Love Lessons From Master of None Season 2

[Spoiler warning: This post is literally a giant spoiler.]

The highly-anticipated second season of Aziz Ansari’s hit series Master of None has officially graced Netflix (by now hopefully you have binge-watched), and it’s everything you hoped it would be. Full of tender, highly relatable moments, while exploring some of life’s more complex issues head-on, with no shortage of laughs along the way.

Humor aside, we couldn’t help but notice some of the subtle (and not so subtle) love lessons that have been woven into this season, so we’ve got a cheat sheet for you! See below for the best Love Lessons from Master of None Season 2!

Episode 1 “The Thief”

Lesson: Be Open Minded

Image result for Master of None The Thief

Season 2 opens with Dev in Italy, making new friends and working on his culinary skills (and eating lots of delicious looking pasta). After making himself a reservation at a highly coveted local restaurant for his birthday, he encounters a lovely British woman whose reservation was accidentally botched.

Instead of shrugging it off and going on his merry way, he actually reaches out to the stranger and offers up a seat at his solo table. The two end up sharing a meal and thoroughly enjoying eachother’s company, serving as a great reminder to open ourselves up to new experiences and people (and food) whenever possible, because a great connection can come from the most unexpected circumstances!

Episode 2 “Le Nozzle”

Lesson: Think Before You Speak

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In a particularly cringe worthy scene in Episode 2, Dev and Arnold attend the wedding of Arnold’s ex partner of 11-years, and things go downhill fast. After meeting and disapproving of the groom (he’s a “small version” of Arnold),  Arnold comes a bit unhinged and starts to let everyone know how slighted he feels, in earshot of everyone at the wedding.

Everything gets smoothed over in the end when he realizes they are completely different people and were never meant to end up together, but some damage has already been done to their special day. And with that, a lesson: Think Before You Speak. Or another, Lay Off The Prosecco At Weddings, or even, Probably Don’t Attend Your Exes Wedding?

Episode 4 “First Date”

Lesson: Enjoy The Process

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This entire episode provides an eerily accurate glimpse into the world of modern dating, showing Dev meeting women through an app and embarking on multiple dates with multiple women, often in the same restaurant, bar, and rooftop patio. The process is incredibly unromantic for everyone involved, and each moment is filled with formulaic interview-like questions and conversation. I was exhausted just watching.

The lesson here is that dating should be fun, albeit a bit ridiculous feeling at times. Somehow, when we reach the age when everyone seems to be settling down around us, leaving us behind, dating becomes nothing more than a miserable means to an end, a numbers game.

Episode 7 “Door #3”

Lesson: Be True To Yourself

Image result for Master of None Door #3 gif

In Episode 7, Dev declines a lucrative multi season extension on his hosting gig for Clash of the Cupcakes, a job that doesn’t excite him, but pays the bills. After he breaks the news, he takes the opportunity to pitch another show idea that incorporates two things he’s passionate about, food and travel. The idea is a hit!

Obviously, this is a gamble that happened to pay off big time for Dev, but the underlying message is true in love, and in life’s bigger picture! If you’re stuck in a place you’re not happy with, in your job or in a relationship, often times the only way to create real change is to shake things up and take matters into your own hands!

Episode: 9 “Amarsi Un Po”

Lesson: Don’t Ignore Red Flags

Image result for Master of None Amarsi un po gif

What starts off as a friendship between Francesca and Dev in Italy transforms into something more when she comes to NYC to visit. Sparks fly, and Francesca, stuck in the trappings of an unfulfilling engagement with her long-term man, embarks on an emotional affair of sorts with Dev, exploring the city, attending fancy parties with John Legend on the piano, and dancing in the twist.

Needless to say, there are some causes for concern here. Francesca is still in a relationship, she’s using Dev as an escape, and everyone seems kind of fine with it? Until Francesca eventually leaves Pino and ends up in Dev’s bed. Will these two force themselves into making this relationship happen? Either way, it doesn’t seem like a great foot to get started on .

What are your most memorable love lessons from Season 2? Let us know below!

10 Easy Conversation Starters For Singles

Picture this: You’re sitting down together in a cute cafe, the server has just taken your drink orders as you settle into your booth together, you look her in the eyes (you like her a lot already), and THIS is the moment to start a great first date conversation…but you’re drawing a blank.

5 Ways To Ensure You’re Not Taking Your Partner For Granted

Over time, most long-term relationships accommodate certain (often treasured) routines, but even the healthiest partnerships can fall victim to romantic ruts. To avoid complacency in your love life and continuously appreciate your special somebody, in no particular order, here are 5 ways to ensure you’re not taking your partner for granted.

