams. That’s when I knew she was the one. Everything just seemed to line up. Upon realizing she was the one, I decided I couldn’t just wait around, I promised myself I’d ask her out the very next time I saw her.

On the last day of my three month course, I hopped into my car and drove all day and all night to get to Kerby. I got home at 7 am and asked Kerby out as the sun came up. (This was Kerby’s favorite memory)

Kerby has done so much for me since then. She gave me back my confidence, shared my love of Star Trek…she even got me back on stage doing comedy with a group called Geeks Versus Nerds.

I asked Kerby to marry me on September 23, 2017 right before the show at Halifax Comic Con.

She said “Yes!”

Kerby: I’m so excited to get married to Simon and spend the rest of  our lives together.

For the full proposal, you can watch it here:

Fall is Coming – 5 Reasons to Start a Running Routine With Your S.O.

Exercise has countless benefits, not just for your own health and happiness, but also for your romantic relationships. Yes, cardio exercises are great for the obvious: heart-health, reducing obesity, decreasing stress, etc. What about improving the stability and satisfaction of your relationship? Establishing a running routine with your S.O. might sound like torture–even for seasoned runners–but it can enhance your relationship and ultimately lead to a happier you.

Here are 5 reasons you should start:

Share a Fitness Goal

Its no secret being in a relationship requires teamwork and effort from each individual on a daily basis. Similarly, setting a running goal requires hard work, dedication and effort to achieve it. Having your S.O. work toward a running goal with you brings you closer together and can boost the quality of your romantic relationship along the way. In fact, Psychology Today explains couples that participate in exciting physical challenges, report feeling more satisfied with their relationship and more in love with their partner.

Pro Tip: Start with a specific running goal in mind, such as completing your first 5k together or running a 10-minute mile. Instead of just saying you’ll run 2-3 times per week together, have an actual milestone so you can get serious about it and establish a routine.

Weight Loss Together

If you and your S.O. are looking for a reason to start running, weight loss is always an added benefit. In fact, 35 percent of people polled started a running routine to lose weight, according to Fit2Run. It’s easier to stay motivated for weight loss when someone is making that commitment alongside you and is invested in your progress. In addition, when you surround yourself with people who do things that you do—eat well, exercise—there’s a very good chance you are going to follow suit, hence why you should do it together. Encourage one another and hold each other accountable.

Pro Tip: It’s common for you and your S.O. to prefer different times of the day to workout. What’s important is that you compromise your schedules to find the time as commitment is key to weight loss. Try trading off—3 days a week you run before work and 2 days after work. Or fit in weekend runs when you can.

Increase in Energy

Do you ever feel like when you come home from work all you and your S.O. have the energy to do is lay around? Exercising, especially in the form of running and cardio, can give you a significant increase in energy. A running routine will give you and your S.O. the boost in energy you both need to be more productive throughout the day and make time for other fun activities to enjoy. Schedule your runs for the week and try your best to stick to them—after a week or two you’ll notice a change in your energy levels.

Pro Tip: Give yourselves a break every now and then. If there’s one thing running teaches you about life, it’s that everyday brings it’s own challenges. It’s okay if you can’t go as fast as you did yesterday and it’s okay to skip a day when you’re just not feeling it. The important thing is that you keep going, together.  

Release Negativity

Running can be a great way for both you and your S.O. to release your anger in a healthy way. It’s easy when frustrated to take your emotions out on the people who mean the most, typically your loved ones. Next time you’re feeling really annoyed with that coworker or stressed about your family and want to take it out on your S.O., suggest lacing up your running shoes and hitting the pavement together. Afterward you’ll guaranteed feel a positive release and significantly less stressed.

Pro Tip: Sometimes it’s better if you don’t try to carry on conversations on your runs when you’re feeling anxious or frustrated. Pop in your ear buds and encourage your S.O. to follow suit—as long as you’re running stride-by-stride, you’re still working together to get to the finish line.

Give Your Relationship a New Dimension

It’s easy to get caught up in the typical day-to-day routine you and your significant other establish and forget how critical quality time together is for your relationship. A running routine can add a whole new dimension to your relationship you might not even know existed. Taking time to concentrate on your health and well-being is very important and if you make a pledge to do it together, it can be very rewarding.

Pro Tip: Try running together first thing in the morning a few days a week—before the notifications, the never-ending to-do list and checking work emails. It will allow the both of you to truly prioritize your alone time together, to clear your minds and just to enjoy each other.