Simple Tips to Elevate Your Dating Game

Between work, hobbies, family and friends, it can be hard to find time to date. But when you finally get some free time, you can meet people anywhere these days. There is no doubt that asking someone out can feel gut wrenching, but once they’ve said yes, the rest is a no-brainer. The most important thing to remember while dating is to keep an open mind. Bad dates might happen, and probably will happen, but they’ll only help you figure out what you want and don’t want in a partner. Throughout the process you’re going to have some questions, and thankfully, others have been in your place and have advice to help build your confidence and success in the dating world.

5 Dating Game Changers to Finding Love

If you are looking for love, chances are you’re hoping it will be a short process and you can find your partner asap. Just because last year may have been rough, doesn’t mean that it will repeat itself. So, with Valentine’s Day upon us, let’s look at 5 ways to break through the dating blues!


When we are motivated, purpose driven and flourishing in life, we give ourselves the chance to find happiness outside of a relationship. Becoming the best version of ourselves allows opportunities to invite the best person for us into our life. It’s time to stop putting all your energy into searching for love, and start dating yourself first. Work out what you really want this year, then set about achieving it.


After you have learnt to love yourself properly and have established your purpose, it’s now time to get active about finding love. This means getting outside your comfort zone and expanding your social circles.  Online dating is all about creating opportunities to meet people who are in the same boat. Very rarely does love just turn up on your doorstep, you need to put the effort in to get the results.


Communication break-down is one of the top 3 reasons why relationships fail. It’s time to start talking and listening more. When we are open and honest about our intentions and feelings we are able to gain clearer responses from the person we are dating. Don’t be scared to address issues or discuss things that are close to your heart. Being able to talk freely with the person you love is integral to the health of the relationship.


If you are constantly finding yourself in the wrong relationship or patterns, then it’s time to change your habits. What are you doing wrong? Where could you improve?  Remember you are the common denominator. If you want change then you need to initiate it. Get educated on how to have healthy and fulfilling relationships.


Whether it’s a fear of missing out or a fear of failure, you need to remember that being committed to someone doesn’t signify something scary. Relationships are hard work, they require constant effort from both parties. Just because there are more options out there, doesn’t mean that you should give up straight away on what you have. Try to have a mindset that is committed to your promises and decisions when in a relationship. Likewise, sometimes you will have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince, so if finding your special someone is the goal, stay consistent and committed to making it happen.

Dive Back Into Dating With These 5 Tips

Ever felt like your online dating workout plan was working you, rather than working out? Oh yes girl, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This leaves so many woman exhausted beyond tears and simply discouraged thinking, “After coming home from a hard day of work is it even worth it?” Wait! Before you skip that waxing routine and grab your fuzzy slippers to fall asleep with Netflix- THERE IS HOPE.

Let us look at 5 proven ways to get you back on your A-game.

  1.   Search In Packs

It’s hard to top laughing and drooling over prospective matches with close friends and family. Whether there’s teamwork or simply a look over the shoulder, checking out potential matches; this will help increase confidence and wisdom in the decision making process. In addition, when those closest to you, are involved in the process; online dating feels more enjoyable and less time consuming.

  1.   Check your bait

No matter lady or gentleman, when clients come through The Online Love Doctor’s doors,  the first step is an intense renovation of their profile. I look to see if the profile is clear, attractive and confident with a calming presentation. A  “relaxed” approach is important to allow the man space to share his true colors upfront and show whether you need to run or relax!

  1.   Share your wounds and your wins

So many times women try to hide embarrassing date moments, like a guy going MIA and standing them up. Even if you have fallen headfirst into those types of traps, it is ABSOLUTELY important to share those with a close friend or family member, because there is only so much a girl can take before self-worth starts to get a bit wobbly. When the tears are still fresh, consider having a designated friend to call who be an ego booster.

  1.    Re-evaluate Your Type 

Unless a woman has had a successful relationship where the match was just perfect, many women don’t really know what their prince charming looks like, much less what he should act like. The tall, dark, handsome and just 5 minutes away prince isn’t for everyone. For some, their prince may be short, talkative and a world traveler.  If the date is not a home run, at least you went and shared a new experience with someone.

  1.   Be Consistent

If a woman is only “popping in” her account twice a week, she should really be more proactive. Potential date interests start to dwindle and the few left reciprocate the same “popping in” effort, while the other more intentional men have swam to other ponds. Try to reply to potentially interesting matches within 24 hours to keep the momentum going.


Hope these 5 Tips help ladies stay on their A-game. Don’t forget to have fun! Laugh at personal mistakes and the awkwardness that is often faced in online dating endeavors. After settling back and finding the one, there is going to be some chuckles at all the “quaint” encounters had. Most of all don’t give up hope! He is out there…