7 Tips for Creating a Stand Out Dating Profile Picture

If you are using a dating app, you obviously want to get noticed by the right people. The first thing anyone is going to notice about you is your profile photo, so you want to make sure that yours is one that is going to actually get noticed, and by the people who you really want to notice it. Creating a great dating profile photo involves a lot more than simply snapping a quick photo on your phone and posting it, or recycling an older photo. You need something that is new and that gives the best first impression. With that in mind, here are seven tips for creating an awesome online dating profile photo.

Summer Flings That Went Down In Flames


When I think of a summer fling, I envision Chris Hemsworth and I running Baywatch-style down the beach, wind in hair, as he swiftly picks me up with his bulging bicep. We share a giggle and all of a sudden we’re on horseback riding into the Australian sunset. We gaze longingly into one another’s eyes, knowing the blissful two months we shared were coming to an end.

A summer fling seems like a grand idea until it fizzles out like a faulty firework. PlentyOfFish posed this question, “Have You Ever Had A Summer Fling Go Down In Flames” and we received these stories of kindling romance that turned quickly into ash.

  • Summer lovin had me a blast, summer lovin happened so fast…met a boy crazy for me…But seriously he was nuts. A couple of summers ago I met a cute 28 year old man, Chris, who lived right in my neighborhood, talk about convenient.  Things were going really well between us and there was a strong attraction. One day he stopped calling and I decided to wait to hear from him. A few days later, I receive a message from his ex, they had reconciled. Two months later, unexpectedly, Chris shows up at my door expressing he broke up with his girlfriend yet again. It’s a never ending saga for them that I decided to stay out of.

Step away from the ex baggage!

The next story is about “Daring Dan” who simply just lacked etiquette.

  • “Dan was after me but I just wanted a fun fling because it was the summer after all! I’d broken up with my then boyfriend, and was leaving to dorm at college in 2 months. After a couple hookups, Dan dared to ask me if I’d marry his brother?! YES his brother, so that he could come to USA. I couldn’t even look at him the same way afterward, he must have thought he was really something in bed, and trust me, he wasn’t…”

At least Dan was a family man?

  • “Yes, I did have a summer romance” He, lets call him Mark, was lovely. We had a memorable holiday romance for a few weeks. Mark was avoiding work and travelling around Australia, with his dog in a camper trailer and we did some exploring together.  Fast forward. I return home and Mark is at my front door asking to move in with me as I support him and his furry friend. Yikes. Last I heard, the camper trailer self destructed and he ran out of money. Not sure where he is now.”

So, dear singles, before deciding to dip your toes into a new summer romance; set expectations and know what you want because the fling may turn into a full blown homeless stage 5 clinger.

The Best Dating Advice From Grandparents

Grandparents are older, wiser and usually give a wealth of advice without having been asked for it. Every call, email, or Facebook message, yes my g-rents are on The Facebook, received from a grandparent tends to always include a little saying or witty anecdote about life’s many obstacles. I think most grandparents are guilty as charged for all of the above. At PlentyOfFish, we asked our users, “What is The Funniest Dating Advice You Have Ever Received From A Grandparent?” and the results are somewhat shocking, crude and hilarious…

Here are the Top 5 Funniest Lines Of Dating Advice Ever Received From A Grandparent

1. “Wear old undies on the first date…you’ll be too embarrassed to take them off!”

2. “If you are off on your date, spray scent all over your body and spray it in your knickers”

3. “Make sure they can cook from scratch,” I asked, “what is scratch?” “A type of flour or vegetable.”

4. “Hold an Aspirin between your legs and don’t let go.”

5. “Never run after trains buses or men, another one will always come along”

Before you go on that date tonight, think of the grandparents. Slip on those old undies, spray your knickers and whatever you do…do not get caught with your pants down.

Why You Should Trade Your Summer Fling For A Summer Of You


The season of beach parties, bikinis, and driving with the top down. It represents a time where we can let loose and have fun. Summer is truly a season for happiness and for some that happiness comes in the form of summer flings.

I see you… The one’s who use summertime as an excuse for unedited fun. The one’s who throw all relationship rules out the door in exchange for single nights of uninhibited glory. I see you, and I challenge you. That’s right, this post is for you. I’m challenging you to trade in your summer flings for the ‘Summer of You’.

What exactly is the ‘Summer of You’? It’s a time for you to just be you, minus the influence of new and temporary partners. It’s is all about honoring your needs and your growth. The ‘Summer of You’ is about celebrating you. Intrigued? Awesome. Here’s what I challenge you to do this summer:

Prioritize your self-care.

This is the perfect season for you to focus on you. What do you need to experience more happiness in your life? What could you do to show yourself more love? And no, the answer is NOT a fling or one-night-stand. Go deeper. What is it that you are truly seeking? Book yourself in for regular massages, treat yourself to pedicures and fresh haircuts, get lost in books, go for long walks, take a new yoga class, run outdoors… Commit to one act of self-care everyday this summer and see how that changes your life!