  • Listen – Sounds easy, right? Well it’s not, always. Sometimes it’s something as simple as being engrossed in a show on Netflix while your partner gets home and tries to tell you about something that happened at work. Despite every ounce of you not wanting to miss one second of Black Mirror, your partner deserves your full attention. That means you may have to mute the television, or mute some music, or stop what you’re doing and sit down beside them, or step out of a room to take their phone call, depending on circumstances. It’s about respect, and being an active listener can take some real work, but undistracted communication will make your relationship stronger!


  • Kiss Hello/Goodbye – This one sounds even easier – but it shouldn’t be underestimated! Physical contact with the person you love, even with a quick kiss, is a great way to reinforce your bond. Life can be hectic, but a hello/goodbye kiss can almost act as a seconds-long team pow-pow, and lets your partner know that they are important to you. Make this your appreciation ritual!


  • Help Them – But you already help your partner already! Of course you do. However, sometimes it’s about going the extra mile. This can range from tougher stuff like identifying when they are struggling in everyday life and making yourself available to support them, to simply taking on their chores for the night when they’ve had a crazy one at work. As a rule of thumb, treat your partner how you would want to be treated. When you’re truly partners, you pick up where the other person leaves off, and make an effort to be strong when they are feeling weak.


  • Pay Sincere Compliments  – Next time she does something new with her hair, or wears that dress you like, or even tidies up the kitchen, let her know you’ve noticed! Too often, we may be thinking something nice, or assume that our person inherently knows we think something already, that we don’t actually ever tell them what’s going on upstairs. The more unique the compliment, the better. Pro tip: Some of us aren’t great at vocalizing this stuff, so try penning a short note for your special someone, paying them a short but sweet compliment!


  • Carve Out Time Together – This can be a tough one. Especially when you’re both working and trying to stick to commitments, social lives and hobbies outside of each other. Time apart, and in a big group of friends can be fantastic for a relationship, but to make sure you’re not taking your partner for granted, make time for just each other, too. This can be as simple as referring to tip #1 of this list, or going out for dinner to reconnect. Quickly research some fun, cheap date ideas in your city, or if time and money allow, indulge in a romantic week together!

Top 5 Fall Date Ideas

And just like that, you blinked, played a Drake song or two, and Summer 16 was history. It may be a little chillier and a little darker, but Fall 16 has fully descended upon us, and believe it or not,  it’s the best time of year to try out some exciting new experiences in your love life!

Because pool parties and barbecues are overrated, and actually pretty awkward date ideas anyway, here are our top 5 fall date ideas:

1) A Pumpkin Patch

I know it sounds a little corny, but it can be pretty cute! Farmers markets are bustling with activity during the autumn months, so get in on the fun and check out one with a pumpkin patch! While rocking your gumboots, roll out into the patch and snag the perfect Jack’ O Lantern. Afterwards,  stick around and grab some local veggies to cook up together for dinner.

2) A Halloween Party

Sometimes, it can be fun to play pretend and dress up as someone else entirely. You may even see a completely new side to your date that you didn’t know existed. Even if you just head to a haunted house together, it’s great to get a little spooked all in the name of fun. If you’re really strapped for cash, a scary movie can create a similar ambiance for you and your special someone. Ghostbusters anyone?

3) An Art Show

When the weather is great, you probably don’t want to coop yourself up inside for hours – but that’s what fall is for! I guarantee there are some great places within your community to appreciate art, both great and small. So after some due diligence on some places that interest you (or bonus points, the style of art your DATE loves), grab some lattes and spend a rainy afternoon getting some culture! Even if you end up not loving the art, there’s no shortage of conversation starters! If you’re not wild on art in general, I recommend perusing your local bookstore or craft market!

4) Spa Day

This comes with a pricetag of course, but sometimes dreary autumn days call for a generous helping of good old fashioned TREAT YOURSELF. Indulge in massages and relax by the hot tub or pool. If that sounds a bit hard on the wallet, there are some great DIY spa recipes you can put to the test, without having to leave the comfort of your own home!

5) Brewery Tour

These days, it’s impossible to swing a purse without hitting a craft brewery in almost any neighborhood, so why not embrace it!? Many of these breweries boast seasonal offerings, so if it’s pumpkin flavor you’re after, you’re in luck! On a sunny, crisp afternoon, walk, cab, or take some responsible mode of transportation down to your local brewery for a tour of the premises, and indulge in a beer or two! Bonus points for most likely supporting a local business.

