My Favorite Things About Being Single

To all you ladies and gents feeling completely disheartened by your single status and wondering ‘why Mr/Ms. Right hasn’t come along yet’, let’s reflect on the best things about being single right now.

1. You don’t have to cook for anyone…like ever

If you want to order Pho, make soft boiled eggs, or have crackers for dinner, you can! Dinner is as informal as you’d like it to be, because the only stomach you need to feed is your own. I personally am no chef, which pairs nicely with my single status and perhaps yours as well.

2. The bed is all yours

My cat is the size of a small man, so this doesn’t apply to me; but for the rest of you, without fur babies, the whole bed is ‘your side’. How great is that!

3. You always have leftovers

#1 problem for couples: You’re just about to fill up Tupperware with the most delicious braised honey garlic chicken thighs, only to find your SO has devoured all the leftovers. I am DEVASTATED for you! When you’re single, this is never a problem. The cauldron of chili, you’re living off for the week, is still in the fridge when you get home. You didn’t even have to put a note with your name on it. Score!

4. The mess is your mess

I’ve been lucky in that I’ve dated really tidy men; however, I know some people haven’t been as fortunate. The beauty of being single and living on your own, is that the mess is only yours and if dishes are in the sink, they can stay there till the morning.

5. No shavings or makeup in the bathroom

The bathroom is finally yours! Single men, you can leave your shavings in the sink (If you do eventually want to date again, I advise you work on this) and single ladies, experience the freedom of spreading your makeup all over the vanity.

6. Toilet seat is always down

If you are female, I know you’ve felt the absolute horror of falling too far into the toilet, after your boyfriend left the seat up. Now you can rest easy, because that seat ain’t going anywhere but down. Single men, this point doesn’t really apply to you 😉 …as you were. 

7. Spend as you wish

You can treat yourself now and not feel bad about it because the money you make, is all yours! “That’s a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers…and yes I will buy them.” 

8. Alone time is actually great

If I want to lay in bed on Saturday till 1pm looking at #foodismylife on Instagram or creep Gigi Hadid for an hour, I can do it with no one asking why (true story). Maybe some call this a waste of time, but when you’re single, you can do whatever you want


Enjoy it while you still can!