Nurture your friendships.

Have you ever had those friends who seem to fall off the face of the planet when they’re in relationships only to return to Earth when that relationship falls apart? Don’t be that friend. Take time this summer to truly nurture your friendships. Create a stronger bond through trips, adventures, and regular hang-time. Use this season to connect to your friends in a way that you’ve never connected before. After all, these are the people who are there for you even after relationships end.

Reexamine what you want.

Do you have a tendency to lean towards the idea of a one-night-stand or fling over a real relationship? Perhaps you find yourself caught in a cycle of crappy relationships? Stop. It’s time for you to reexamine what you truly want when it comes to relationships. You may think you know what you want, but if you’re not getting it, I can promise you that you aren’t clear enough on what that is.

Create something.

Wait what? Am I seriously asking you to work this summer? YES! But not on just anything… I want you to create something for you! Perhaps it’s something that you’ve been thinking of doing for a while but haven’t found the time to do it. Or perhaps it’s something that you really want to create but are scared to create it. Whatever it is… do it! Indulge in a new hobby, work on a new project, craft a new business plan… Create something that brings you happiness. Trust me, this is far more fulfilling than a fling.


Relax. Chill out. Go zen. Use the summer to slow things down and expand time. In our busy world it’s so important to make an effort to slow down so we can reset and prepare for new adventures in our lives. Imagine not having to focus so hard on dating… you’d have so much more time to do other things! So take a deep breath and enter this summer with a more relaxed vibe.

Summertime isn’t just for flings. And let’s be honest… flings don’t offer you anything real in regards to relationships. Instead, I challenge you to take a step back, and indulge in a ‘Summer of You’.

4 Online Dating Photo No-nos

Alright ladies, having reviewed thousands of online dating profiles over the last 10+ years as an online dating expert, I thought that men were the worst culprits for having really bad online dating profile examples to choose from. I am sorry to say they’re not alone. I’ve been working more and more with women who have been finding it challenging to meet guys online who turn to me for some online profile make over advice. Once I look at their online dating profiles, it’s really obvious to me where the challenges come from; namely their online dating profile photo. Your online dating profile photo is the first thing you notice about someone. Men will make an instant judgment about you. You’re either going to turn them ON or OFF in about 3 seconds or less.

I’d like to point out and quickly elaborate on the worst online dating profile examples that constantly pop out at me when I’m on the site. Ladies, if you’re guilty of one or more of these examples; my advice to you is change it NOW – like right now. You only get one chance to make a first impression! Here are the Top 5 Worst Online Dating Profile Examples to use on your online dating profile.

1. Do you like my shades?

I just don’t get why both men and women post pictures of themselves in sunglasses. Are we supposed to be impressed with the style of your shades? Do you think you look cooler in sunglasses than without? Do you wear sunglasses 24/7 and even while you’re having dinner, or even worse sex? They say that your eyes are the window to your soul. Sunglasses hide your most prominent features! Your face is what men want to see, not your shades.POF.SHADES











2. Blurred Lines

It boggles my mind to see countless ladies posting blurry profile photos. Sometimes all you can see or make out is a silhouette of a person.  Men can’t even recognize any distinguished features. What’s up with that? Your online dating profile picture is meant to show you as you are in real life. Your photo should be clear, recent, up close (torso or face) without having to squint in front of a computer or cell phone to tell if he likes you or not. POF.BLURREDLINES









3. TMI Profile

I think some women confuse their online dating profile photo for their Instagram fitness account. You should know your platform and remember that you are on an online dating site and not your snap chat, IG or VINE account. Your online dating profile is meant to attract the type of man you’re looking for and it’s not meant to be the cover of a lingerie catalogue.  Hey, if your primary purpose of online dating is to hook up and to be viewed as easy pickings, then keep on showing men the goods. If this is not the impression you want to make, exercise some restraint and choose photos that are flattering and doesn’t suggest you’re on the site for alternative reasons.POF.TMI











4. Meet My Friend

I have never been a fan of singles who post a group shot or photo of them standing beside a friend as their MAIN profile picture! As with online marketers and successful business owners with a website will tell you, the less clicks your customer makes to get to the product or service, the better it is for them! Men want to see who YOU are and not necessarily who your friends are. The mistake you make of posting a photo with your friend or group of friends is that the person looking at your profile doesn’t instantly know if he likes YOU or your friend(s)! That’s awkward. Don’t have him guessing right off the bat and clicking onto your photo gallery. It gets annoying when he wants to choose YOU over a group of people.POF.GUESS.WHO









There you have it ladies! 4 common bad online dating profile examples you want to avoid when your on an online dating site. Having an amazing online dating profile photo is key to getting more interest and great results on an online dating site. We’d love to know what online dating profile examples you see from the men out there!