Our Current Celeb #CouplesGoals

Here at PlentyOfFish we’re all about helping millions of real people find love, no celeb-status necessary – but sometimes we can’t help but pay attention to some Hollywood couples who (for different reasons) serve up some major relationship inspo.

Here’s 5 couples who are current #CouplesGoals this summer:

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend: PARTNERSHIP

performs onstage at A+E Networks "Shining A Light" concert at The Shrine Auditorium on November 18, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Chrissy and John have been together for almost 10 years and married for  3, but it’s apparent that these two still have major sparks in their relationship. They show up frequently on each other’s social media accounts and consistently gush about each other in interviews. Chrissy has starred in John’s music videos and he has some featured recipes in her best-selling cookbook.

Basically, they are a stellar example of presenting a united front to the world while boosting both of their careers in the process. Not to mention, they don’t appear to take themselves too seriously – and we love that!

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum: FRIENDLY COMPETITION


These two met back in 2005 on the set of their dance movie Step Up, where their roles as leading man and lady quickly transferred into real life as well. They’re both amazing on the dance floor, and they’ve been known to push each other to be the best they can be, as evidenced by their recent Lip Sync Battle, where the who duel-it out on stage and showcase their talents.

Every relationship needs that little bit of spice to make sure we don’t fall into the same old routines. When you’re pushed out of your comfort zone by the person you love, it deepens your bond.

Stephen and Ayesha Curry: LOYALTY


Steph and Ayesha met as 17-year-olds in high school, and they have been together ever since!  Ayesha is a constant presence in the stands of every one of Steph’s games, while their 4-year-old daughter is the star of post-game press conferences.

This couple is a great example of what it means to stick it out together through all of life’s milestones (and unexpected fame, in this case), and these two serve as a great reminder to value family above all else.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris: HUMOR


They met back in 2007,  and this hilarious twosome have since gotten married and had a son, Jack. Why do we love them? Firstly, they have been together for almost a decade, and seem to truly love and support each other’s careers. They’re hilarious on their own, but together, they’re a comedy powerhouse.

We would love to be on the receiving end of an invite to one of their dinner parties, because it appears that there is definitely no shortage of laughter in their household.

Beyonce and Jay Z: SUPPORT


Of course, this list would not be complete without music’s power couple, 03 Bonnie and Clyde. Beyonce and Jay are an epic example of an enduring Hollywood relationship. Despite their respective self-made fortunes, they regularly collab on music and business ventures, and Jay Z can even be found incognito in the crowd at Bey’s concerts.

We love them because they’re the perfect example of a modern power couple.

They’ve certainly weathered their fair share of storms (Hello, elevatorgate and Lemonade), but they always, always come out in support of each other, and continue to build their empire.

Do you agree with our list? Which famous couples are giving you #CouplesGoals this summer? Tell us in the comments!

5 Relationship Red Flags You’re Overlooking

They delay the intro to parents and friends

Relationships that are going somewhere have a natural progression, so if you’re 6 months in and you still haven’t met mom and dad or anyone from the social circle, it may be time to raise and eyebrow and discuss whether or not you are on the same page. If you’re thinking this this the road to marriage and they’re stoked on this being secret sex, one of you should probably pull the plug.

If someone continuously provides excuses for why you haven’t been integrated into their lives in any real way (HIS PARENT’S ARE ALWAYS OUT OF TOWN, HIS FRIENDS WORK WEIRD HOURS!), don’t stay along for the ride in hopes things will change.

They need to know where you are at all times

 At first it can seem romantic – he’s always so sweet when he asks what I’m doing 26 times every day! As time goes on,  clingy behavior is just going to intensify, so it’s definitely a red flag when someone you’re dating starts to show the early signs of being possessive.

Their exes are “crazy”

No one wants their current partner to remain BFF’s with their ex, but if you’re constantly hearing about all of their psychotic exes, it may be time to consider the one common denominator in these situations. Often, particularly in the beginning stages of a relationship, it’s impossible to see the person you’re dating treating anyone badly – after all, you’re happy with them, right?! But if someone has nothing remotely positive to say about any past loves, the problem most likely starts closer to home, so pay attention.

They constantly praise you

This seems out of left field, but when someone constantly bombards you with compliments, it can mean something is off. When you’re put on a pedestal it’s impossible to feel like you can actually be yourself, and you’re left questioning your partner’s sincerity motives. At the end of the day, it’s also just pretty creepy.

They can’t be serious

As we know, life is not always a box of chocolates, so having a sense of humor is incredibly important when it comes to dating. However, if you’re going to do life with someone, an ability to grasp serious situations and act appropriately is required. If you can’t have an earnest conversation with your partner about something going on in your life, or even ask for advice or get in a disagreement without jokes being made at every turn, it’s an indication of a bigger communication problem.

