Insider Photo Tips From A Dedicated Dating Photographer

Did you know that your written dating profile influences people’s decision by less than 10%? This means a whopping 90% of what they think of you is based on your profile photos alone. Armed with such valuable knowledge, it might be time to up your dating game. As the UK’s only dedicated dating photographer, here are 5 easy things you can do to create stand-out dating photos – the kind that are going to increase your dating profile hit-rate and ultimately get you more dates.

Ooze confidenceooze-confidenceW

The one thing that can make the difference between an OK photo and a ‘well hello there’ photo can be boiled down to one thing, and one thing alone, your levels of self-confidence. So yes, you can choose to be a bit self-conscious in your photo, perhaps slouching a little to hide your belly, or keeping your face turned at an awkward angle to hide your big forehead, but that isn’t going to make for an awesome photo. I encourage my clients to do what it takes, before getting their photo taken, so that they turn up oozing with confidence and firing on cylinders. Not easy I know but my advice is go buy a new outfit, get your game face on, channel your inner Beyonce, get a free make-over from Selfridges – do what it takes to rock the best version of you.

Embrace colourembrace-colourW

One easy way to make your dating photo jump out in the sea of dating profile photos is through the clever use of colour. Throw on a bright colored outfit or use colour blocking to good effect. And just so you know, red is the colour of love and is the most emotionally intense colour, stimulating faster heartbeat and breathing. You can literally take their breath away! It’s also a colour that stands out. If you’re not one for wearing bright clothes, then find a colorful backdrop and stand against that, you can still make colour work for you.

showcase-personalityWShowcase your personality

Have a think about how you can showcase your personality through using props, humor, clothes and/or accessories. Your photos should tell a story about who you are, so make sure it is telling a great story about you.

Do what you love

If you’re struggling to come up with ways of showcasing your personality, then go do something that you love doing and get a friend to capture it in a photo. Browsing markets stalls, walks beside the canal, rollerblading in the park can all help build up a picture of who you are whilst capturing you relaxed and happy because you’re doing something you what you love

Have fun

have fun Ultimately, if you want to attract people to your dating profile, make sure you’re having fun in the photo. If you look like you’re having a good laugh, people will obviously be attracted to that and can picture themselves having a good laugh with you. You can find Saskia here on twitter or here on facebook