9 Early Signs You Could Be Dating the Wrong Person For You

Love isn’t meant to be complicated or painful. It shouldn’t take an extreme habit or behaviour for anyone to realize that they are either ill matched or in a toxic relationship.

Whilst some people can change over time due to circumstances or unaccounted for baggage, there are almost always sure signs to tell if someone is right for you.

Dating successfully is about being able to identify the difference between someone who will add value to your life and someone who will hold you back.

No one wants to invest time and energy into someone who is going to let them down, so here are 9 red flags to look for early on:

Communication is lacking

Are you sending novel texts and they’re giving one word answers? Yikes. Are they taking their sweet time between responses and very rarely initiate the conversation? If someone can’t put in the effort required to communicate from the beginning, they already don’t value you. 

They are critical of your every move 

Either they pull you apart or always seem to put you down. Even if it’s only a joke, someone you are dating should be lifting you up right from the get-go. If the person you’re dating comments negatively on your physical appearance or can’t be proud of your successes and accomplishments, you MUST let them go. You deserve so much better than this. 

Levels of respect don’t match

With a relationship comes respect for one another, whether that be their space, time or boundaries. Lack of respect for another human being is a huge insult. Where there is little respect, there is immediately a lack of trust or growth in a relationship. Don’t let someone else determine your worth, especially if they can’t even see their own.

It’s not easy 

If you are feeling anxious, confused, or like you’re trying too hard to make it work early on, chances are this isn’t the one for you. Being fabulously single and taking your time to find the right one will be worth it in the end. When you find them, your first thought should be “well this is refreshing and effortless!” 

Sex is brought up…alot

Sex is a great thing, but if you notice your date brings it up really early on and frequently, chances are their mind is on one thing and one thing only. Perhaps they are looking for a friends with benefits vs. a long term commitment. 

Their plans always change

You have a date scheduled for Thursday, but they text you that something has come up last minute (zero details included of course.) This could be because they are making you an option instead of a priority. Another option beat you out and they chose to take it. 

 You can’t trust them

They’re inconsistent – their words do not match their actions or vise versa. Or maybe you have a gut feeling that just won’t go away; trust is integral to a relationship, even in the beginning so don’t ignore the signs and the power of intuition. 

They have a wandering eye

Cheating starts in the mind and heart before it even becomes physical. If you don’t feel like the only man or woman in the room when you are with them, then it could be an indication that they aren’t wanting to full commit. 

They won’t delete their dating profile

HUGE red flag! If they still want to have an active profile online, it’s because they aren’t willing to commit and want to keep their options open. Even if they say they aren’t ‘active’ on it, it warrants the question as to why then do they feel it necessary to still have it at all?

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They delay the intro to parents and friends

Relationships that are going somewhere have a natural progression, so if you’re 6 months in and you still haven’t met mom and dad or anyone from the social circle, it may be time to raise and eyebrow and discuss whether or not you are on the same page. If you’re thinking this this the road to marriage and they’re stoked on this being secret sex, one of you should probably pull the plug.

If someone continuously provides excuses for why you haven’t been integrated into their lives in any real way (HIS PARENT’S ARE ALWAYS OUT OF TOWN, HIS FRIENDS WORK WEIRD HOURS!), don’t stay along for the ride in hopes things will change.

They need to know where you are at all times

 At first it can seem romantic – he’s always so sweet when he asks what I’m doing 26 times every day! As time goes on,  clingy behavior is just going to intensify, so it’s definitely a red flag when someone you’re dating starts to show the early signs of being possessive.

Their exes are “crazy”

No one wants their current partner to remain BFF’s with their ex, but if you’re constantly hearing about all of their psychotic exes, it may be time to consider the one common denominator in these situations. Often, particularly in the beginning stages of a relationship, it’s impossible to see the person you’re dating treating anyone badly – after all, you’re happy with them, right?! But if someone has nothing remotely positive to say about any past loves, the problem most likely starts closer to home, so pay attention.

They constantly praise you

This seems out of left field, but when someone constantly bombards you with compliments, it can mean something is off. When you’re put on a pedestal it’s impossible to feel like you can actually be yourself, and you’re left questioning your partner’s sincerity motives. At the end of the day, it’s also just pretty creepy.

They can’t be serious

As we know, life is not always a box of chocolates, so having a sense of humor is incredibly important when it comes to dating. However, if you’re going to do life with someone, an ability to grasp serious situations and act appropriately is required. If you can’t have an earnest conversation with your partner about something going on in your life, or even ask for advice or get in a disagreement without jokes being made at every turn, it’s an indication of a bigger communication problem.