5 Grooming Tips That Will Boost Your Confidence

People who exude confidence are happier with themselves and put others around them at ease. Confidence makes for an excellent personality trait when you’re dating; however, it is sometimes fleeting, even for people with high self-esteem. Confidence is something that must be nurtured on a continual basis, and that means taking good care of yourself.

Confidence-Boosting Tips For Every Dater

Confidence is sexy. And it really is the secret sauce to successful dating.

Whether you’re trying to catch the eye of that handsome fella in the coffee shop or secure your second date, it all starts with you. Here’s what you need to know.

Love yourself first

I know this sounds corny beyond belief. But it’s true. You need to build your future relationship on a foundation of deep love and respect for yourself. While this all sounds rather lovely and fluffy, there are practical ways to achieve this. Essentially, you need to prepare your mind to ensure you’re able to receive love. “How?” I hear you ask. I have a couple tricks to share with you!

Value your unique quirks

We all have our own little habits and idiosyncrasies which make us unique. The great thing is this attracts the right person because it makes you stand out. Love bright colors? Wear them. Book worm? Hang out in bookstores. Comic book obsessed? Get yourself to a comic con. Not only are you allowing your freak flag to fly, increasing your confidence and self-worth massively, but you’re more likely to meet a guy on your wavelength who’s interested in these things, too.

Prepare your mind for love

Affirmations work like a charm. Phrases such as, “I am worthy of the love I desire” or “I am beautiful. I am loved. I am worthy” are powerful. Schedule them on your iPhone to pop up throughout the day. Stick them on your bathroom mirror. On the side of your hard drive at work. Journal on your perfect day. Who are you waking up next to? How does your day start? What do you say to one another? Write about it in detail and evoke all of your senses. Type it up and set it as a reminder on your phone. Read it every morning. Feel into it as if it’s already happening.

Take care of yourself

Self-care has become such a buzz word that it’s reached the point of sounding cliché. But you really do need to take care of yourself to attract the right partner. It’s about nourishing yourself from the inside out. Whether it’s moving your body, eating well, or making sure you have a massage or a manicure every couple weeks, do something that makes your mind and your body feel good.

Have a purpose beyond dating

It’s really dull, and actually quite sad, when you go on a date with someone and your date buddy has no conversation outside of the dates they’ve recently been on. Don’t let that be you. It’s incredibly attractive to have ambition and a focus outside of dating. Whether it’s volunteering or a really challenging work project, busy yourself with something to compliment your quest for love.

If you take only one lesson here, allow it to be this.

Love yourself first.

A relationship based on a foundation of deep self-worth is one that will last far beyond that nervous number exchange at Starbucks.

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