Online Dating Behavior That Leads To Marriage

“How do you know when you’ve found The One?”

It may be the same old question, but in 2016, the interpretation has evolved some. Sure, The One can be the person who makes you dream of marriage and babies, but it can also be the person who makes you temporarily stop swiping left. Its 2016, and The One can be The One for right now.

Either way, when it comes to decisions concerning our love lives, we’re often looking for some sort of sign (or reassurance) that we’re on the right track.

Knowing this, PlentyOfFish surveyed more than 1100 former PlentyOfFish users who married someone they met on the site to gain insight into the specific behavior – both online and offline, that means you’re headed for a relationship of the serious variety.

The right first moves:

We decided to ask our married couples about the content of the first message their partner sent them online, and the answers were pretty surprising. In fact, 35% of married women actually contacted their current partner first, serving as inspiration for women who are still on the fence when it comes to making the first move.

The majority of respondents who received the first message from their partner reported them mentioning something specific from their profile that caught their eye.

The second most common message? An underwhelming, “Hey, what’s up?”, basically confirming that yes, your future husband may be lost in the sea of generic messages that is your inbox. At least give him until the second or third message to pique your interest before you write him off completely.

Question: What did the first online message from your partner entail?

I messaged them first! 39.63%
They highlighted something in my profile that caught my eye 16.59%
They told a funny joke or story 2.89%
A generic, “Hey, what’s up?” greeting 14.75%
They complimented my profile images 7.71%
They asked me something about myself 8.68%
They brought up mutual interests 7.62%
We met using MeetMe 2.12%

The right feeling:

Almost 1 in 5 men reported falling in love with their current partner at first sight, and were smitten faster than their female counterparts.

Since the vast majority of the married respondents also believed in soulmates, we wanted to know what it was that made someone one. It turns out, the most important indicators were sharing similar beliefs, considering your partner your best friend, and sharing a connection you can’t explain.

Question: What’s the top trait that makes someone your soulmate?

Mutual attraction 1.79%
Honesty/loyalty 10.47%
They make you laugh 4.11%
You share similar interests 1.43%
You share similar beliefs and core values 14.49%
They put your needs before their own 2.15%
They’re your best friend 23.70%
You share a connection you can’t explain 41.86%

In the end, the most important underlying point from the findings is that singles should stick with it when it comes to dating. All of our couples who met on PlentyOfFish were once going through the ups and downs of looking for love as well.

Question: What is the best piece of advice you wish someone had told you when you were dating online?

It will all be worth it in the end 23.18%
Send and reply to more messages 4.44%
Forget about having a “type” and follow your heart 43.98%
Allow yourself to have fun 22.49%
Say “Yes” to more dates 5.92%

Some people know immediately when they’ve found the right person, and for others, it takes a while. Open your mind and look past an underwhelming first message, or a preconceived “type” of person you want to date – you may surprise yourself!

5 Tips For Travelling As A Couple

Gearing up for your first major trip with your partner? You’ve most likely already been bombarded by helpful reminders about HOW MUCH A TRIP WILL REVEAL ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP/COMPATIBILITY, ETC ETC, so how about we skip all that, and cut right to the good stuff? Below are our 5 best tips for travelling a couple.

Be Prepared

Before you get to where you’re going, it’s IMPERATIVE that you plan, and pack appropriately to avoid a logistical nightmare down the line. Check and double check all equipment. Confirm all accommodations and rentals ahead of time. Pack more portable snacks than you think you’ll ever need. MOST IMPORTANTLY, to minimize the inevitable fights over directions, seriously consider loading your trip into your navigation system whenever possible.

Have Alone Time 

Let’s face it, when you spend every waking moment with another person, especially while tackling new cultures and unexplored frontiers, there will be moments of tension. And that’s O.K.! When you travel with your partner, you’re finding each other’s limits, and patience is being tested in a major way – most likely before lunch. This is why it’s important to sneak away and get some time to yourself to decompress when you have a moment.

Take solo walk before breakfast to grab a coffee, or schedule an activity without your partner, or plan separate activities for an afternoon. Maybe you’re more of a museum person, and your partner prefers the beach. Indulge your individual interests and reunite in the evening with some new stories to share about your respective days and enjoy the renewed appreciation for each other.

Spoil Yourselves

Whether you’re camping in the outback or hotel-hopping in a cosmopolitan city, treating yourselves to a night or two of luxury (whatever that might look like for you, could be a hot shower, could be a night at a 5-star villa), can be profoundly restorative. Consider making the extra effort or shelling out a little more dough than you usually would for an especially memorable shared experience – you won’t regret it!

