Love and Triplets: Taking a Closer Look at one of the many Plentyoffish Love Stories

Every single day, happy couples who met on Plentyoffish share their love stories with us.  One of  those very special success stories comes from Tracy and Jordon, a Canadian couple who met on Plentyoffish last year. Shortly after joining Plentyoffish, Tracy began messaging with Jordon. Both Tracy and Jordon were in similar situations, as they were both single parents with two children from previous relationships. Jordon is a soldier with the Canadian Army, and Tracy is a Personal Injury Paralegal. Both Tracy and Jordon had relocated to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and did not know many people in the Edmonton area – thus encouraging them to try out Plentyoffish.

Tracy and Jordon
Tracy and Jordon

Tracy and Jordon messaged each other for about a month before meeting. Once they met, they knew instantly that they had an amazing connection. They dated for a few months, and then Jordon proposed to Tracy! Shortly after becoming engaged, the happy couple learned that they were expecting. During Tracy’s ultrasound, she was shocked to learn that she was pregnant with TRIPLETS! Now, if you have been keeping count, they both had two kids each from previous relationships. Suddenly they were going to have seven kids!

The couple is currently planning a 2014 wedding. They were initially going to get married in September 2013, but upon learning of the triplets, they were forced to postpone the wedding due to the high risk nature of the pregnancy.

The triplets, Emily Rae-Anne, Madison Marie-Faith, and Aiden Oliver-Paul, were born February 3, 2014. Tracy and Jordon were thrilled that all 3 babies were healthy and beautiful. Below is their exclusive interview with us:

Tracy, what was it that caused Jordon to initially stand out among all the other POF users?

Jordon hit the “yes”button for wanting to meet me. I saw him on the list on my POF account. It was strange because I had quite a few guys messaging me quickly after joining. Some nice and some very weird.

I wasn’t necessarily looking to meet anyone right away. I didn’t happen upon that ‘meet me’ page until my second day having the POF account. We seemed to click instantly, though we did not meet for few weeks. I finally agreed to meet up with Jordon after he lost a bet on a Calgary Flames game and he owed me (the Flames fan) and iced capp.

Jordon, how did you know Tracy was the one, and when did you know?

In late May/early June, I was out of town in Wainwright for training for 2 months, and Tracy came to see me. It was a defining moment for our relationship that she was willing to come to Wainwright just to visit me. That was when I knew.

Tracy, how did you know Jordon was the one, and when did you know?

Jordon is from small town southern Alberta and I am from Calgary, but we were both living in the Edmonton area. He decided he wanted me to meet his family for Easter. Driving there (over a 6 hour drive) was such an incredible bonding experience for me with him. We talked about absolutely everything from religion to relationships and I realized he was the most amazing person I ever met. That was when I knew.

What was your reaction when you found out you were having triplets?

Interesting story. I had gone to emergency just out of an abundance of caution when I noticed a small change in the pregnancy. They decided to give me an ultrasound. I had texted Jordon to come to the hospital but he didn’t receive the message until hours after it was initially sent, due to cell phone reception issues in the building where he works, so he was not there for the actual ultrasound. During the procedure the tech kept saying things to me like, “are you on fertility drugs?” and things like that. Then she left the room. When she returned she was with the radiologist and I was thinking “uh-oh…this is bad news” when he began to run the ultrasound again. Then he said to me “I am not counting one baby. I am not counting two babies. I am counting THREE babies.” Then I burst out laughing.

I was taken back to the hall and was sitting on a gurney when the two doctors flanked me, and that is when Jordon found me. The doctors looked at me and said “do you want to tell him or should we?” so I told him the way that the radiologist told me. Jordon also laughed.

Part of the reason we had to laugh when we heard the news, was because I actually had an inkling that I was carrying multiples. However, at the medicentre, they only did a quick check on one side, found one heartbeat, and left it at that – not checking the other side! This caused Jordon to think I was crazy and say “See? They only found one heartbeat!”

Jordon with the triplets
Jordon with the triplets

What were some of the reactions from your loved ones when they found out about the triplets?

They were in shock and disbelief. Most of them were scared of what this would mean for us. They immediately stood behind us and have helped us so much through this transition. We would not be anywhere near as successful as we have been without their help.

Now that you have SEVEN kids between the two of you, what changes have taken place? New home? Change in career?

Since learning of the triplets, we have made huge changes. The biggest change was moving myself and my two children in with Jordon and his children. We are all living in a 3 bedroom PMQ on the military base located in Lancaster Park, Alberta. I was forced to go on disability fairly early on during my pregnancy, but my firm has been amazing with me, helping as much as they can. My departure from work resulted in a drastic decrease in the monthly income. I quickly became even more bargain savvy than I had ever been. I have begun couponing as much as possible and shop during the off season to seize as much savings as possible for us. This also ensures we have everything we need. We continue to reside in our 3 bedroom residence for the time being and it can be a bit crazy at times, but we manage incredibly well. We are a great team and that helps enormously. Jordon continues to serve with the Canadian Armed Forces, though we have been fortunate enough that he is able to take off when the children need appointments, etc.


How rare do you think it is, and how difficult do you think it is, to find someone special who you feel chemistry with – and share a special connection with?

We agree that a connection like we have made is incredibly rare. Finding someone that you have a major connection with and share a bond with is something that we have never felt to this degree until we met each other. We would have NEVER met each other were it not for POF. With that being said, perhaps the chances become more likely when you venture out of your comfort zone and join a website that is so readily accessible to so many people in so many different walks of life. It truly opens the doors to so many opportunities in love…though you have to be prepared to weed through a lot of potential suitors, we believe you can access so many more love opportunities by taking a chance. We are both glad we took that chance and joined PlentyOfFish.

Erica Gordon

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Erica is the Executive Assistant at POF, and as a single twenty-something woman working in the online dating industry, she has a lot of experience when it comes to dating. After earning her Psychology degree, she landed her challenging and dynamic role within the POF family in early 2012. When she's not hard at work or sharing her passion for writing, Erica be found laughing it up at a comedy show, walking around in kits with her friends, or hiking one of BC's beautiful trails.

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