Jump-Start Your Fitness Resolutions With Your SO

The most common New Year’s resolution is to embrace a more active lifestyle, according to Nielson research. However, statistics also confirm that 80 percent of people abandon their fitness resolutions within just a couple months. If you want to make healthier choices for 2017, but have a track record of quickly losing interest, then it’s time to find a different approach.

One of the best ways to stay on track is to have someone who will hold you accountable, and encourage and motivate you. That person is your significant other, and after reaching your health goals together, you’ll be closer than ever.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get started. Use the following tips to jump-start your joint resolution to get healthy so you’re ready to go.

Prep Your Supplies


One of the best ways to get motivated for exercise is to buy new workout clothes. Head to the store together to pick out some new fitness gear, and make it fun by choosing outfits for each other.

While you’re at it, head to the grocery store and buy ingredients for healthy meals you can make together. When you know what healthy food each other likes, it’ll be easier for one of you to do the grocery shopping while helping the other stay on track.

Get a Gait Analysis


When you’re out buying new gear, find a shoe store that offers a free gait analysis. While this may not seem necessary, it will help you discover any potential problems with your mechanics or even the shoes you already own, that could lead to injury and de-rail your goals.

This is especially true if you plan to start running. “Running shoes are structural and functional extensions of the foot. Chosen correctly, they can improve your running. Chosen incorrectly, they can amplify biomechanical and functional flaws, increasing your risk of injury,” according to experts at Fit2Run.

The analysis is almost always free, and you’ll be better prepared before you hit the road for your first run.

Find Activities that You Both Enjoy


Pursuing a shared interest together not only enhances your appreciation for each other’s company, but it also ensures you’re both enjoying yourselves. When you like working out, you’re more likely to stay on track.

Brainstorm workout options that you both love, and can do together, whether it’s going to the gym, doing boxing or taking a swim. Most gyms provide members with free classes, which can be another fun option for you and your S.O.

Don’t be afraid to go at it alone every once in a while as well. If one of you likes rock climbing while the other prefers yoga, agree on one day a week that you’ll go separate ways for that activity.

Pick a Motivational Mantra Together


Achieving a healthier body requires a focused, composed and determined mindset, allowing you to push past the challenges that you’ll inevitably come across. A great way to stay in this mindset is to create a mantra, which has been used for centuries as a way to free the mind:

“The Sanskrit word mantra is derived from the root of man which means, “to think,” and tra from trai which means “to protect or to free from bondage” or “to free from the mind’,” explains Amarjit Singh, yoga teacher and coach.

Create a shared mantra that you can say together or alone, and use as motivation when the other person is struggling. Check out these 25 inspiring health and fitness mantras to get your creative juices flowing.

Set Your Goals and Get Competitive


Fitness is more effective and sustainable when you approach circumstances from a driven, goal-oriented perspective. Choose your goals together, perhaps having a shared goal between the two of you, and a personal one for yourself. Treat the shared goal as a competition—who can hit it first?

Reaching new milestones together will be rewarding, and having someone to compete against may be the motivating factor you’ve been missing in years past. Sometimes being the “winner” is the only thing to get you through a workout—and that’s okay.

Help your partner get fit in the New Year while building a healthy lifestyle for yourself as well. Use these ideas to get a jump-start on your goals so you’re ready to get moving right away.

Single? Make Online Dating Your #1 Resolution!

Make 2016 your year! It is time to break out of your comfort zone and open yourself up to the world of online dating!

Here are 7 reasons why you should make online dating your #1 New Year’s resolution!


  • Date outside your friend group – Break the habit of dating a friend or someone in your social circle. I think we default to this because we are scared and find comfort in knowing a little something about a person prior to dating them. Also, it doesn’t help that all your friends are telling you to go for him/her when in your heart of hearts it feels like a forced relationship. Try something a little different this time and explore the prospect of finding someone online. Many of you will say “but I’m not desperate yet…” Making an online profile does not determine you are desperate, it proves you are open to a world of possibilities! I guarantee you will meet people you would have never met otherwise!
  • Bigger pool to pick from – Online dating provides a much bigger pool to choose from, when selecting a potential partner. At PlentyOfFish we see a whopping 4 million people logging onto their profile daily. With numbers like this, I am surprised when single people tell me they aren’t actively online dating!
  • Peak season – This is the best time to shine! Historically, right after Christmas until after Valentine’s Day, PlentyOfFish experiences a permanent increase in signups of over 20%! If you have ever wondered whether you should try out online dating, right now is the ideal time for you to take the plunge and test the waters.
  • It’s genuinely fun – You have the power to make your online experience what you want it to be. One of the best ways to approach this ample world of opportunity is to have an open mind and a positive outlook! Checking out profiles from afar can be really fun, without the pressure that you would typically endure in a traditional setting like a bar or party. Crack a bottle of wine, slip into your pjs and start scrolling!
  • Save money – Online dating is not only extremely convenient, but it is rather inexpensive as well! You can create a profile on PlentyOfFish for free and immediately start talking to singles. Going out with friends to check out the opposite sex can be really fun, but doing this on a weekly basis will make a significant dent in your bank account.
  • Practice – As they say, practice makes perfect! If you are newly single or in an extended dry spell, online dating is a great place to start. You have the opportunity to really chat with someone before you decide to meet them or not. Taking baby steps will help you find your stride again.
  • Accessibility – The start of the new year tends to be a little chaotic as you’re attempting to nail down your routine for the months to come. By the time you get home from work, you realize you haven’t had a solid conversation with anyone because you were glued to your monitors all day. Well you don’t have your busy schedule as an excuse anymore, because dating has evolved! Mobile apps make the world of dating much easier for those on the go! Sign into PlentyOfFish and set up a date while on your way to Starbucks in the morning or on the treadmill after work! dbf34e1f49f74deb1193b743029c2594