Exclusive Video – POF Insider Dating Tips From The Experts

Have you ever wondered how to improve your online dating game to get more matches? 

Employees and Dating Experts at PlentyOfFish, Shannon and Kate, answer your most frequently asked questions and share their hottest insider dating tips with you, the PlentyOfFish user!

Check it out!



Stay tuned for the next video which will cover the art of the message – how to send messages that get replies!


  1. Lasaja green

    I like all of them but I have to make a choice so what I have done is send all of them a message

    Lasaja green

  2. Ralph

    Looking forward to meeting new females.
    Looking for that special lady to spend the rest of my life with.
    Thank U all. And God bless ” ! ☺

  3. Susan Quinn

    Hi,I just wanted you to know that I might have met a truly good awesome strong man and he is flying to meet me from Austin. I hope it works for us and will be happy to let you know
    Without the website,we never would’ve. Made a connection
    Thanks Suzy

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