Push Each Other

Ever tried eating grasshopper? Why not right now!? Travelling provides a great opportunity to break out of your comfort zone and try new things that might scare us, or even just inconvenience us a little. For instance, maybe you like to sleep in, but when your other half suggests a great spot to watch the sunrise at 5:30am, join them! Maybe you’re more of a hiker than your partner is, and they are quick to dismiss the idea of a long nature walk. Push them to try something new and join you! Shared experiences like this will bring you closer together.  

Document Everything

Take a personal journal with you and sit down in quiet moments to write about the highlights (and lowlights?) of your experiences. What new things are you seeing/tasting/smelling/discovering today? These entries will make for great memories later on, and can be a lot of fun to look back on as a couple. Lastly, you can never take too many photos. So pack your DSLR, your iPhone, your Polaroid camera, and be the annoying tourists who point and snap at e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g – you never know when you’ll be back again.

Bon Voyage!

Only 1/3 Women Will Date A Trump Supporter

New research out of PlentyOfFish is offering a not-so-subtle reminder about the perils of mixing politics and dating, as well as some bad news for Trump supporters who are looking for love.

The data is based on PlentyOfFish research and a survey of over 4000 American singles over the age of 18, illustrating how love lives can be affected by political affiliation.

If you had the upcoming U.S. election planned as a hot conversation topic for your next date and don’t know who your special someone is voting for, probably reconsider bringing this up. Singles are hesitant about dating someone with drastically different political views than their own, with 25% refusing to do so, and 31% being unsure if they would even attempt it.


Unsurprisingly, male Donald Trump fans are doing some significant damage to their dating prospects, effectively eliminating 40% of their dating pool by supporting him.


Clearly, politics can be a polarizing force, but it’s not deterring people from wanting their voices to be heard. The strong majority of American singles are planning to vote in the upcoming election.

POF_ElectionSurvey_April4-05Bernie Sanders is the most favored candidate among singles polled. A large swathe of singles are Independent – with only 22% identifying as Republican and 31% as Democrat. Effectively proving that many singles will, in fact, be faced with the question of dating across the aisle.

5 Signs You’re Moving Too Fast In A Relationship

When you meet someone you’re excited about, it’s easy to get swept up in the romance and promises of something great as everything unfolds in front of you at lightning speed, but how do you know when to pump the brakes? The truth is, when you rush a relationship you can derail it faster than you can swipe left, so here are 5 signs you’re moving too fast in a relationship:

You’re isolated

Noticing your social life is dwindling in a major way? You used to have a well-rounded life filled with your own passions, your friends and family, your work, your cat, but now it seems that your relationship is sucking up all of your time and energy. Great relationships require balance, so if you’ve suddenly pushed aside things that matter to you in favor of a brand new romance, it’s time to reevaluate. Call your mother.

You’re rebounding

When a long term relationship ends, it’s normal to miss the intimacy that comes with having a significant other. Sometimes, we jump into new relationships right away, even if it isn’t quite the right fit. If you’ve gotten out of a serious relationship less than 6 months ago and are finding yourself on the fast track to another…it’s possible you’re moving too fast. Spend some time alone, take a trip, or learn about something you’ve always been interested in. Set up more of a schedule for yourself and consider scaling back a bit on time with your new guy.

There’s shade from friends

Last week when you were out for brunch with your girlfriends and announced your intention to move in with your guy after 3 months, did you catch a couple of sideways glances? Maybe they’re coming right out with it and telling you to ease off (in which case you don’t need this list), but most often our loved ones don’t want to intrude on our happiness or insult our judgement. The moral of the story is if your friends are dropping hints, it may be time to listen to the people who know you best, and want the best for you.

It’s TMI too soon

If he’s asking you to meet his parents while simultaneously sharing his online banking details and booking your first vacation, and you’re only on week 3, that new Coldplay song he just dedicated to you on the radio (do people still do this?) should sound like ALARM BELLS. It’s important to integrate your significant other into your life, but this is a gradual process, and when it happens all at once it can be incredibly overwhelming. Also, the mystery around not knowing every. single. thing. about your partner is something to be cherished. If the relationship is meant to be, you will most likely end up sharing a bathroom with them, yearning for the early days when you didn’t know everything about each other.

A gut feeling

When you know, you know. Even if 99% of the time things are feeling good with the speed of this new relationship, that 1% deserves some recognition. Sit down with your partner and let them know how you’re feeling.