POF Food Challenge

February is all about spreading the love; in all kinds of ways. To help raise some money for The Greater Vancouver Food Bank, several staff members decided to take up the POF Food Challenge. For a nominal amount, staff members nominated on the chosen few to feast on a range of nice and not so nice items including pig’s ear, dehydrated black ant eggs, strawberries, vegemite, jungle trail mix, Tim Tams and one oven baked Tarantula. Thanks to our generous staff and their easy-going stomachs, we were able to raise over $200 for the food bank.

Saying Goodbye to 2014…

What better way to see out a great year than by spreading some holiday cheer. Plenty of Fish ended 2014 by getting festive and having lots of fun. From volunteering at Belkin House to hosting hot chocolate bars and cookie decorating for our staff, the holiday spirit was out in abundance. Other fabulous activities included our Ugly Sweater Party, Yankee Grab, Girl’s Night and decorating our office Christmas Tree.


Thanks to a great company and great staff it was the perfect way to end off the year. We’re so excited for 2015!

POF Whistler Trip

When it comes to Christmas parties, no one does it quite like Plenty of Fish. There was no time for mundane lunches at chain restaurants or dry parties within the actual office, this is the season to celebrate and POF made sure the party was festive.

The annual POF Whistler trip occurs every December. The POF family is treated to an amazing weekend away with luxury hotel suites, teambuilding activities, gourmet dinners and hotel parties – Snoop Lion/Pitbull/Rihanna would write a song about. 2014’s weekend away was one for the books.
Like all good trips, the bus ride to Whistler started with good spirits, some in bottle form and singing. After some great renditions of Christmas carols, we arrived at the Pan Pacific hotel. Our luxury accommodation consisted of stylish, well-equipped suites and stunning views. After some refueling it was time to get our activity schedule one.
First on the agenda, a teambuilding Amazing Chase courtesy of Canadian Outback Adventures. Staff were organised into teams and, following a series of clues, set out on a range of challenges throughout the Whistler village. Highlights of the day included teams creating a 30-second tai-chi video, beer tasting, sardine eating and resolutions to do more cardio before next year’s race.
photo 1
A celebratory dinner and hotel suite party afterwards rounded off day one. It was time for some much-needed rest and then onto day two.
POFers started Saturday bright and early. After a great breakfast in our hotel, we set out for a day outdoors. Thanks to Canadian Wilderness Adventures we were lucky enough to partake in ATVing, archery and shooting. The majestic background, great company and fantastic weather made for a great afternoon. After some downtime, it was time to scrub up and put on our fancy pants.
We celebrated our second night with a gourmet dinner at Il Caminetto di Umberto in the village. The rustic ambiance and great service was only surpassed by the delicious food. As the wine flowed, the laughter increased and the bonds strengthened, and it was time to leave for yet another hotel party. Not before some impromptu singing of course. What a better way to end a weekend then with music, drinks, dancing and the people that make coming into work exciting.
Whistler 2014 was another great event for Plenty of Fish. We’re already looking forward to 2015!

Halloween at POF

When it comes to celebrating the holidays, there’s no better place than Plenty of Fish.  Halloween was another spooktacular event.



photo 3

A little added incentive meant that costumes this year were extra special. Staff went all out all to try and claim one of three awesome prizes. While there could be one or three winners, our POFers did not disappoint with their costumes.

DSC_0046  DSC_0063  DSC_0069

Best Overall Costume

Image 1 - Best Overall

Most Culturally Relevant

Image 2 - Most Culturally Relevant

Funniest Costume

Image 3 - Funniest

My First Week at Plenty of Fish

The first day at a new job is pretty much like going on a blind date. You’re filled with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. You’ve heard so many good things about your potential suitor you’re keen to go out there and make a good impression. At the same time, you worry about whether they’ll like you, what to wear and whether you’ll press something on your computer and break the whole company.

When it came to my first day at PlentyOfFish, I was nervous as expected. But I found, as I have with dating, the best approach is to get on your best outfit, remind yourself to “Be cool” and just go for it. Like those one-a-thousand great first dates, my first week at POF was a breeze.

Reasons My First Week Was Awesome:

1. I Was Welcomed By Everyone

First Day Selfie

POF is a big company; not just in terms of staff numbers but also the sheer magnitude of their brand. Starting in a junior role you assume everyone else’s job is more important and they’ll be too busy to even greet you. Luckily for me, everyone was really nice and welcoming. Yes, they have important jobs and yes, they are busy but no one made me feel as if my position was any less important. In fact, a large majority of people even went out of their way to introduce themselves to me which made me feel warm and fuzzy and special inside.

2. There Was An Orientation

In previous jobs, I would arrive and be expected to know about the new company and its practices. In some cases there weren’t any, and others I was left to figure out on my own. When you’re already overwhelmed in a new environment this can be cause for panic. On my first day, I was given several hours of orientation. Although this sounds hard-core, to me this was heaven. I like to know as much as possible about any situation so this was my happy time and it helped a lot. I was able to find out many things about the company, I was able to ask questions and I didn’t have to run around in a crazy panic wondering where the bathrooms were.

3. I Was Trained Well

Being very busy and important.
Being very busy and important.

Hitting the ground running is a great way to start your new job. You find out how resourceful you can be, your skills in a crisis and should there ever be a zombie apocalypse you know you have a fighting chance. Saying that, getting trained beforehand helps a lot. Sure I knew what my duties and responsibilities would be when I arrived and I knew I was capable of doing them but learning from someone else in the role made the transition so much easier. I had an entire week of hands-on training which meant I wasn’t scared and crying “What must I do?” when left to my own devices.

4. The Company Culture

I’m a strong believer in staff welfare and morale. When you spend so much of your time at work, you want to spend it with people you like and you want to be happy. PlentyOfFish and I believe in the same things. Apart from hiring great people, they take staff perks to the next level. Staff are treated to gourmet coffee and tea stations, a well-stocked snack bar that will no doubt result in weight gain, a lunch area with a view and a fun, vibrant office environment. No stiff corporate-types or rules here; people can laugh and joke and be themselves which is a big draw.

5. Staff Events

Halloween Outfit. Nailed it.
Halloween Outfit. Nailed it.

Sure it’s enough to treat staff well while they work but when you actively go out of your way to make sure your staff have a good time; you get major snaps. So even though my week was pretty awesome I still had Friday to look forward to. Every Friday, late afternoon, staff down tools and have a few drinks. There’s music, there’s a bar and people get to just relax and have fun. Always a winning recipe. I happened to join when it was Halloween. And it seemed like no average drinking session would suffice. Apart from the entire company dressing up, we were also treated to a team-building exercise and drinks and snacks at another location. For someone new this was the perfect way to socialise with new colleagues and it couldn’t have come at a better time. If I had any fears about fitting in or whether people were really that nice, they disappeared. Thanks to this great social event, I could really be myself and actually look forward to coming back on the following Monday.