Bran’s First Message to Bryanna Went Off Without a Hitch, Now They’re Happily Married!

The best days at the Plenty of Fish office are when we receive messages from couples who met each other on the app. Every time I read success story after the next, I can’t stop smiling. It’s a great reminder for all of us that work at POF why we do what is is we do!

Today’s story is brought to you by Bran and Bryanna, who met on Plenty of Fish back in 2016. Here’s how their story goes:

What attracted you to each other’s profile?

Bryanna: His cute, cheesy smile, and the fact that his profile wasn’t cluttered by ego.
Bran: She loved horror movies and cats…she was also extremely beautiful.

Who messaged who on POF first?

Bryanna: He did, and I remember it made me laugh!  (Coincidentally I was leaving for Vegas the next week)
Bran: I did and said, “We could run off to Vegas and get married?”

What was your first date like?

Bryanna: We met for the first time at a Mexican restaurant. We drank margaritas, then spent hours talking and laughing together.

Bran: I remember I wasn’t too talkative at first but I was certainly intrigued.

How did you know they were “The One”?

Bran: We had a bit of a disagreement and I knew then, we could get through any disagreements in the future.
Bryanna: Bran kept showing up for me, even though it took me a while to realize it, when I did, my heart was completely his.

Any advice for someone looking for their partner on POF?

Make sure you are compatible up front, before you invest in meeting face-to-face. If their first message is, “yo babe you’re hot,” you can trust they didn’t read your profile. Bran asked me questions. He remembered things I told him. He made sure I knew that he was there to get to know me. And that’s why I fell in love with him!

Kate Maclean

Posted by Kate Maclean

Kate is the PR Generalist at PlentyOfFish. Like a kid in a candy shop, Kate’s favorite things to do are eat mass amounts of sushi, spoon her cat Snoop Dogg, and hike the great Canadian wilderness. Her favorite quote of all time is “People who love to eat are the best people” -Julia Child.

2 thoughts on “Bran’s First Message to Bryanna Went Off Without a Hitch, Now They’re Happily Married!

  1. Congrats to Bryanna and Bran!

    I have another friend who met her husband on pof. Married in less than a year and married for 3 or 4 years now. You should feature them.

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