8 Hobbies For You & Your S.O. To Bond Over This Summer

Couples thrive in shared activities, creating intimacy and lifelong memories in the process. Yet, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American still spends to bulk of their leisure time watching T.V. at 2 hours and 47 minutes a day, compared with participating in sports, recreation or exercise (18 minutes), socializing and communicating (41 minutes) and reading (18 minutes).

Don’t let your relationship fall into a long detached and zoned-out Summer with Netflix on repeat. Instead, find a few hobbies that excite both of you, allowing you to enjoy one another’s company and reconnect in the midst of life’s breakneck speed.

Browse the activities below to find something that piques both of your interests. All of them are sure to keep you entertained and connected, while relishing each other’s company all season long.

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Become Winery Explorers

Organize a few relaxing weekend getaways with your partner to meander hand-in-hand through scenic vineyards and discover a shared interest in wine tasting. Even if your knowledge of Merlot versus Moscato is based on nothing more than red versus white, you’ll both have a memorable time savoring the togetherness. At the end of the summer, you’ll both be wine experts, and will enjoy choosing new wines together all year long.


Explore an urban or natural setting with your partner through the lens of a camera. Whether you’re new with the camera or seasoned photographers, you’ll both have a blast tapping into your creative self, together. Have fun using digital and old school film—so you can enjoy the long-lost excitement of waiting to get photos developed. Better yet, find a local film developing class, where you can both spend time in the lab developing your work together.


The experience of digging your hands into the dirt and planting seeds is primal at its core. Not to mention it’s a stress-relieving hobby, allowing you and your S.O. to unwind from long days of work. The key to connecting while growing your first garden together is to be mindful of the moment:

“A garden offers a feast for the senses: verdant leaves, aromatic blossoms, chirping birds, squishy earth. Make a deliberate choice to soak it all up,” says Linda Wasmer Andrews of Psychology Today. Long story short: leave your phone inside, keep the music down, and let yourselves escape into the gardening.

Once the fruits of your labor start to grow, you throw summer cookouts with homegrown veggies and festive mojitos, impressing all of your friends.

Home Improvement

Give your home decor a bright and vibrant face lift with your partner, just in time for the warmer weather. Re-paint the front door, update the patio, de-clutter the garage or remodel the interior with some trendy, unique DIY projects. If you’re not sure where to start, choose one of these DIY projects that are perfect for couples.

Breathing new life into the space you share will bring you closer together as a team, working side-by-side to create a finished product that reflects both of your personalities.


Make an impact on the local community, with your partner by your side, with summer volunteering. Pouring yourself into work with others will enrich your connection as a couple, whether you mentor children at a religious organization, serve meals at a homeless shelter, care for animals at a pet adoption center, or spend time with residents at a nursing home. No matter what, getting involved in a meaningful cause always feels gratifying.

Rock Climbing

Get some exercise and learn a new skill that will invigorate both your bodies and the relationship: rock climbing. Not only did a 2016 survey find that rock climbing was the second most popular hobby among 1,000 polled Americans, it’s a sport that’s ideal for active couples. If you’re new, join a wall climbing gym to master the basics, then challenge each other to a real expedition in the great outdoors.

Turn it into a camping trip to enjoy a few romantic nights under the stars too.

Tandem Yoga

Channel that inner “om” with your partner and take a couple’s yoga class at a local studio. This healing practice uses gentle movements to restore a natural mind-body-spirit connection, so you both can escape the stress of a fast-paced schedule and explore one another on a deeper level. Performing a yoga sequence together will boost relationship satisfaction, improve intimacy, and boost communication and trust, according to Healthline.

Hiking or Biking

Inhale that fresh summer breeze and relish the beauty of nature with your partner, while adding some cardio into the daily routine. Hiking or biking are both excellent bonding activities because they release endorphins which are known to increase pleasure and satisfaction. Plus, sharing whatever is on your heart often feels more organic in a side-by-side conversation, rather than a face-to-face confrontation.

Sharing a hobby with your significant other is a fun way to spend time together while learning something new. Boost your relationship satisfaction and decrease stress while rock climbing, gardening, winery exploring and much more.

The Best Summer Date Ideas

Spring showers have ended, and the eye candy you have been chatting with online has accepted your invitation for a rendezvous!

Congratulations! You are in luck because summer is one of the best times of the year for memorable dates. See the list of the best summer date ideas below:

If you like the classic Dinner and a Movie

Why not try using the season to your advantage? Put a summer spin on it by doing it al fresco! Lots of places do outdoor screenings of classic films or cheesy b-list movies. Look up the title and show time online, grab a blanket, and some snacks BOOM you just organized a fun and creative date.

If you like charcuterie boards at quaint bistros

Why not try a decadent picnic? Late summer evenings outside enjoying delicious food and great company are highly conducive to sparkling conversation (especially if there is sparkling wine involved)! If temperatures dip then its all the more reason to snuggle up under a blanket!

If you like a laid-back pint at the pub

Why not try a chill dessert! There are so many options: ice cream, gelato, sorbet, froyo, its hard to go wrong. Are you a bubble gum guy going out for the first time with a tiger tail gal? Nip that in the bud right now! You guys are coming from different worlds, destined to be star-crossed lovers. Both get Oreo blizzards? Could be sundae soulmates…

If you like touring the art gallery/museum

Why not try the local observatory or better yet, a couple-friendly, light-pollution free spot (not that your momma didn’t already tell you this, but do NOT go with a stranger to a secluded area). Have a geeky affinity for astronomy? Now is your time to shine! Just like looking at those big, beautiful stars? Make up some constellations together! It’s next to impossible to have a bad time star-gazing with someone special

If you are broke as a joke

Try to push that thought out of your head! Summer is a perfect time to enjoy the great (and free) outdoors with someone special. No froufrou cocktail lounges are needed when you can whip up a tasty and reasonably priced batch of sangria! And all the special 3D effects at the deluxe movie theatres pale in comparison to the feeling of grass between your toes while you picnic by the lake.
Keep it easy breezy in the summer heat, but try and remember that your date took time out of his or her schedule to meet with you. A little planning can make you look fun, adventurous, and super thoughtful. In the end, all that matters is that you have a good time together. So pack some SPF and a smile and have your best summer yet!